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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Gobsmacked: (Slang – Utterly Astonished, Open-mouthed) Been gobsmacked lately? I love that word.  I used it recently to add British authenticity to a WWII story I submitted to a children’s literature historical fiction contest.  It may be old-fashioned, even smack … Continue reading

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The clock ticked, the fire simmered… An odd sound then, something like a sneeze. He peered around.  In a corner, the Jack Russell sat motionless in a wing chair. “Bless you,” he said, keeping his voice low. The dog cocked … Continue reading

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Looking for a good read?

Bookstores have always been one of my favorite places.  Even when I’m pressed for time, or just dashing in for a card, I can’t resist the lure of the bookshelves…checking to see if   by chance, one of my favorite authors … Continue reading

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A little about me (and you)

Thanks for stopping in… If I could, I’d offer you a cup of tea…or maybe hot chocolate… and we could talk a little about the things that inspire or encourage us.  Share the stories that make up our lives. We … Continue reading

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