Stocking-Stuffer Giveaway!

Let’s Ring In the Twelve Days Before Christmas Together!


To celebrate my first year of blogging, I’m issuing a call out there to my readers in Bloggerworld – Um, I KNOW you ARE out there, even if you HAVE been a little SILENT of late!  🙂

Now’s your chance to haul out the holly, sing a little Christmas, and…                    ENTER TO WIN a bit of sparkle, good in or out of season!

Invitation: Join With Me in Sharing Some Favorite Christmas Memories

When: Over Each of the Next Twelve Days, Starting December 12th

Where: Right Here at Writing Apples of Gold!

How: Just Share a Few Words in the Comment Section of These 12 Blog Entries:

— Tell me your earliest Christmas memory as I tell you mine.  (That could be as simple as “Helping mom roll cookies…” or “I remember when I was five…” or “Listening for Santa”)

— Or jot just a couple of fun things you remember about special traditions your family had growing up.

— Maybe you remember a time when you “met a “Christmas Angel” or you knew Emmanuel (God with you) in a wondrous way.

Or if you are simply too rushed to think this time of year… understandably… just tell me the name of your favorite Christmas carol, to be entered to win… 🙂

Win: ‘Tis just something pretty and petite to hang as bedazzle on your tree or  even add a little sparkle to your neckline…but (tiny hint) it’s meant to crystallize your holiday cheer! The more Christmasey comments you leave  over the next 12 days the more chances to win!

Why: Because It’s Fun!

So get your memory-keeper working and see how far back you can reach for your first Christmas memory! I know a few of my younger friends occasionally check in to read this blog (thanks guys!) and I’d love to hear from you too!  The real sparkle will be in the Christmas apples of gold we all can tell… word by word by word…

Fervent, festive, fun or silly…remind us all why this is the season to be jolly… grateful, hope-filled, meditative!  Keep it simple…or be as wordy as you like… always true to the Christmas Spirit.

RSVP: You WILL share a few thoughts, won’t you?  🙂    It’s easy to start right now

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About Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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4 Responses to Stocking-Stuffer Giveaway!

  1. Sweet Vanilla Angel says:

    One of my first Christmas memories is of my Uncle Dick. He had a church that played Silent Night. I can’t believe that I remember that because I had to be very young because it was when I lived in Cicero, Illinois and I left there when I was about five years old and moved to Northridge, California. When I hear Silent Night I think of my Uncle Dick who has been gone for a great many years.

  2. I love the way music can bring us back to exact moments with people and places we loved… Thanks for sharing your memory here!

  3. Cathy Weighner says:

    Would love to see you copy all of these into a Christmas memories book. Love the artwork. I will have to put some thought into the questions and memories. I have many from my childhood. Have you told the goils about these postings? I know they would love to read them.

  4. I’d love to hear some of yours… That’s a good idea about printing them. Yes, I sent an e-mail to Sharon and Chrissy (they commented on some earlier postings, but not these Christmas ones). Charlene knows about the blog too, but keeps telling me she doesn’t get on the computer much… I thought you guys would all love the one at school 🙂

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