GREEN Was My Christmas

My childhooFree Christmas Clip Art Image: Two Candy Canesd memories of a green Christmas:

—  Snow-effects, a la Hollywood: When you don’t have snow naturally, PAINT some!  For you from warmer climates, do you remember storefronts with snowflakes painted on their windowpanes, made to resemble the way the real stuff collects in corners of each pane?

—  Looking forward to cold frosty mornings when you could see your breath each time  you talked… (“poor” man’s snow, I guess :))

—  The excitement of going to downtown shopping areas that decorated every block with elaborate garland sculptures of Santa and his reindeer, Christmas bells and multi-colored lights strung across the road from one corner of the street to the other

—  The treat of shopping in the downtown May Company Department Store when they decked it out in Christmas wonder, then stopping upstairs for a fancy-schmantzy, deluxe hamburger and super thick chocolate malt

—  The fun of everyone you met wishing you a Merry, Merry Christmas!  (Even our dearest Jewish friends loved to greet us this way…enjoying our delight in the season as we did their celebrations…a time when people seemed one in heart for each other)

—  The whole family looking forward to watching wonderfully-produced holiday TV specials together, even planning our days around them when they were scheduled to come on (no video or DVD recorders then, but in a way that made the waiting all the more exciting – you only had one chance to catch them!)

—  The kick you got in wishing your friends Merry Christmas at school with an added –  “See ya next year!”

—  Making Styrofoam “snowmen”   Free Snowman Clip Art Image: Snowman with Scarf and Top Hat

—  Buying your Christmas tree and having the tree lot people nail two planks of wood across the bottom as a tree stand  (no way to water these!)

—  Driving back home from Grandma’s house in the city, winding through canyon roads, then coming to a breathtaking point where we could see myriads of twinkling lights stretched for miles, miles and miles across the valley laid out below us… and searching for our favorite house along the way that seemed to be made entirely of glass, all aglow from within with candles and Christmas…

new christmas clipart image: christmas background graphic with snowflakes and christmas treeWhat starry season trimmings do YOU remember?

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4 Responses to GREEN Was My Christmas

  1. Sweet Vanilla Angel says:

    As I read these memories I am reminded of something which my family and I did as a tradition that I had forgotten about… we used to paint snowflakes on our window every year. It was alot of fun and it made it seem more like winter even when the temperature was quite warm. Thank you Pam for bringing back this wonderful memory! 🙂

  2. I always wanted to do that too, but we never did! Now that I live in the Midwest, it’s so fun to see how the snow really DOES fill the corners of window panes just like we always “imagined!” Thanks for sharing your memory! 🙂

  3. Morninglory says:

    Living in Louisiana there is a rare winter snow. When my daughter was 2 years old, it showed so much that it actually collected. I bundled her up, went outside and she laughed every time she touched the softness.

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