Light*posts – Part One

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Some Christmases glow even brighter in memory – blessed by all those “first time” moments of awe:

— The first time you catch a snowflake on your tongue

— The first time a tree seems to rise up out of your living room floor, touch the ceiling, shimmer stars in your eyes

— The first time you hear about the wonder of the heaven-sent babe in a manger, feel the truth of it… ineveryglory-filledcarol

But today, I am pondering… about the years when all December seems to bring is crushing sadness, loss or loneliness?  How do you get past the darkness?

Like the time…

— My grandfather died on Christmas Eve – just after I raced in from the airport

— My doctor called to give me shocking test results – only days before Christmas

— And this year, when so many I know are despairing of how to make ends meet…


I breathe a prayer, reflect on another thought –

Out of every darkness, a miracle is waiting.  For dawn to burst majesty across a midnight sky, completely unimaginable only moments before.  For a spotlight to shine on a singer, and light a stage with magic.  For a to transform sorrow to hope, like a Christmas tree glowing in the dark.  Christmas Tree

And I think…What if the most beautiful miracles are simply waiting to break forth out of times when all seems hopeless?


— Mom telling me how my grandfather had waited to see me once more before he died… and how she felt that my getting there in time was one last gift to him…

— The gift of God’s unsurpassable peace in every moment, the prayers of others covering me and the doctor’s jubilation (and mine!) when he pronounced me disease-free

— The wonder in a friend’s voice this week as she described how God turned her despair to comfort and joy through anonymous messengers of hope – in one awesomely-timed           It’s a Wonderful Life moment.

Light.posts in time.  Maybe they are the most treasured of Christmas memories. For they punctuate the miracles of our lives and give us hope when darkness slithers back again.  I want to think back on my own, write them on my heart to pull out… remembrance-markers of God’s heart reaching out to mine and letting me know…I am not forgotten.

And to listen to the nudges telling me today, Someone is hurting… Send her a card……Be a listening friend…

Earlier this week, a writer I know posted some great suggestions about ways to shine hope this season.  Check them out in her post titled “Lighting up the dark this Christmas” at  On the Write Track

Then tell me a few words about the light.posts you’ve known in YOUR life…

I’ll be sharing more about one of my own tomorrow,  in Part Two…

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4 Responses to Light*posts – Part One

  1. Cari says:

    A Christmas Memory . . and a Lightpost?

    Every Christmas Eve, my parents let us stay up very late, not to open presents, but to go to church. It was our family’s tradition to attend the midnight service at church, in order to welcome the Baby Jesus and celebrate His birth. From the time I was born, until I was past college, our family celebrated Christmas this same way each year.

    My sisters and I would wear our best dresses and often get ready much too early in the evening. Then, we waited with such expectancy. In all the anticipation, I don’t ever remember falling asleep before midnight, or even on the car ride to the church.

    At 12:01 AM, Christmas morning, we sang songs of praise with family and friends. We heard words of great joy spoken from the pulpit. We heard the best news ever spoken. . . “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” (Luke 2:11-12)

    Today, I wonder how much this tradition had to do in the shaping of my tender heart for Jesus.

  2. That’s a beautiful memory, Cari. Thanks for sharing!

  3. lolitavalle says:

    When there are Christmases that doesn’t dazzle for humans like us, we just remember those moments when they were brighter and full of hope…. and always we must not forget the reason why we celebrate Christmas……. if not for the birth of our Savior……

    The miracle of the first Christmas and the wonderment the shepherds must have felt then, and how they must have witnessed when heaven came down to earth.

    It would have flustered me, truly, it would have. Angels, a host of them, singing alleluia and their trumpets and harps blown to the heights…. to welcome the God-child in the barn.

    And how those unbelieving guys at the inn…… celebrated their earthly night clueless of what was happening down at the sable.

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