Talking Christmas With Another Writer…and You

***********  Pause-Break for an Extra Cup of Christmasey Cheer  **********

new christmas clipart image: candy canes for christmasBefore I post another Christmas memory a little later today, I thought I’d respond to a writer friend’s blog post call at On the Write Track, to answer some questions she posed, just for fun…  Happy December 22!  Hope it’s as inspiringly beautiful where you are as it is here today… sun sparkling on crisp white snow, radiantly-crimson cardinals bobbing from branch to branch on the tree outside my window… (and um, we’ll forget about the wild turkeys that are congregating outside and creeping me out! They just remind me of ugly, sinister buzzards from old cartoons…Sorry, Cari! :))

Vintage Christmas Clipart - Three Gold Bells with Holly

  • What is your favorite Christmas song? I think Christmas music is some of the most glorious there is, and nearly impossible to choose just one…  But read my blog post below, entitled Majesty – Part One, for a memory of one gem that stands out in my heart…
  • When do you start your Christmas shopping? Usually after Thanksgiving, but I can be known to pick something up any time during the year if it strikes me…or at least to make a mental note of it for someone special.
  • Favorite holiday treat to indulge in? Chocolate with nuts.  And…mmmm… homemade yeast breads…
  • Do you deck the halls or keep it simple? My living room is the most spacious part of my home, so I do tend to deck my mantle out in boughs and new christmas clipart image: christmas stockings on mantel over the fireplacecandles and holly lights, and I love pulling out treasures I’ve collected over the years (both on my own and gifts from friends) for nooks here and there.  In the kitchen and bath… I might tuck a few other reminders of the season as well…  Most of all, I try for the warm, cozy look I’ve always seen in pictures of a classic holly and ivy Christmas…. not frou frou, but hopefully…a bit of charm.
  • Real tree or fake? I’ve tried to do the real tree (can’t beat the fresh pine), but when I was living in an apartment it became impractical and forbidden by management… And after several infuriating tussles with water stands (and having a tree fall over on me, spilling a bucket of water on my carpet)…well now, even in my own home,  it is fake all the way… But that means I can put it up a month before Christmas – all the better to enjoy it’s sparkle and glow!
  • Most memorable Christmas present you’ve ever received: Another toughy.   As I’ve been remembering and blogging about my Christmas memories this month it has struck me why I’ve always loved the whole season more than THE DAY.  Not many Christmas presents stand out to me over the years as much as the joy and love behind them.  The nightgowns my mom would make us each year for Christmas… the presents friends have taken care to choose because they reminded them of me…   The fantastic way a close family friend used to actually design our packages into art showpieces (like making mine look like an Angel, or my brother’s like a chimney with Santa popping out) – so that you almost hated to rip into them!
  • Favorite Christmas movie or television special: When I was growing up and even into my early adult years, I’d have said It’s A Wonderful Life, hands down.  But now, just one?  Impossible.  For someone who tears up at a Hallmark commercial, there are just too many to love! The classics I must watch every year include…  Cary Grant in The Bishop’s Wife, Jimmy Stewart in The Shop Around the Corner, Barbara Stanwyck in Christmas in Connecticut, Bing Crosby in Holiday Inn and of course, White Christmas…    Some newer favorites include Hallmark’s Season for Miracles, St. Maybe and The Note.  And if there is time…a few that make me laugh out loud, like Tim (the toolman!) in Christmas With the Kranks and Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in Holiday…  (Somehow, I haven’t gotten to any of these in the busy days this year… need to get a move on!)
  • A family holiday tradition: Baking homemade rolls from my Grandmother’s recipe.
  • Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Growing up, our tradition was mostly on Christmas Eve.  I remember one year begging for it to be on Christmas Day.  But when we did, well, somehow it didn’t seem like us…  These days, I’d say it is more of a Christmas Day celebration with friends…
  • A gift you’d like to offer to Jesus this year: More of my listening ear…

Vintage Christmas Clipart - Angels Singing Christmas Music

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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5 Responses to Talking Christmas With Another Writer…and You

  1. Sweet Vanilla Angel says:

    Hi Pam, I have been enjoying reading all of your stories. It amazes me how you can come up with just the right words as you are sharing. I really have been enjoying the little clip art pictures that you have been including… they add alot to your writing. Thank you for all that you do share with us. I like the quote “Memories give us roses in December”. Thank you for all of the roses that you are causing to bloom in my life through all that you are sharing. So often it is so easy to forget those roses when we are going through tough, dark times in our lives. 🙂

  2. Oh, thank you for your encouraging words! That’s a beautiful thing to say. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying them. I am enjoying writing them too! And I love that about roses in December… and that these stories are making “roses bloom in your life” too… 🙂

  3. Lynda Schab says:

    Thanks for playing along, Pam! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Pam, I really admire Sweet Vanilla Angels’ description of the blessings you share to us with your writing. “Roses are blooming here too.” “Apples are bearing fruits” – likewise can be described of the messages you send across to us even in the remotest part of the earth…. of course, for those who can get access to the computers and the internet. Maybe we can truly appreciate this innovation (not thinking of the other side of it that can destroy children’s lives) because without it, how can I get hold of this blog and others you have linked.

  5. Thank you, Lolita. It is so wondrous to know God is taking the simple things I write about and bringing those roses (or apples) to others so far away! 🙂 Yes, there are sad things about this technology, but it is so amazing to speak into hearts around the world just by typing into my computer. And to hear back from people like you! A gift, for certain. I’ll have to tell “Angel” (who is now commenting under her real name, Marylou) about your compliment to her thoughts too! 🙂

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