One Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Morning – Part Two with Cait

“I love being home-schooled because I get one-on-one time with my mom.”                                                                                                             – Cait with a C, age 13

flotation deviceWe were out driving somewhere the other day – Cait, her mom, aunt and I —when Cait turned the talk to a unique escapade she and her mom pulled off one recent “school day” pre-dawn morn.  Something so extraordinarily unlike anything I could’ve imagined at her age (back when getting to school was exhausting in itself), I admit my mouth was probably wide-open with the surprise — and the pure delight of it.  Especially knowing how she and her mom enjoy their sleep as much as any of us —

“We got up before 5:30 and went swimming at MVP!” Cait crowed.

“You did what?” her aunt and I spluttered in wonder. Even knowing how home-schooling allows time for the out-of–the-ordinary, this one seemed so Mary Poppins’ Jolly Holiday-ish.  It fairly sparkled in my mind as I thought of dawn streaking across the sky while they were sneaking  out of their house… I’m not a swimmer, but the absolute fun of the idea of stolen hours together captures the imagination…

Between gulps of laughter, each of them spilling over the other, alternately relaying the details, Cait and her mom gave us the scoop.  I could just picture them groggily stumbling out of bed, then delightedly pulling off their scheme like two conspirators – surreptitiously leaving dad and older sis to catch a few more zzzz’s, then packing  – of all things – two bathing suits, clothes to change, purse and set of car keys!

“It was actually so refreshing to be up before anyone else, watching the light dawn,” Cait’s mom told us.  “And you should’ve seen the amazed look on the woman’s face who was watching the pool area — she exclaimed over us, saying ‘you two really look like you’re enjoying each other!’” Cait’s mom told us, smile in voice.

“Yeah, like that was so amazing!” Cait added with a chuckle.

cream tea - a hand drawn illustration of a cup of tea with...Exhilarated from their pre-dawn dip, the two then headed to a local bakery – a little “tea and scones” – before turning back to home and studies.

“Yeah, and of course people were asking us what we were doing there so early, and whenever we explain about home-schooling, people always say the same thing –” Cait continued, “you, know – um, do you spend all day in your pajamas? How great that must be!”

Cait went on.  “Hah! As if I just sit around – I get dressed and work like other kids – I mean, duh – that’s why it’s called school!”   She laughed,  shaking her head a bit scornfully. “It’s just while I’m still home-schooled we can plan fun dates once in awhile…”

A sweet look I recognized passed between Cait and her mom.  Shared memories that bond hearts.

Mmmm…I thought.  Fun dates.  Maybe the kind of wondrous un-holiday only a homeschooling teacher and her pupil could snatch on a “school day.”

Yet… MAYBE…it’s one any mom and daughter could plan some days

My mind went back to one day when I was just about 8 or 9.  I wanted to stay home from school – wasn’t really too sick… but for some reason Mom agreed.  And we drove to a local children’s fancy dress shop to have tea with a friend who worked there.  What a loverly mix of playing hooky just a mere mile away from school and feeling a little grown up to be “out with the girls” on a weekday! That moment, even if just a little fuzzy, stays in my mind like a warm cup of chocolate… cup12.gif - 4.1 K

As Mary P. would say, we all need those jolly holidays…even if just for a few unexpected hours…   So deliciously, supercalifragilistic!

Have you taken an “un-holiday” lately?  

© Pam Depoyan


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4 Responses to One Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Morning – Part Two with Cait

  1. Sweet Vanilla Angel says:

    Hi Pam, as I read this story I thought about when my Mom and I used to go to the YMCA when I was visiting her. We went to the 7:30 pool time and I remember getting up early on my vacation to go there actually before we had breakfast. Everytime I go swimming I think of both my Mom and Pop because they did love to swim. I am so very glad that my Mom got me back to swimming when I went with her here in Crescent City. I had lived here quite a few years and had never ventured over to the pool. I am so glad that she encouraged me and then was there to go with me the first time I went. Once I went I was hooked. Our pool is so beautiful we have a undersea mural on the wall and it makes me feel like I am under the sea and I think of the song from “The Little Mermaid” Under the Sea. I am enjoying learning about Cait. I am sure she is much better off for being home schooled. I know my nieces are for sure. They had so much better schooling and experiences than I ever had. Thank you again for sharing. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your memories, too! I had forgotten how you had a pool and would come home everyday to swim after work. I remember seeing your family swimming too. It’s wonderful for you to have special moments like that to remember with your dad and mom. Glad you are enjoying Cait’s stories too 🙂

  3. lolitavalle says:

    Oh soooohhh, So deliciously, supercalifragilistic!

    Sigh, sigh and sigh…….

    We had a beach outing, but not on a weekday as this escapade implies…… it was planned but nevertheless fun.

    I wish I had those fond memories like that with my Mom….. but one of the things I loved and still holds a “chocolate cup” kind of memory…… was hurrying from school and dropping by at my Mom’s dress shop. It was my treat to be able to help her do the button holes, baste the hems of “ladies’ dresses,” attach laces to evening or wedding gowns…….. sew on the laces with those pearls and beads. They were our shared moments. My elder sister and my younger one did not have a liking for it or the crafty fingers I must have inherited from my mom.

    Thank you for this Pam.

    • I think that is a lovely memory, Lolita… that you treasured that time with your mom. Lace and pearls and beads to wedding dresses… over shared moments. And I know your love for your mom is very tender. That is born of times that can’t be measured. Thank you, Lolita, for always sharing your heart.

      Yes, my friend has always had a wonderful way with making ordinary occasions special…one of the gifts I’ve always loved most in her… and this was an especially fun example. I know your beach memory must hold similar place in your heart. Each of our memories of time with our moms is unique, but they can have that lasting treasure about them and in that way we can find ourselves in stories of others like these… 🙂

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