Sasha’s Treasure

When I was a child, my grandparents sometimes joined us on our trips to Disneyland.  Often, Grandma would find a bench in a beautiful old-fashioned garden square to wait while we ran around from ride to ride, her feet too weary to carry her around the park. “Call me for the “doll ride,” she’d wave to us…  How she loved floating in a gondola past dancing and singing dolls representing people from every corner of our

globe, surrounded in music!  Perhaps she was remembering coming by ship to America in 1910, striking up friendships with people from many nations, never allowing language to be a barrier… and breathing in the joys and sorrows of those memories, every time she sang It’s a small, small world…

Today, I know just how small it is…  in a way Grandma never imagined… heart to heart world contact with otherwise strangers opening a window glimpse into the living letter of their lives… sharing hopes and dreams and prayers across far-flung lands via this wonder called Internet

Ornate Heart Flourish

I only know her first name.  Sasha I don’t know what she looks like or exactly how old she is.  Only that she lives in a difficult land and has a great heart to save her “street children.” She knows only that my name is Pam and that I live in America.  And that intercession is part of who we both are.

We can’t “talk” directly to each other, for this is a site devoted solely to sending out prayer requests in real time and interceding for and with others around the world.  Yet, we have found a way to communicate our hearts one to the other.  Often, when I’ve sent out prayers… a little icon appears by them… letting me know, Sasha is praying with me.  I have clicked on so many of her prayers to let her know I am uniting with her as well…  And in between the lines, we each read… I understand your heart for the one you are lifting up, and so I will lift them up with you, for wherever two or more of you agree, there is God’s spirit…

Sasha has given me a glimpse into a richness of spirit in the midst of immense struggle.  Often she prays for her friends and co-workers…even as she does for herself…  

Baroque HeartI will rejoice in the Lord…He shall rescue me, she writes.  Pray for S.’s health.  For blessing with our landlord and neighbors…please, for finances to come into our ministrystrength for us both…

She lifts up needs for things most of us take for granted…

Baroque HeartPlease, Lord, help S. and I not to overspend. Lord, please, bless us with funds for boots and shoes. The old ones are falling apart and smell bad. I’ve worn them for many years…

She seeks God’s wisdom and leading in every moment… sometimes praying  about something I relate to well (like wanting relief from thin-walled apartment living)… then making me know, hers is a living New Testament life of putting herself on the line for sharing her faith…

Baroque HeartI ask God to give me His strategy for every area of my life. I pray for my neighbors to be less noisy and for their dog not to bark at night. I pray God’s promises that we as believers won’t be turned in to police, for many Christians  here are jailed for their faith

Baroque HeartPlease, pray for S. and I not to be touched by the financial crisis. Life is very difficult for us and our street kids. Pray for protection from criminals. Pray for us to live and continue to declare God’s works. I pray for deliverance from evil…

Oh, she has a heart to help lost children know how dearly their Father loves and longs over them…

Baroque HeartPlease, pray open hearts to God’s heart for RW, EP, Edik, Martin, RB, Vadim, JZ, MA, Eleanor, NO, IN, Rob, SE, HI, LE, Ilia, Timoha, AM, GE, Arthur. Pray for what I share to bring healing hope

Baroque HeartLord, I thank you for Your great promises! Thank you, for the hope You give. My ministry helps street kids: from helping street kids I have ringworm on my skin. Please, pray for my healing. Let’s ask God to bring more street kids to us, so we can help…

And is humble, strong in living and rejoicing in His words, and ever thankful for One who fills her with hope…

Baroque HeartFather, I thank you for the blood of Jesus that washes away my sins. Father, I come before you in my weakness; help me Lord. Father, let your mercy be renewed upon my life today in Jesus name. My hope is in thee, O Lord; Let me not be put to shame…

Ornate Heart Flourish

stock photo : Pretty young woman writing a letter at an old tableNo, I don’t know what Sasha’a face looks like.  But in my mind I see sparkling eyes that shine with tender light and compassion.  I see a smile that glows from feasting on living water.  And a heart that longs for what we all do…home, family…love.  I know from her prayers that, like most women, she would love to lose a little weight… but I think of her as pleasant-looking  in every way.  Someone whose arms are open to give.

We will never meet in the here and now.  But she has given me treasure… a piece of her life to read…and I recognize her heart. For in between the words she expresses so beautifully in a language that is not her first… it shines like our Father’s.

Lord, bless and keep Sasha today and always.  Surround her with your protection and help her know your heart poured out on her this day… even as she pours it out to “her kids.”  And give wings to all her dreams…

Free Pen and Ink Clipart©  Pam Depoyan

What treasure have you “read” lately?

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2 Responses to Sasha’s Treasure

  1. Diane says:

    Thank you for introducing us to Sasha. It warms my heart to know women like her. She is blessed to have you praying for her. God bless her – and you!

  2. Yes, it is so strange in a way to connect with people you can’t really talk directly with…but I can see her heart in her prayers. Thanks, Diane.

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