Day 9: Autumn Whispers

This is something I wrote in my prayer journal in October 2001, as I prayed for our nation in turmoil and for a friend who has long been on my heart before the Lord.  It is free-flowing and not meant to be perfect words.  But I thought I’d share it with you here… to lift you up as you enjoy this fall’s glory…decorative line

Out at the park today, near the covered bridge where all the reds and golds are reflecting upon the mirrored water, I’m listening to the wind whispering strongly through the leaves, enjoying the intermittent showers of gold swirling around me.  I walk closer to the river, where I can see the breeze blowing gentle ripples across it’s surface, and You bring these thoughts to me:

The whispering you hear and the breezes you see moving in the trees are like the prayers of My people flowing with the Holy Spirit. Showers of dry, brown leaves fall as the breezes grow stronger.  The leaves appear lifeless until lifted up on the wind – the prayers of my Beloved, one for another…and My Spirit lifts them up and up into the sunlight.  

They turn and sparkle, golden in the light…they dance as ballet dancers en pointe, lightly, joyously…down to the river – Me.  There they join the flowing River of Life, forever in Me!  This is a sign of the revival I am bringing upon the world, upon your nation, in A’s heart today!  And… it is only the beginning — as my people pray!

Pray as never before and see the flames of My Love turn decaying leaves into bursts of glorious color – reflecting the Fire of hearts renewed and reborn in Me.  Now is the time!  Now is the harvest in hearts you have lifted before Me.  Rejoice and pray and sing as I pour My Spirit out on all people.  Lift your prayers as joyous hearts united in My Love and Purpose and behold the mighty grace of your Father, Your Lord, Your King.

© Pam Depoyan

Autumn Leaves

As I write these posts in celebration of fall, I’m linking up with Melissa Michaels at her beautiful inspired where she has many warm and lovely ideas to make your home fall-cozy – see her  welcome page for31 inspired days,
along with the rest of the “31-dayers” who are also sharing various month-long inspirations!

I’ll tag these stories under the category of “Autumn Leaves.”   Let us open this seasonal book together to find those “roses” tucked within their leaves…


Linking this again…

on the brink of a new fall, 2012…

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4 Responses to Day 9: Autumn Whispers

  1. Diane says:

    I love that you found a photo that so colorfully reflects where you were sitting to write. And it’s so comforting to read what the Holy Spirit described to you of our prayrs. It’s a beautiful Word from Him. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Yes, I had to search thru a number of photos, but that one is perfect. Just missing a touch of red maple…its amazing to me to think that was already 10 years ago, but the word still speaks so true. Thanks, Diane.

  3. Oh how I love fall…I feel the most inspiration then! Your words from the heart of the Father resound in my heart….I feel their prophetic truth in my spirit.

    Thank you for sharing that personal time with Jesus…with us!

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