Day 14: Riding on the Wings of the Wind

Sometimes God sprinkles the extraordinary with a bit more magic…like powdered sugar on french toast –  just when you think nothing  could be more perfection than it already is…

The morning light is extraordinary this day as I drive to work, lifting my thoughts to praise.  Everywhere I look, fiery autumn has put on it’s coat of many colors.  If only I could keep on driving, on up over the emerald hills of hay-stacked farmland, into the low-lying puffs of white clouds studding the horizon, soaking it all in.

I pull in to the huge expanse of employee parking lot, stop the car and just breathe in the rainbow trees that forest the walkway up to the building… the way the sky always seems to be a brighter-than-life bluer cerulean on such days – deeper even, than pictures I’ve seen of the mesmerizing Mediterranean sea.  Reluctant to shut myself inside, I linger… finally, open the car door to walk the length of the lot.

Just then, it happens.    

Tremendously loud honking up above…  longer, heartier than I’ve ever heard before.  And, looking up, I automatically exclaim out loud, “Ohhh!!!”

Hundreds upon hundreds…then HUNDREDS more…  Canadian geese are pouring endlessly up and out from the woods – probably from the lake hidden behind…soaring and forming their trademark V overhead.  Never have I seen anything like this in real life before.  But it reminds me of...something...

Then…A heart-captivating moment from an old childhood movie fills my mind like a living photograph… I have seen this identical scene played out there, with crescendos of gorgeous music accompanying…  And I remember.  The opening to Disney’s Those Calloways… the story of an unlikely New England man with a huge dream.  Rough and tumble Cam Calloway and his family live in a densely-wooded area where…against all odds… he dreams of building a sanctuary for the geese that fly over each year and stir his heart to their beauty.  Thwarted on all sides, he fights for that dream…and each time the camera shows the birds, soars that music around them, the audience feels what Cam feels...

Now, here before me… like Cam… I am caught up in their real life beauty…  I feel the joy of how they are heralding autumn’s glory, pointing us to look up…see the miracles in the ordinary…

I think of why they honk as they do… leading each other on to stay the course… and You bring one of my recent prayers to mind.  How I’ve been wondering if some things I’ve been sharing with someone I care about are really making any difference.  Or am I sending emptiness into the wind…?

See how these birds are lifting each other up on their windswells, You seem to say.  That’s how it is when you encourage others to know my heart, tell of what I’ve done for you, turn someone’s eyes to Me,  lift others up to beauty and hope…  I have a dream to lift and encourage through you and others…and I carry you and them on the wings of such words, to soar faith…

Tears mist my eyes as I watch and listen to the music you sing into my soul…  And I know you timed this show like a gift before me…  to encourage this encouragers heart.  To show me a bit more of your dream… to feel a bit more of what You feel…

© Pam Depoyan

This post is based on something I wrote in my prayer journal a few years back…  Funny how we can almost forget such a moment, as I had until I leafed back through for post ideas yesterday. So glad I had written it down to prompt the memory, fresh and new to my heart… and maybe to place it in yours, too …    🙂

“O Lord, you are clothed with splendor and majesty.                                                                   He wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent…          He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.  He makes the winds his messengers, flames of

fire his servants.”   – Psalm 104:1-4 NIV

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Tag: Sometimes God sprinkles the extraordinary with magic


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6 Responses to Day 14: Riding on the Wings of the Wind

  1. MaryLou says:

    Hi Pam, thank you for sharing this special moment in your life. This morning as I took my early morning walk it was so beautiful… so very hard to describe the feelings I did have as I walked and talked with our Father. As the sun rose it was awesome! There is something about the early morning hours… that time is so very special. I thought of Jesus… how He got up early to have fellowship with His Father. Later, as I walked in the evening hours I also saw the sunset and tears came to my eyes is was so beautiful. I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of God’s creation! 🙂

  2. Next to where I am living right now, the beach is where I would love to live. You are truly blessed to live there! Do you remember the old 1940’s movie, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir?” I think it was set in New England. The main character lived in a beautiful home right across from the sea… just stepped out her door and walked to it…what a dream that would be. Thanks for sharing the inexpressible beauty of your morning and evening walk here!

  3. Amen, Lord. Thank you for finding ways to recharge Pam, our encourager. She does need some inputs herself and some care too. How awesome it is that it should often come from You, dear God.

    Thank you, Pam for sharing your moments……. lovely and divine…. to us your readers. God loves you so much and you are able to share them from the outpouring of your heart…… your pen writes. Thank you.

  4. And thank you Lord, for bringing readers like Lolita here… and giving me words that reach across miles and even far lands… !

    Thanks for your words of encouragement to me, Lolita!

  5. Thank you for linking and welcome to Random Journal Day- this is beautiful. I am going to have to see that movie as well! I love the way God encourages us and reveals Himself in His creation! Thanks, Pam!

    • I’m so glad I stopped at your place today and found that Random Journal link! The last time I saw this movie it seemed a bit more corny than I remembered, although I still love a lot of Disney…but the music and the scene with the birds still lifts me to the skies. Yes, I always see Him in creation too! Glad you liked this! I signed up for your blog today, because I loved yours too.. :).

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