Day 23: Fall and the “Muchness” of God

The extravagance of Autumn splendor reminds me of the “Muchness” of our God...










Nothing moves me more than stories of powerful prayer… So when my clock radio awakened me for the last three weekdays with some inspiring words Pastor Joseph Stowell presented on prayer….and what he terms “God’s muchness”…I was instantly awake.  I searched Google to see if I might find some of his talk in writing…particularly a beautiful story he told about God’s moving through one woman’s prayer for another.   I couldn’t find that story, but here are some notes from that message to bless your day as you ponder what the Lord’s muchness means in your own life…  And if you’d like to hear more, you can listen as I did when you go to

“When we come to God in prayer, we have the opportunity of tapping into what I like to refer to as the “muchness” of God. It is prayer that taps into the great generosity of our Lord, and I hope that we’ll be able to apply this wisdom directly to each one of our lives… I like to think about the fact that this text indicates to me that God is a God of much. He is a God of muchness, of lavish abundant overflowing of reserves.

Just do the Bible math with me. Wasn’t it He who said in Psalm 84:11, “He withholdeth no good thing to him who walks uprightly.” Didn’t Paul write to Timothy to remind us that every good and perfect gift cometh from above – that His grace is sufficient for your problem – with no qualifications. He’s got this huge reservoir of grace. It doesn’t make any difference what your problem is. How big it is. How wide it is. There is plenty of grace for you in abundance that my God shall supply – just the achievable needs? No! Help me with this. “My God shall supply all of your needs!” But you say, “How big is your bank account?” “According to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus!” Don’t ever forget that your God is a God of muchness.

I think we have to remind ourselves that when Satan wanted to overthrow the created order, in that moment when he came to Eve, I must remind you that the very first thing he said to Eve was crafted to make Eve feel that God is a stingy God. That He is there to oppress you. That He is there to take away from you. That He is not a God of muchness intending to bless your life. He said to Eve, “Did God say that you could not eat of every tree in the Garden? What a stingy God!” Actually what God said to her was, “You can eat of every tree in the Garden!” Remember? What a gift of the muchness of God! “Except for one, just one where you can prove your love to me by obeying and avoiding the danger of it.”

Don’t ever let Satan whisper in your ear or capture your heart or deceive the deep motivations of your life toward God by persuading you that God is a stingy God and He wants to hold back. That He has not given you everything that you need. That He is not a God of muchness.

“… The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”
James 5:16

  –Joe Stowell, Proclaim Radio Broadcast – 05/16/2005

As I finish writing these posts in celebration of fall, I’m still linking up with Melissa Michaels at her beautiful inspired where she has many warm and lovely ideas to make your home fall-cozy  – see her  welcome page for31 inspired days,  along with the rest of the “31-dayers” who are also sharing various month-long inspirations! I’ll tag these stories under the category of “Autumn Leaves.”   Let us open this seasonal book together to find those “roses” tucked within their leaves…

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