Ringle, ringle… coins that go jingle

Coins that ringle…make such a lovely sound.                                                                              — Jule Styne lyric, from Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol

In this season of thankfulness and joy,  I like to remember the golden years of childhood….and moments of blessing in between.  That never-enough space in time before (and after) I knew what it was to experience anguish… like ongoing ridicule from junior high bullies… loved ones who died… a brother who tormented himself and our family through his lost life in drugs… sickness and pain.  Time just to be and take delight.

And I want to encourage you to look for moments of gold in your own life too.  Because, like light set against shadows in a painting… or in a sky studded with clouds… or in sunlight dappling leafy shadows on a beautiful grassy knoll… THESE are the moments made shining out of the dark, speaking hope and heart to our souls.  If you… like I…were robbed of them somehow in certain months or years… we can always find them somewhere in our memories… or create them for other children along the way and thereby enjoy them…again or for the first time…today…

So, here is one of those moments when we were young and carefree…and God spoke daily to our hearts of miracles even when we didn’t recognize it:

O You, Lucky Johnny

“Johnny has ALL the luck!”  my sister, friend Shelly and I always half moaned, half sighed.

Like Beaver Cleaver and his gang, we three craved spending Saturday afternoons at the double feature any time we could.  Doris Day in Pillow Talk.  Fred MacMurray testing his flubber.  And Johnny… Shelly’s little brother… scoping out treasure in plain sight.

We didn’t mind his tagging along.  Except that… somehow…that kid always came away from the theater a little richer than when he came in.  It became a game to see just how he was going to do it.

The four of us would make our way through the row of seats to find the perfect spot, giggling as we surreptitiously carried hidden candy in paper lunch bags (acceptable, if not…let us say… really appreciated by the business owners in those days) and grab the best four seats we could find together.  We girls would plop down, comparing our stash, drumming fingers for the movies to begin.  But Johnny… well, he had to spy out the lay of the land for lost booty first.

And…always, ALWAYS… find it.

A quarter simply sitting there on the arm of his chair.  (Didn’t matter which seat we took, his always seemed to have the secret cache.)

A couple of dimes, there on the ooey-gooey floor, right by his feet.

A number of forgotten coins in a candy machine return slot as he slid his fingers in, hoping against hope, and… yep!  There they were… as if waiting… just for him.

Clipart Illustration of a Group Of Silhouetted Children Watching A Movie About A Ship Ressembling The Titanic In A Movie Theater by Alex BannykhTo us girls, the best treasure was knowing that even if we came in late we never had to miss a part of the first movie, because if we did the theater allowed us to stay and see it again at no extra charge… even in full, if we wanted.  Amazing fun! But Johnny had that joy… and always a little more.

Hey!”  we’d continually find ourselves bemoaning.  “He’s done it AGAIN!!”

“He’s like a human Geiger counter!” we’d chortle.

“Maybe… it’s just that he’s the one who always looks and expects to find…” someone realized once.

Hmm…  looking for miracles.  Expectantly.

Not just at Christmas…but always.

A little Razzleberry dressingone of the Lord’s Bright Blessings…as Jule Styne sang into Magoo’s heart (and ours) in one of my all-time favorite versions of The Christmas Carol…  They’re all around us.

© Pam Depoyan

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me
      all the days of my life…  Psalm 23:6

Royalty Free RF Clipart Illustration Of A Bucket Of Popcorn With A Film Reel by Elaine Barker

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