Sing a song of white Christmas

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nless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it ‘white.’

                                                               –  Bing Crosby

    Some words stay in the mind, reminding me of stories, movies, songs and people I love… echoing heart and laughter, turning the ordinary into blessings to be shared…

Growing up, my sister and I often found ourselves memorizing the lines of our favorite movies and shows, simply by watching them over and over…  something I’ve delighted in sharing with my friends’ children.  And in seeing them discover and fall in love with classic treasures… just like me.  It only takes a trigger word to get us going sometimes…rolling with laughter as we remember some of the best. And loving to quote with just the right, often hysterical, inflection…(I’m thinking of you, Meg…and grinning)

Today, I’d like to bless you with some of the most beautiful lines reverberating inside me this week.  Just a glimpse of the treasure you can find in Samuel Goldwyn’s The Bishop’s Wife – a warm and engaging charmer I can never miss during this season!

May these tender words sing inside you now…. as they do in me.  And if you get a chance to watch this one, I can only say – don’t miss it! 🙂

“Tonight I want to tell you the story of an empty stocking.

Once upon a midnight clear there was a child’s cry.  A blazing star hung over a stable and wise men came with birthday gifts.

We haven’t forgotten that night down the centuries. We celebrate it with stars on Christmas trees, with the sound of bells, and with gifts.

But especially with gifts.

You give me a book. I give you a tie.

Aunt Martha has always wanted an orange-squeezer.  And Uncle Henry could do with a new pipe.

Oh, we forget nobody, adult or child.  All the stockings are filled.

All that is except one.   And we have even forgotten to hang it up.

A stocking for the child born in a manger.  It’s His birthday we are celebrating.  Don’t let us ever forget that.

Let us ask ourselves what He would wish for most. And then let each one put in his share…

Loving kindness …Warm hearts …And the stretched out hand of tolerance.

All the shining gifts that make peace on earth.”

                            – David Niven,with a little “heavenly” help from Cary Grant :),                                    in The Bishop’s Wife


Mmmm…  What shared blessing is making your Christmas ‘white’ this season? 

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23 Responses to Sing a song of white Christmas

  1. Diane says:

    Oh, Pam…another thing we have in common. I can’t remember lines, but Andrew and Alece do. Especially Andrew. He’s always quoting and when everyone’s together, they start and we all laugh until we hurt.

    I have a Jesus stocking. It hangs in the middle and all our stockings are to the right and left of His. Also, many years ago, when Michael was a teen, he took branches from a tree and carved out a cross, held together by leather straping and we strap it to the top of our tree. His Cross sits high about our Christmases. It is one of my life’s treasures! That’s what makes our Christmas white.

    I love the Bing quote!

  2. I loved Bing’s quote too as soon as I found it! I found another good one from Bob Hope that I might share too… A lot of good ones that I may not have enough days to include…

    Yes, isn’t it a riot to hear others quoting movie lines – especially when they are imitating a particularly funny way the star said it? So fun.

    I love that stocking idea, and that your son made that topper. Thanks for sharing this – Love what makes your Christmas white!

  3. Oh, Diane… I forgot to ask. What do you put inside your Jesus stocking? Anything?

  4. Perhaps this year, I will put names in Jesus’ stocking. Names of those I will pray for salvation this coming year. I love to share the gospel, but somehow, lately I got busy with other things. I share best with children because I find them easy to communicate with. All I need to use are some illustrations and drawings, then tell the story of heaven and Jesus’ love for us.

    This year, thanks for reminding, Pam, Jesus’ stocking will not be empty.

  5. O Lolita, that’s a wonderful idea! Yes… the names of those I’m praying for. Sometimes we have done that at church, put names in a basket that people will pray for during the year… I pray God anoints your words and leads you…

  6. Diane says:

    Lolita, that is a wonderful idea! I will have to do that. And the fact that you lead youngs ones to Jesus…what a calling! And I will pray as Pam does; for God to anoint your words, pictures, and that He leads to children. Hallelujah!

    When the children were growing up, I told them they could write anything and put it in the stocking. Thanksgiving, prayer requests, hurts, whatever. I never read. They were between us and God. When I would put the stocking away for the year, I would hold them in my hand and offer them up to Him and then throw them out.

  7. What a treasure, Diane. I’m not sure I could have thrown them out though… That must have taken a lot of resistance! 🙂 In one way it would be sweet to read those today, now that they are grown. But I can see how important it was to leave it between them and God. Some friends and I used to put prayers in a bottle at New Year’s and then look at them again the following year to give thanks for answers… Haven’t done that in awhile.

  8. Diane says:

    Wow…that’s a cool idea!

  9. Wow, Pam, Diane… Jesus….. that is now a seal because my friends are praying for those names too. Thank you.

  10. Pam Steiner says:

    What a wonderful idea! Thank you, Pam, for directing me here to this story about our shared favorite “The Bishop’s Wife”. You helped me to focus on the real message of that wonderful story…and I love the idea of the Jesus Stocking with the names of people to pray for, etc….I will try to do that this year…when I watch the movie again at Christmas time, I will be thinking of you and this wonderful day of sharing special shared “loves”. Thank you for brightening my day! The other Pam.

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  12. Thank you for sharing those beautiful lines! Oh I know that Jesus desires our hearts for His birthday stocking. Mine is big at this moment and I hope it fits!

  13. MaryLou says:

    I just finished watching that movie and it amazes me how even though I do watch it each Christmas it seems new to me as I never tire of it. There is something so very special about old movies that often is missing in the newer ones. I always seem to feel a chuckle when he says the part about the orange squeezer and I really don’t know why. I also like the idea about a stocking for Jesus. I do not have a stocking but I do have a gift bag and the tag on the outside says Happy Birthday Jesus and I never put anything in it but now I could put prayers in it. 🙂

    • Yes, putting prayers in it sounds like a great idea! I LOVE this movie. They have been showing it on TCM, but each time I’ve wanted to wait to savor it and watch it on my tape. So still plan to… I know what you mean. It never gets old. There was just something so special about those actors that makes it enjoyable again and again… and this one is a treasure. I usually watch it Christmas Eve, but it is already late here now and probably I’ll wait… time is rushing these days.

  14. I try to watch a variety of movies during the Christmas stretch. I certainly enjoy “White Christmas”, but my favorite is “the Muppet Christmas Carol”. This is the main comment that hit me and continues in my life and my world: The Ghost of Christmas Present says:: “Come up and know me better, man.” What it meant to me is: What to do with our lives? – Live for Him. Seek Him. Fill our minds with Him. Grow in Him. How is that accomplished? Opening all of our senses, all of our selves to His Spirit – in whatever form that may take. SO, in my life, in this world, no matter what is going on and surrounding me, I want to focus on “Knowing Him better.”

    Christmas movies are good, often, and present good thinking. But this is, obviously, my favorite.

    • Thank you for sharing that Jo. I love your interpretation of that line. I agree… I want to focus on knowing Him more too. I love so many versions of Christmas Carol… even one that was Mr. Magoo, from my childhood… so I can certainly see why the Muppet one would resonate still with you… White Christmas and Holiday Inn are two more of my favorites of Bing’s 🙂

    • MaryLou says:

      Hi Joanne, I watched “The Muppet Christmas Carol” last night and also “Magoo’s Christmas Carol”. I enjoy the music in both of these versions. What is interesting is that I was listening to the soundtrack to “The Muppet Christmas Carol” before I watched the movie and they cut out a few songs. Of course I do wonder why they did that but included them in the soundtrack. I really like the way Michael Caine plays Scrooge. He is so good when he becomes a changed man. I am amazed at how many different versions of “The Christmas Carol” there are. I really like seeing a live performance of it. There are so many good Christmas movies it is hard to enjoy them all. Have a Joyous New Year 2013! 🙂

  15. That’s what I love about the Magoo carol too, Marylou… the music. Sometimes I find myself singing that song “Alone in the world,” just because I love the melody. And the one about God’s good Christmas and razzleberry dressing 🙂

    • MaryLou says:

      I was actually singing that song “Alone in the world” as I walked in the rainy weather this afternoon. I have always liked that song. Yes, I like the songs that you mentioned also. I find myself with tears when they sing “God’s good Christmas”. I am amazed how old that cartoon is. I am glad that I have it to watch. 🙂

      • I feel the same way about all the songs in it. I have to pull it out and watch it. I can remember what a big deal it was to us that it was coming out when it was originally aired… we went to a friend’s house to watch it and it was like a party.

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