A New Year’s Challenge: Looking for Wonder

Three lovely quotes to ponder…

It’s stories we need more of, stories that reverence the still, small voice that sings in our life.   – Sue Monk Kidd

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was a bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.              – Mary Oliver

 Life is … so exquisite that everything      conspires to break it.  – Emily Dickinson

       And then… a New Year’s challenge! 🙂


If I’ve been silent here for the last week, it’s been because I’ve been thinking about the new year and all I long for it to hold.

For you, for me.

Asking the Lord – What shall I write about to lift our eyes to new joy and blessings from Your Heart?

Then last night, a friend gave me an unexpected gift.  A beautiful little book by Sue Monk Kidd, filled with her early stories of light in the ordinary moments of life.  Few Guideposts authors stand out in my mind as she does, for she captured me years ago with her stories. Just little moments in time… like watching her young son playing in the backyard with a friend, in one magic moment when they mingled small hurts as brothers.  Or finding a single flower growing at the hands of an old woman, the solitary beauty in a landscape of broken down houses and refuse…

And I memorized her name back then…before she became more famous for her book-turned-movie, The Secret Life of Bees.  Those early writings… her little everyday stories… they are the kind of words I want to share here.

Then, as I opened this new book to read, I came across the quotes above.

Yes! My heart sang along with Ms. Kidd’s, at loving stories… wanting more that recognize and reverence His Voice singing into our lives.

That’s it!  I thought, as I read what she cited from Mary Oliver’s poem treasuring amazement.

And then she spoke of Wordsworth’s The Prelude, saying “he writes about ‘spots of time’ that nourish and repair the soul,” and how she “believes he was referring to brief, concentrated moments – little epiphanies – that inflame us with a sense of the holy.”


And I knew... I had found my theme to start this year of blogging: wonder in everyday… Words-worth…spots of time.

New carols we sometimes miss because of the noise and busyness of everyday life. They are singing all around us.  The crimson cardinal that lights on the tree outside our kitchen window and splashes colors of hope into our thoughts.  The bright hello! from a child, that breaks through the clouds across our hearts and kindles a flame of joy.  The ordinary moments that are rimmed with gold… if we will only take time to savor them… and bring light to darker ones.

There’s a scene in one of Jan Karon’s Mitford novels that has always stuck in my mind because I, too, have delighted in moments like she describes…  A scene where the main character and his new wife purposely schedule a time to meet in the late part of the day, to silently sit and soak in the soon-to-set sunlight tiptoeing in their windows, dancing on their walls, and making lovely patterns all around them.  Together, they just let the light refresh. It moves so quickly… they might have missed it… if they hadn’t stopped to still their souls for that one moment…

   And so…

I invite you to share my stories of such light-filled moments over the next month.  What if we could discover such moments of amazement in each day? I thought wildly.

Is it possible?  I think so.   I’d like to try… and share them when I do.

And what if the ones we find today remind us of some we may have forgotten or not even noticed in the past?

I challenge you to look for them in each day too…even in the memory pages of your life… and to not let anything rob us of the exquisite moments all around us.  And if you would like, I’d love to hear about yours when you comment here too!  🙂 

A little wonder, anyone?

©  Pam Depoyan

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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4 Responses to A New Year’s Challenge: Looking for Wonder

  1. Yes, yes, yes, sweet Pam. I will look forward each day to discover for myself those lovely little moments you will share to us and what it would stir within me. That I am too excited that I had let your stillness for the past days be knowing that you were yourself meditating for inspiration coming from above.

    Thank you, Pam for the hope that it stirs inside me.

  2. Lolita, your heart makes me smile. Thank you! I may not post them every day, but as many as I can find! 🙂 I look forward to hearing about any such moments in your own life too!

  3. Diane says:

    Love this theme, Pam. Wonder…”oh, the wonder of it all” (that’s from a song or something – can’t think right now)…I look forward to your WONDERful posts! I know they will sweep us away!

    And Lolita, you have such a beautiful heart!!!

  4. Thanks, Diane… I’m counting on God to bring them to me! 🙂

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