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Prayer Corner…

You’ve seen it.  The awesome sight of the heavens opening up and sudden rays spilling out… looking as if God is reaching down to touch us.  Telling us He hears our prayers, is pouring out His grace, His light as … Continue reading

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Wind to Our Sails

Father, You send encouraging hope from someone whose         way with words I so admire… Sunlight coming from so far across the sea                          And appearing as a blessing on my e-mail screen   … Continue reading

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Paper Lace Days

   I’m paging through valentines in my mind today… First, a memory of grade school, when Valentine’s Day meant anticipation,                         class parties and little tubs of vanilla ice cream … Continue reading

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Love’s Impromptu Notes

     “He had set up his keyboard by the French windows… was playing as if he were in a dream.  The tune was there, and then it was gone, swept away by a new theme. It lifted you up and … Continue reading

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From Me to You…

  The first in a little potpourri of Love’s notes…  A Scottish…Valentine…   for you, my friends… May the blessing of light be on you…  light without and light within. May the blessed sunlight shine on you like a great peat … Continue reading

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At Heaven’s Gate

Today… chapel bells are ringing in California. Pealing goodbye to one sister of my closest friends, after her long and valiant battle with cancer…and  childhood polio…and so many other challenging moments in her life. I can’t be there, but in … Continue reading

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Wonder Days

I spy the mischievous glint in his eyes as he careens towards me in the tiniest wheelchair I’ve ever seen, deftly wheels around the corner and shoots into the next, thankfully empty, aisle.  Giggles rise over the tops of the … Continue reading

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