Love’s Impromptu Notes

     “He had set up his keyboard by the French windows… was playing as if he were in a dream.  The tune was there, and then it was gone, swept away by a new theme. It lifted you up and drifted you around like the petals from a cherry tree, floating here and there.  A rare talent.”

– Veronica Heley, False Report 


    The phone call came on a day suddenly showery with snow… like a sweet valentine message.   A new book I’d been waiting so long for, finally in, ready for pickup! And extra nice – because it is hot off the publisher’s press – the book is clean… pristine…untouched… as from the bookstore.  Not often the case with library books.  I want to dive in, but also to savor.  Ms. Heley’s books always go so fast.

So I force myself to read a little bit slower.  Catch myself and re-read a line or two when lush words leap out at me.

Like those in the quote above. 

I let myself imagine the sweet and melancholy music she is describing… and in  her lovely words… can almost hear it.

Valentines.  Sometimes they come to us out of the blue…in the pages of a story…in the lilt of a song…in the giggle of a baby.  Messages of heart… sent by the Author of Love.

My favorite kind.

Have you received any unexpected “valentines” today?



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6 Responses to Love’s Impromptu Notes

  1. MaryLou says:

    God did bless me this evening at a Valentine’s Dinner that I actually wasn’t going to go to when originally asked to purchase a ticket for. It was a fundraiser for the youth group at the church and one of my friends encouraged me to go. I mostly decided to go because it was a fundraiser and my friend did say I could sit with her and another friend. Anyway I was the first one to arrive and to my surprise an old friend was sitting at a table and asked me to join her. We did save room for the other friends and then when another friend came with her boyfriend we had room for them also. I was very blessed by going and God surprised me because I had wanted to go see a concert in town but I really didn’t want to go alone well my friend that was there whom I hadn’t seen for awhile when I told her about it said that she would like to go also. I am so glad that God brought us together and neither one of us has to go alone. If I hadn’t gone to the dinner I would be going to the concert alone. I like when God surprises me like this! The concert will be on Valentine’s Day so it will really be a Valentine’s gift from Him. 🙂

  2. I love when God surprises us like that too… 🙂 especially when we didn’t want to be somewhere and He blesses out of it. Glad you had a good time tonight…Yes, that sounds like a fun gift from Him and maybe a deepening of your friendship with that old friend. Have fun at the concert!

    Thanks for sharing this encouraging story, Marylou… 🙂

  3. Yes, they come in unexpected moments and places. Even while at home doing some chores or sitting before the TV…. Last night I was watching a Valentine concert which was a replay. I haven’t gone to concerts for a long time now, so I enjoy watching replays. One male performer sang an R & B rendition of a love song which gave me goose bumps. He certainly could carry one to the romance he was evoking. And at once one is reminded of what had been, sweet moments with your loved one. (Smiles)

    But moments with the author of love could carry you on wings of hope, of peace, and joy.

  4. There’s nothing like music and beautiful singers to do that to us, is there? 🙂 Thanks for sharing that, Lolita!

  5. Diane says:

    Sent by the Author of Love…sigh….beautiful!

  6. Yes, Diane… like wonder… all around us 🙂

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