Paper Lace Days

Children exchanging Valentine greetings   I’m paging through valentines in my mind today…

First, a memory of grade school, when Valentine’s Day meant anticipation,                         class parties and little tubs of vanilla ice cream with tiny wooden spoons…                                and maybe even some strawberry pink-iced cookies or swirl-frosted,                            candy-sprinkled  cupcakes                                                                                                                                         from somebody’s mom.

It meant carrying home special class lists                        so no one would be forgotten… but wondering, oh so anxiously, if I might just be the one others forgot…? 😦                                                                                                 And choosing bags of old fashioned paper hearts with sweet-faced drawings and fun or clever sayings…                                                                                                          Then bending my head over each one, painstakingly addressing them and licking the tiny envelopes shut…                   Maybe sealing two or three for my special friends with a be-mine candy heart taped on…

Then worriedly sitting at my desk, feet crossed, hands folded…                                        waiting as Teacher passed them out…                                                                                              Sighing with                                                                                …relief…happiness…giggles…                                                                                                          When I opened my envelope to find slews of merry messages with my name on top!              I hadn’t quite figured out this was Teacher’s plan all along…60 notes of friendship from     60 classmates – for EVERYONE!

And smiles wide as watermelon slices all around… one day a year when everyone felt wanted, no one less than or smarter than or anything more than…heart sharers.

And all because a teacher first shared hers…


Scrolling again through the days and years in my mind, I turn to a fun Valentine mad-hatter tea party…designed and thrown by my good friend… with little ones and adults donning old organdy bridesmaids hats and flowery chapeaus…drinking out of china cups and eating tiny pastries… giggling once again as kids, one and all…

All us girls… little and tall…sipping of best girlfriendship and I love you’s...


And then…to the memory of one just for the grownups…                                                                                                                                         A friend and I double-dating downtown                                                                                         to an old-fashioned Big Band Valentine dance…on the spur of the moment…                          A night of  romantic music and steppin’ out with our Fred Astaire-imitating partners…         Made all the more merry by a lighthearted turn on a charming old carousel…

Ah well…All in all, a fun evening, even if (eye-roll) the guys did have eyes more for fancy footwork than for their lovely…ah…Gingers

And as I recall these paper lace days, I think of a radio announcer’s astonished message yesterday…that more valentines are sent to moms and to children than to anyone else…and how he thought that was SO strange.  A day meant only for romance, in his estimation.   Mmmm…yes.  But hey, I think… is that all?

Somehow… much as I love everything romance…I think my old teacher had the right idea…

On this day that can be lonely for so many singles…co-workers…neighbors – Who might need your valentine today?  

It doesn’t have to be written…

Maybe a piece of candy left on someone’s desk (or in a mailbox) with a secret valentine wish!

Maybe a prayer sent off to bless a far off friend!

Maybe an extra smile to a harried store clerk!

Or a flower…or a heart-shaped cookie… left on an elderly person’s doorstep!

  Somewhere this day celebrating friendship and love…                                someone is lonely…sad…missing a loved one…needing a heart lift…

Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Happy Valentine's Day Greeting Over Roses, A Box And Chocolates by Rogue Design and ImageIs there a “random act of Valentine” you can send today?   🙂

Or, have you been the recipient or giver of one today, or in the past?  I’d love to hear about them 🙂

© Pam Depoyan

Here are a couple of lovely valentine messages you might enjoy…  One I love at Shannon’s Twig and Feather, Secret Pal and an uplifter love note for you from Heart to Heart with Holley {blog}

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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7 Responses to Paper Lace Days

  1. I had fun leaving hand-crafted cards to my dear office close friends yesterday (we are 12 hours ahead of you) on their tables. Then in the afternoon after lunch, I had my own surprise, to find the sweetest chocolate cup cake all dressed up with hearts and ribbons on mine. It came from one of my accounting clerks closest to me. I was delighted to receive such sweetness from her.

    Yes, I think and in my own opinion, I love those kinds of friendship Valentines, even more that those romantic ones between a guy and a girl. They have deeper and everlasting meaning to me.

    Thanks for the lovely memories of classroom fun Valentines. Your teacher taught you well in giving value to friendship in the occasion of the hearts. I like that ……”leaving no one forgotten.” So special and memorable.

  2. I would love to see one of your handcrafted valentines, Lolita! How special for your coworkers. The chocolate cupcake sounds beautiful! You must be well-liked there… 🙂 I have sometimes left surprise chocolates on my coworkers’ desks – especially when I knew they were their favorites and they were feeling down and needed a little lift. One I remember loved little peppermint patties, so I’d surprise her here and there… So fun…

    I’ve been wondering how far ahead of us in hours you are… because you often leave messages late at night here. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed my valentine memories… and thanks for sharing your “random acts of Valentines…”

  3. Diane says:

    Random acts of Valentines…I’m going to have to remember that for next year, as I didn’t read this until now. Sigh…Valentine’s Day has never been anything special to me, so I probably would never have though about random acts of Valentines.

    Joe is not a gift or card giver. But, I was very surprised when he texted me late morning yesterday asking if we could go out to dinner. “HUH?!”, was my reply. He normally isn’t home until 8:30. He texted back, “I’d like to go out with my Valentine.” He was home around 5:30.
    Now THAT was a surprise!

  4. Ohhh, Diane. It was so sweet of Joe. I am happy for you that he has given in to the call of the moment to celebrate your union. You must have been so delighted with his “I’d like to go out with my Valentine.” surprise. Sometimes I think not all men have those automatic romantic moves. Of course, any other day is as good as Valentines Day to do them.

    And Pam. Perhaps I will have some photographs of some of my crafts. One thing I don’t know how is how to paste them in the comment section. I might just give you a link to it. I will remind myself to do it. I love to do scrapbooks too. I made lots for my grand kids when printed pictures were still the in-thing. Nowadays, most pictures are in digital and saved on-line. My scrapbook has stopped because of it.

  5. Diane, sounds like the Holy Spirit was prompting your husband. Nice treat! I think we can easily get into ruts and then when we break out of them nice things like that can happen… 🙂 Thanks for sharing that story. And I’d say… you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to do a random act of Valentine 🙂

    Thanks Lolita… I had to edit out your links because of WordPress problems, but I went to them and couldn’t figure out how to see anything other than a pretty glass goblet with a flower in it. If you want, you can try to send them to me on email. They also said you were “sharing from your private scrapbook,” so another reason I took them off of here. Thanks for trying though!

  6. It is okay, Pam. I will try to attach it in the email. That is the very thing I was talking about hot-linking and pasting pictures.

  7. I know… I have problems making links too. I’ll look for them in my email whenever you can … 🙂

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