Wind to Our Sails

Father, You send encouraging hope from someone whose         way with words I so admire…

Sunlight coming from so far across the sea                          And appearing as a blessing on my e-mail screen                 At exactly the moment I am questioning:

“I am hopelessly behind but wanted to again encourage you…I just read your blog entry on Enid Blyton and it made me smile and brought  back wonderful memories… I pray many other readers around the globe discover you.”

And I am buoyed up to see You behind my offerings!

Yet… only a few days later… another e-mail… pronounces “just adequate” over me…           Sinking my hopefulness like an anchor…

And I wonder…

How IS it that one negative overshadows the beautiful? Pulls me down so easily…?

   I look again at the first message from an author who knows:

“I hope you are able to focus on hearing the Lord’s truth and not the enemy’s lies–especially about your writing…”

And through her, I hear above the cacophony of words that tear down… Your reminder that we need to keep raising Your standard around us,  to fortify the vulnerable areas of our souls against flying arrows:

“I have battled lies for years and my greatest weapon is taking God’s Word (written on filing cards) with me as I walk around the block, memorizing Scripture to tear down the strongholds.”

Look to My Words for light and life, You whisper then…

And like a ship re-setting course, I purpose into the sunlight diamonds you set before me… I take up your Truth as my sword, thankful for those who bring spirit-wind words to our sails…  Thank you, E.

Like a snow-cooled drink at harvest time
is a trustworthy messenger to the one who sends him;
he refreshes the spirit of his master.

– Proverbs 25:13  New International Version (NIV)

      ©  Pam Depoyan

                What words has someone spoken over you to set sail to your dream?                     Might you bless someone today with yours? 🙂


Joining in Faith Barista’s discussion on “Vulnerable…”

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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10 Responses to Wind to Our Sails

  1. Diane says:

    I always want to bless with my words – especially my written ones. Anyone can find something negative about anything; to speak positive words that edify and encourage is to flow from the Heart of God. You, Pam, are such a writer!

  2. So true – easy to put down, but so much better to lift up!.

    Thank you, Diane!

  3. Like the tongue, so small, yet could destroy a nation, it should be so with the written words, for it comes from the heart, thus uttered or written. Our desire should be, as written:
    1 Thessalonians 5:11

    “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. ” and,
    Hebrews 3:13

    “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. ”

    ….. and we need to pray for one another. Even with Christians, it is easier to say destructive things to another than things that would lift up and edify……. Ohhhh, perhaps we need to focus more on why we could be so negative about others’ benefit or success….. could it be envy or pride which begets hatred? That is why from now on I need to be careful with the evil one…. he lairs on gossip like a predator. Even a simple word said behind someone could breed knives stabbed against that person. I am not immune myself.

    You know what, Pam. Reading your blog and the others, have made me focus on the positive for myself, for you and my other friends. How could my little tongue and lips be used for bad words and yet pray for good concerns for you, for my friends and family? I wish others too would do the same so that we could build one another up and put the enemy down.

    Pam, you encourage me profoundly and I will always wish and pray for your desires. God bless you mightily and perfect you for the mighty work He has in store for you.

  4. Pam, may I share a space for this message? This came today in my Multiply account from a friend. Thanks.

    Words can charm & words can wound. So choose your words with care.
    Words can bring a blessing or hurt beyond repair…
    Words can make us enemies & words can make us friends.
    Words can make a quarrel & one word can make amends.

    Words of hate are like stones flung out in anger or spite.
    Words of truth are stars that give a sure & steadfast light.
    Words of peace are isles of quietness in life’s troubled sea.
    Words of love are like pearls strung of the threads of memory.

  5. Thank you Lolita – for all your words of truth. For your caring heart. I am touched that God is touching you so deeply through the simple things I’m writing… it shows me He uses our words beyond what we can imagine. Your words move me too.

    I especially like the images in the last three lines you share above… words are stars…isles…pearls. Beautiful. Thank you!

  6. Yes, Pam….. it is so picturesque and so apt. I love to string pearls in the thread of our friendship, my dear and beloved, Pam. Jesus would be the pendant. Love you, my friend.

  7. Sail on, my dear, sail on…… and let Jesus be the wind to that sail of yours.

  8. Thank you, Lolita… you, too! 🙂 God bless you this week at work with peace…

  9. Sandee says:

    Pam, I, too, battle the lies of the enemy as I begin to put my words out into the world. The approval or disapproval of others still has way too much power over me while I know in my heart that pleasing God is the only thing that really matters. Thank you for encouraging me by having the courage to put your words out there as well. If our words only touch one person that person is precious in God’s sight and our work has not been in vain. God bless you.

  10. O Sandee, I was even questioning this post and hoping that was the point that was coming across. Not that I think I am great or something, but that even if I am “just adequate” in one thing, those words don’t define me in the whole (and I can so easily begin to let the negatives pull me down, listening to the lies, even if I have had twenty people tell me positives). I think from childhood, we can learn to rely too much on approval from others… and yes, God’s view is the only one that really matters. I keep asking Him – Is my writing even doing anything? Especially when I get the rejections from editors… But He tells me what you said… just one person being touched is true fruit! I’m glad this encouraged you. Your words encouraged me too! 🙂

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