Word, Be Gone! – Day 5, “Words Matter” Week 2012

Ta da… drum roll!  It’s the Day 5, Blogger Challenge Question:

If you had to eliminate one word or phrase from the English language, what would it be? 



If it were possible to make the meaning and action of a word disappear, just by eliminating that word from human vocabulary, I would choose


With this one word, the serpent hissed his lies into our world and stole blessing right out from under us, put a hole in our roof, and left us vulnerable to every tempest of untruth.

With this word, well-meaning, educated television interviewers (like one I watched last week) can goad another well-meaning actor into giving their viewpoint on a controversial subject, literally force him to answer… then listen to that actor’s gentle, respectful but honest-to-his-core-values reply and hear something not said or done.  Not at all.   I know this from only a few days later… for when I heard this same interviewer refer to that actor’s utterly calm statements of his own belief as inflammatory…while at the same time trying to get a political candidate to make his own inflammatory remarks…I could only gape.

Deception.  Sometimes it is so insidious that even the perpetrator does not recognize it…

If deception could be removed not only from our vocabulary…but from our hearts and minds… how much more room there would be to receive words of joy.  Light-filled words from the Author of Love.

Hope would never be crushed.  Dreams would always soar.

And maybe...just maybe…we’d have more of Heaven on earth.

©  Pam Depoyan

It’s been a fun week blogging to answer Words Matter 2012!

Hope you’ve enjoyed it too! 🙂


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4 Responses to Word, Be Gone! – Day 5, “Words Matter” Week 2012

  1. Yes, Pam. Deceive would be one word I’d like taken out of the Dictionary and in the minds of all people. When Adam and Eve occupied the garden, I believe there were not so many words discovered then. And then came Satan, the master of lies, He deceived Eve by luring her to eat the forbidden fruit, then Sin entered the garden….. it was disobedience first, I think because the Devil’s deceit was for temptation. Ergo: if there wasn’t deception in the garden, sin would not have entered. Then we could have been begotten in the garden too.

    Perhaps, I will vote to take out Satan, if there was a choice.

  2. Yes… and in the end, that will be!

  3. Diane says:

    I’ve so enjoyed your Words Matter week. Thank you.

    I ditto all you and Lolita say about deception. And add: That when deception creeps into your personal space in life, and the insidiousness of decption destroys your family, you truly witness satan’s plan to steal, kill, and destroy. Decption was the crux of the first 4 years of my wilderness, and then we were hit again on the last three. Once deception has touched your life personally and left it’s mark, it’s most difficult to recover from. It is a personal violation of your soul.

    “…if possible, the elect will be deceived.” (Matt. 24:24) Yes.

    I would most definitely abolish the word “deception”, if that would eliminate it from this world.

    Like you said, Pam, ” …and in the end, that will be”. AMEN and AMEN!

  4. Yes, as all things worldly, ,,,,,, in the end they will be replaced with all good things. Amen.

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