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Emerald E-mails…

Sometimes, when you least expect it… lovely packages appear like the dawn, spreading feathery colors upon your heart… in, of all places…an e-mail.  I found this one, waiting for me on a day I needed a lift.  She couldn’t have … Continue reading

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             There are only two kinds of people in the world that really count.          One kind’s wheat and the other kind’s emerald. ~ Edna Ferber . “My, would you look at all those rows of purple!” she exclaims, eyes shining, … Continue reading

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Sacred Encounters

Three of us settle next to each other on the soft couch in this light-filled room – plates of homemade crab-cheese wontons, strawberries and papaya slices, skewered Chinese-spiced beef, refreshing lemon and cherry blossom cookies in our laps – joy … Continue reading

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Grace is a Living Thing

            Have you ever marveled at God’s “secret messages” in nature?  How the Dogwood blossom resembles the cross… in it’s center a cluster like a crown of thorns, with a  leaf turning crimson in the fall, reminding us of the … Continue reading

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Making a “Mom Memory”

Last year about this time, I wrote a series of posts based on an interview with my young friend Cait. On this Mother’s Day weekend, I thought I’d re-share a fun story from that series – a simple tale of … Continue reading

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Happy Mom’s Day Weekend

I miss my mom most of all around our birthdays (hers was the day before mine, and forever connected through years of co-celebrations when really, she made me more the star than herself) – and Mother’s Day. Sometimes life seems … Continue reading

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Words From A Stranger

    As I left work today, I heard the radio host ask, “Has a stranger ever spoken words to you that have changed your life for the better?  Or have YOU been the one to speak those words to someone … Continue reading

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