Who are we becoming?

Blue sky and white clouds high definition picture 16346“God is the performer and we’re the song.  He’s the poet and we’re the poem… God made you with a purpose and inscribed it into your DNA… When we allow God to dream through us, we become His dream agents, representing Him and His plans on the earth.  This means that hidden somewhere in one of God’s dreams you’ll discover those He has for you – yours will be contained in His.  The opposite is also true.  Hidden in your dreams, if they were given by Him, you’ll find a piece of His. This was and is His plan for all of us.  Most people, however go through life pursuing personal careers and goals without ever considering that God wants to dream through them.  Too often, He’s a lonely dreamer.  There must be millions of written but unfulfilled destines in God’s dream book in heaven…Thankfully, this isn’t always the case.”

         – Dutch Sheets, Dream: Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life

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I had planned to include the following song as part of my last post (see “Song Sung Joy”), but when it was already long enough, I decided to send this to you midweek…

The above quote from Dutch Sheets newest book, Dream,  makes me think of where we are to go from our “redeemed day” as nine year olds…   And of how who we are becoming isn’t dependent on us… or the amount of faith we have or don’t have… or anything we can muster in our own strength.  But only on saying yes to the Holy Spirit who is tenderizing our hearts, opening windows and blowing out the musty from our lives and already declaring us “God’s Masterpiece.”   Because WE are HIS dream…

So many sorrowful or hurtful words have been spoken over each of us in a lifetime.  So many words we mistakenly thought came from Him…but didn’t.  It’s time to let Him erase those from our hearts and replace them with Truth.  Today… let your hearts rest in who God has already blessed you to be, calling you only to accept the gift of His Son and all He wants to pour out on your life in grace and blessing and joy overflowing:

His beloved…  A pearl of great price… One who is blessed in the city and in the country, going in and going out, in everything you put your hand to… Highly favored and anointed as His child… Deeply cherished, even as He loves His own Son…

  And as you do,  here’s a beautiful song “to soar on…”

Who am I becoming?
Have I grown to look like You?
Has love been carved into my heart?
Oh, Lord, I pray it’s true.
Do I ache inside to feel Your smile
And to gain what I can’t lose?
Who am I becoming?
I love to be like You.

Who am I becoming?
Would a stranger find You here?
Could they recognize You in my life?
Would my love for You be clear?
Do I treasure all that’s dear to You?
See the world through mercy’s eyes?
Who am I becoming?
Can they see Your face in mine?

Lord, I want to look like You
To walk like You,
To talk like you.
To breathe the air You’re breathing in
To hear You call me, “friend”

Who am I becoming?
I am clay within Your hands
And if You must use fire to form me
I trust what You have planned.
For beauty shines in purest light
When it’s tested and found true.
I am praying I am becoming,
Beautiful like You

That’s who I’m becoming.
Just a child who longs to find
That more with every passing day
Lord, You are magnified

– Shannon Wexelberg, Becoming (from her CD, I Have A Song)

You can listen to this song at this link: http://www.rhapsody.com/artist/shannon-wexelberg/album/i-have-a-song/track/becoming

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As the Holy Spirit leads you in this moment…

He is your raindrops…you are His rose.

Who are YOU becoming?


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12 Responses to Who are we becoming?

  1. Lolita Valle says:

    Thank you for the lyrics. The lines are so apt, for reflection upon how we have become today, especially the inner parts.

    You are so right Pam, about God’s dreams dreamed for us, already inborn to us…… things He would like to happen in our life, or for others to learn from. This is an extension of His splendor and majesty and His all-encompassing knowledge.

    You know what this reminds me of Joseph the dreamer. He was able to do great things in Egypt that were useful and for prosperity.

    Thank you for this in-depth leading for us to reflect.

  2. Thanks, Lolita. Hope you can listen to this song too. It’s really beautiful. Yes, Joseph is a wonderful example.

  3. Martha Herden says:

    Pam-Absolute words of Gold-like a simple path being put before us all by God-then we deciding how we will follow, and learning as we go-who we will become. Each of us have choices-some are good, some not so good, and some can be bad. But if we keep learning about the amazing LOVE of GOD as we follow HIS path-then I believe we are really Growing in His love. I recall as a teenager, thinking to myself “Wow, I think God wants me to do something really Important in my life” and as the years went by, the blessing of my glorious husband arriving in my life-my mind left that thought. Fast forward so many years later, after fighting my way back to health-even though its always going to have Chronic Pain in the mix-a dear friend led me to start a Blog-even as I fought it the entire way. She stepped aside and let me find my wings, and here I am blogging about my Pain, praying for faces who I do not see, but wanting nobody to endure Chronic Pain.
    My heart is opening wide and I feel a deep peace starting to settle-if I can write just ONE word that will help somebody-then I have done something really IMPORTANT with my life.

    Bless you for this fantastic, heart opening post. Thank you for allowing me to take up a lot of space. God bless you Pam. Martha

    • Martha, thank you again for your beautiful, encouraging words. Here I thought i was just putting something very simple out there, but it only goes to show how the Holy Spirit infuses words and speaks them to each of our hearts. You sound so blessed with your wonderful husband… that is beautiful to hear. I’m sure the Lord has done many “important” things through you and in your married and family life too. I know what you mean about sharing from your heart and your experience and seeing it touch others. I know He uses you in that way above and beyond what we know. Again, I am blessed by your words to me and how the Lord is using what I’m writing here. God bless you too, Martha. — Pam

  4. kelliwoodford says:

    Wow. This is just what I have been thinking about lately.

    The word in Eph. 2:10 for “workmanship” is poema — we are His poem!! I know how I feel about how I write . . . though imperfect, it is precious to me — even celebratory! Helps me understand more about how my Father sees *me* — His poem and His precious creation.

    Thank you for a very meaningful post.

    • Kelli, thanks for letting me know this touched you. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how some of the more “simple” things we write are the ones He uses the most? I just thought I was sort of dashing this one off….

      Yes! Dutch Sheets spoke about “poema” too. I like what you say about writing… celebratory is a beautiful word for it. 🙂 I love the image of poetry and song in relation to the Lord’s heart for us too.

      Stop by again!

  5. From Diane R –

    “We are His dream.” I am His dream! AMEN!

    Dutch Sheet’s line: “Too often, He’s a lonely dreamer. There must be millions of written but unfulfilled destines in God’s dream book in heaven…” caused me to pause. Man, I don’t want my life to be an “unfulfilled destiny”! I want a check mark next to my name in God’s dream book.

    Thank you, again, Pam, for a thought-provoking, heart-seeking post.

    • I know what you mean, Diane. I’m really seeking His wisdom in that area myself. It also ties in with something else I’ve heard recently… that there may be so many blessings and gifts that the Lord has planned for us that we never receive because we didn’t ask or weren’t receptive to. I don’t want to get to Heaven and find out I missed those either. These past six years have held a lot of tough things and sometimes it is overwhelming… but it is making me seek His heart even more. I’m so grateful that He tells us His sheep do hear his voice above everything else… May we all hear even more.

  6. Lolita Valle says:

    Diane and Pam,
    I kept coming over for Diane’s comment. I know deep inside that she will be adding a deeper thought regarding this.

    May I add something?

    Years ago, I had been stunned by a Pastor’s sermon with this idea. He told a story that in God’s Kingdom in heaven there was this man who asked God about his aspirations and the things he wanted while on earth. God took him to this room and He pointed at packages hanging on the wall. They had, each one of them, written blessings. God said, “there they are, all of those are yours, but you did not claim them.” They were intact and unclaimed. Oh my! What about mine? How do I claim mine, were my thoughts that day.

    That painted a a very vivid picture of what might have been in his life….. and I too found myself in that man’s situation. I thought how rich my Father in heaven is, it transcends human wisdom, and yet I make Him smaller with worries, anxiety, fears and living an loser’s life here on earth…… I need to practice being a princess…. (one of your post down over at the Deep Calls Unto the Deep). It also made me reflect deeper and deeper within.

    Thanks to you both, and for the space to air my feelings and thoughts. Love both of you, my dears.

  7. Feibe says:

    I do love this …. 🙂
    Remind me that my life has a path to take and walk on … of course, that path has been set by GOD …
    The problem is, sometimes I lost the track for the world overs and attracts more and more, and unconsciously I lost the dream God have made first.
    But, I believe, HE will make me find the way back to Him, in time, in HIS time …
    Thank you ….

    • Yes, Feibe… He has a plan and a future and a hope for you (Jeremiah 29:11) – Yes, things in the world can leave us distracted. Today is always the day He wants to lead us back, and to bring us to greater beauty and light and hope than anything in the world. Because every good and beautiful gift comes from Him… I pray you will feel His arms around you. He loves you and believes in you. I’m so glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts today! And that this post from last year touched your heart!

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