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A Wedding Album: Photo in Words (1)

. Once beautiful music has filled a room, it never leaves. ~ Dorothy Cooper Neither do gossamer memories of beaded-white pearl, once they fill your mind.  The eye, your camera; the heart, an album where love resides. ~ Me Though … Continue reading

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A Wink and A Smile

“We go together like a wink and a smile…”  ~ Harry Connick Jr. Remember this endearing song from the film, Sleepless in Seattle? Though written in recent years, it’s Harry Connick, mellow-Sinatra–sound reminds me of a sweet standard from the 1940′s.  … Continue reading

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Passionate About Purple

In a sea of unknown strangers, we meet on the only soft couch in the break room.  The silver-haired lady dressed always in varying shades of purples and lavender… and I. Sofa buddies, she calls us.  Taking a break from … Continue reading

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Writer Woe… Spinning Straw to Gold

Writing is such a waiting game. Sometimes it feels like throwing dice up in the air, hoping against hope…this story is landing on Park Place! Or like tenderly wrapping up a gift from His heart to mine in prayers and … Continue reading

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Prayer Corner

I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the Lord.   They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart.   ~ Jeremiah 24:7 . … Continue reading

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Joy in the Mystery

Angel gifts come on tiptoe, carrying whispered breezes of His love. ~ Me I let the colors seep in and over me that late spring, like rivulets of cool water to my parched soul.   Rainbows of tulips, cheery-faced pansies, geranium … Continue reading

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Emerald Legacy

As I’ve been writing this series of posts this week, I’ve been thinking of another incredible movie scene that has long stayed in my mind. Child actress, Patty Duke, as the young Helen Keller… wildly fighting, fighting, fighting against the … Continue reading

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