A Wedding Album: The Lindler (2)

“What’s that they’re playing?” a sweet voice pipes.

“It’s the Lindler… it’s an Austrian folkdance…”

~  Julie Andrews as Maria, The Sound of Music


A music box memory of a miniature wooden chalet, it’s multicolor blooms overflowing the carved balcony, floats before me as Anne Marie shares excitedly of her upcoming university semester in Austria…

That treasure box, a long ago present from my aunt to my mom. How we used to love opening it’s roof to hear the Viennese-sounding waltz come tumbling, tinkling out… and I would imagine a quaint little couple inside, like the ones you see dancing out to chime the hour on old Swiss clocks… So cherished, that the hinges eventually broke…

Soon I look forward to her real-time e-mails coming to me – simple word joy whisking me across the world at my desk… relaying her many adventures in between studies.                 A concert of Mozart in an exquisite music hall during the Austrian festival celebration of his birth… travels to Rome for a weekend…walks in the steps of Rodgers and Hammerstein…

And being able to send my answer right in that moment… hear the glowing smile in her written words…   I know that Europe has captured her heart as I am sure it would mine… especially this beauteous land of starry white edelweiss…chapel bell echoes… and Alpen glories… where…

…the hills are alive, with the sound of music

And now…about five years later…
Still recalling this, her recent wedding day, from back to beginning…I will share another reception “photo”  with you next…

For this lovely of lovelies remains… waltzing my spirit, even as I write

Glasses tinkling, happy voices mingling, warm melodies floating in and over and around us under this canopy called romance… a gentle hush falls like a whispered prayer over the room, turning us as one to the music-filled words of the announcer…

And nowintroducing their first dance as Mr. and Mrs…

Anne Marie, floating across the floor in her cloud of white and pearls, her new husband in black tux beside her, striking a pose facing us…reminding me of her once-upon-a-time ballet stage performances…awaiting their cue.

For one microsecond, I wonder at their stance… until…the very first strings light the air.  Instantly, I know… and again I see through shimmer lace of tears.

For…I don’t remember the name… but it’s… the dance of Maria and her Captain!

Filling me with a silent ohh… and images of one favorite-of-scenes

Heir von Trapp tapping his son on the shoulder to step in, reaching for the Fraulein’s hand with his own gloved-one, twirling her out into the endearing Lindler, dancing as one yet trying to keep their eyes from each other, stepping lightly, sweetly, into their first moment of realization…when love is written across their hearts and in their telltale eyes…

“You’re face is turning red,” one of the children notices.

“Is it?” Maria answers softly… heart in eyes…

That same melody is swelling around the bride and groom now as they move like graceful music box dancers in those enchanting steps… in and out, circling in front and behind one another, arms above heads, clasping hands. Love sparkling over them and out to us on airy footsteps.  Intricate, tender… and so… perfect.

Audience Ohhhhhhhhh’s dance with them…and all too soon… it is finished.

Visions of the young college student e-mailing me from Austria… the crack-up yodel-o-leo card I found for her birthday before she’d left for that trip… all those times she and her little girl sisters and I snuggled together to watch video of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer… raindrops on roses… twirl now, like Maria’s dirndl skirt, around me.

 And my eyes snap anothergossamerphoto

Later, sparkling with effervescence of the evening, she confides to me how they chose the uniquely enchanting Lindler for their first dance.  A lovely idea initiated not by her, as I assumed… but by her groom…after seeing that movie scene unexpectedly one day, remembering his bride’s heart for Austria and the music of those hills…knowing her delight in performance dance…

Such a lovely idea from a guy who had already shown himself thoughtful of his bride in so many ways…

And putting another into my heart, like a seed pearl to ponder…

What might the Bridegroom of Bridegrooms have specially planned… custom-tailored for you… for me… knowing us inside and out like no other… on that night of all nights yet to come?   A Lindler of many elegantly tender melodies… and more.

Picture of The Sound of Music  High Quality Photo

©  Pam Depoyan

“Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church…  His words evoke her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her, dressing her in dazzling white silk, radiant with holiness…”                                                                ~ Ephesians 5:25-28 – The Message
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Ahhh… how every lovely wedding sings of Love Everlasting for us, His Bride…   and rings like bells across our hearts.
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11 Responses to A Wedding Album: The Lindler (2)

  1. Sharon says:

    I love that Anne Marie & her husband did this. And I especially like that it was his idea! Isn’t God precious to give us romance. We need to utilize that gift more & more. Thank you, Pam, for sharing such a beautiful wedding moment. Bless you. xo Sharon

  2. Oh, so do I, Sharon. It made me teary even writing about it. Such a lovely thing for them to do. Guess I’ve always had that romantic heart even if I haven’t experienced the same way. I still remember the feeling of your wedding day, too, and some of those special moments. Thanks for sharing these here with me! 🙂

  3. Diane says:

    …deep sigh….

    How romantic….sigh….

  4. lolitavalle says:

    Oh how lovely, photos……. eyes snapping gossamer photos.

    You give us such romantic snapshots of a glorious celebration of union. I too love the romance between Fraulein Maria and her Captain. We have preserved a copy that has been viewed by our grandchildren. If not, they wouldn’t have shared this all time romance.

    I wish them both the bliss coming from above and love that will bind them together through ups and downs to the very end.

    • Diane says:

      Lolita, how awesome that you have this movie preserved for your Grandchildren. it is one of my all-time favorites.

      As soon as my daughter, Alece, got married, I started collecting children’s books and movies for my grandchildren.

      Grandchildren never came.

      As part of my dealing with my grief over Niel’s infidelity and divorcing Alece; losing the ministry, etc. I had to give my “dream”. I knew I had to let go, so I gave away all the books and movies. It was necessary.

  5. Oh Lolita, I’m glad you have that beautiful movie preserved for your grandchildren! When I used to babysit for Anne Marie and her sisters they were just little, but they had a taped copy that we used to enjoy over and over… It has been so fun sharing these gems with children, seeing them fall in love with them too. I’m glad you are enjoying these “word photos,” Lolita… thank you for “liking” these posts too! I looked for a way to do that on your blog, but I don’t see a way.

    I used to see the real Maria von Trapp on TV interviews when I was a child. She was elderly by then, and quite different from Julie Andrews. But she had a lot of spunk, true faith, and was even skiing in her late 70’s! God shone in her face, like I feel He did through this beautiful movie…

  6. Mary Odell says:

    Ahhh. One of the greatest scenes of all time.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Mary! Yes, it certainly was. And it seems fresh each time I see it, a tribute to all involved.

  8. Anne Marie says:

    Hi Pam,
    After the craziness of going and coming back from our honeymoon and moving, I had a chance to read your blog. Thank you for so beautifully writing about our wedding! It was beautiful to hear about what was going on in your heart too. I just recently found that card with the goat on it you gave me for my birthday as I was going through papers before I moved! It was still really funny!

    • I’m so glad you liked these, Anne Marie! I wanted to capture those moments before it gets too distant.

      Fun that you still have that card. I always remember you and Meg cracking up as you opened it and read it. I can picture it, but don’t remember the exact wording.

      I still want to write a few more “word photos” about the wedding itself… 🙂 and hope you’ll enjoy those too… So good to hear from you! I’m thinking of you guys and praying for you. Thanks for your prayers too!

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