Shimmering Surprise: Happy 4th!

“Anyone for a last brownie?” a voice bids across plaid blankets and old family quilts to the kids.

“C’mon guys, pack it up, it’s almost time!”

Sizzling summer sunlight (was it beating and unending but a moment ago?) quite suddenly seems shot-putting towards a cooling night while the last of a string of amplified band musicians cuts off from the stage below, and sends technicians scurrying…

Hearts!” exults a card-shark in our midst.

As if on cue, tall electric lights flash on, down by the water.

Fireflies dance their luminescence…like tiny joy sparklers of anticipation around us…

Keeping time to the music of laughter twittering up from the older girls now stretching out and linking arms at the edge of our spot.  Mingling joy with so many anonymous happy voices of those squeezed tightly on every side of us…each gathering in their own….

I hear my friend building eagerness in her two-year old, tickling his ear and tummy with excited whispers… see them as shadows cuddling close in the dark, leaning in to watch from our perfect hill view of the river below, waving their mini flags …


    Just as the first skyrocket screams upward into its booming kaleidoscope, showering nearly unstoppably-radiant jewel lights over our heads…


 “FIRE smacks!….Oooooohhhhhh!     Fire SMACKS!!”  two-year old Kevin is squealing with jubilant, jubilant  surprise… And then

His sweet giggles spilling and burbling and bubbling up and out of him like singing stones over a brook…simply surging forth in astonished wonder…                                                                  photo:

Catching us up with laughter of our own…

Punctuating every color starburst with new found radiance…

Rising and blending with the nostalgic recorded sounds of Louis Armstrong’s, “What a Wonderful World…”

Then, swooping and soaring my heart with the shimmer of it all…making me feel the majesty and magnificence of the King of Kings, as if glittering right inside me…

All the way through to the splendorous jewel-studded finale now pulsing to the march of Stars and Stripes, God Bless America and the 1812 Overture.

And as I breathe in this exquisite sky glory through those little boy-eyes of fresh discovery right beside me…

I wonder…

Is this how YOU feel, watching US, Lord?  

©  Pam Depoyan

Whether or not you are here in America, or whether the Fourth holds sorrowful or rejoicing memory,  may this summer bring fresh discoveries of His wonders… “fire smack” light, aglow with shimmering surprise.

Royalty Free Clipart Image of the Statue of Liberty and the American Flag

Do you  have a fun memory of a child’s laughter, bubbling and running over? 🙂



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10 Responses to Shimmering Surprise: Happy 4th!

  1. lolitavalle says:

    This is a real shimmering surprise, Pam.

    You have actually brought me to your side and I could surely see the cascade of colors, the burst of splendorous, rapturous alleluia, praises to the King of Kings…. as if I am standing at the glorious wedding day.

    We share our lovely word to the adoration of our Creator…… so so shimmering-ly awesome.

    How I would love to see the fireworks of the 4th of July. I have once gone to a Disneyland fireworks in Hong Kong at the opening in 2005. I was escorting my Mama to meet up with our brother coming from the US. Mama haven’t gone to the US that time. The trip was funded by my brother. During the fireworks, instead of clapping with glee over the glorious display in rhythm to the Disney music……….”A Whole New World,” tears were spilling over my face because my son Nico was not there to witness it. It really was a world for kids and kids at heart. I so wanted him to see it.

    Shimmering splendid!!!!! “I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid. Tell me, Princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?”

    I love this, Pam. (wink…. I can relate)


  2. Lolita, I too have seen fireworks at Disneyland… only in CA… and their fireworks are exactly the same as the 4th! Only there, Disney is truly a child’s world of first time joys. (How wonderful that you were able to go to Hong Kong for that!) I remember once when I was college age we took a little girl who was staying with a friend. She was three, and so full of joy over every little detail. I’m sorry your Nico couldn’t be there with you.

    I don’t remember spending many live fourth of July celebrations with such fireworks when I was growing up… mostly watching on TV. But where I live now, it is celebrated with much fanfare and sweet parades. This is a memory from 20+ years ago now… I’m glad you enjoyed this word picture – thanks for your beautiful, as always shimmering, words! 🙂 And thanks for the blessing to this country!

    • lolitavalle says:

      Yes, Pam. I love America. Your country has always been by our side in so many economic and other crisis. I could even remember the time when we had a big fire which could have consumed a very big part of our island, if not for the US Air Force who was stationed in our Base for the Vietnam war then. They foamed the fire from the air and it was the one that put it out. It was so scary. After the fire, soldier supplies like canned biscuits etc. flowed out to the victims.

      And remember too, my brother and Mama is now New Yorkers. My Mama is gonna be a citizen this year.

  3. I’m so glad to hear you feel that way… I think one reason America has been blessed is because God allows us to help others in times of such need. God bless us all, you and your family and homeland, Lolita. Thank you for sharing that.

  4. Pam-
    A beautiful image-for all of us to recall moments of Joyous Fireworks-a reminder of “something bigger, louder, and filled with Delightful Images that catches our eye! Its been a LONG time since I have actually been to a Fireworks display-but last year we walked out on our Front Porch and to our delight, had the “best Seat in the House” as Fireworks went off all around us and all we had to do was sit and enjoy.

    We will be on our Porch tomorrow evening-and as the Fireworks explode around us, our Joy is being able to truly Enjoy this moment-knowing how very far we have come on this particular day.

    I also think about our soldiers, presently serving, the older ones-who have distant memories of seeing a “Fireworks Display” that held a very different meaning for them at that time.

    I give Thanks to God-for giving me and my dear husband the chance to be here-loving each other as we do our best to follow HIS guiding steps.

    thank you for this post Pam. It brings many Good Memories up!

    God bless you. Martha

  5. I’m so glad these words brings you good memories, Martha… especially knowing your sorrow this day. Yes, I think too of those who have lost loved ones in the war. And also of all those old shows where Bob Hope took “home” to the soldiers… and how days like this one mean all the more to those over there. Celebrating what so many have given to bring us freedom.

    How lovely for you to have those fireworks all around your home! May they be especially beautiful as you watch tonight and lift your heart to the skies. Bless you too, Martha…

  6. Diane says:

    Wonderous post, Pam. As usual…

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