When Embers Fly

“A hundred million miracles are happening every day…”

~ Rodgers and Hammerstein

As I click on my CD/tape player, I settle back to praise and wonder.  Lift up all the…impossible… burdens weighing on my heart.  For me, for others.

Beautiful, peaceful, melodious words and music… Worship softly slipping through my fingers like the delicate golden chain links of a locket – held first by the singer, transported gently to me and on up to Him – bits of gold, flowing one to the other, melting as rivulets of living water…

You’ll be water

You’ll be fire

You will be…my… soul’s desire

Singing softly along, I’m swallowing over the lump this oh-so-tender music instantly evokes…

As with all creatures

On… this… earth

Your love sustains… my… birth

I let those truths circle up, over and around me, thinking them through.  Your love sustains my birth.  You keep us alive when there seems to be no hope…

Suddenly,treading softly…comes a memory picture…stored in my mind like a photo in a cherished… heart-shaped… locket.

I’m about eight, sitting at our kitchen table, leaning my head on elbows akimbo across the smooth, warm wood, then tracing one finger in an invisible drawing there…listening, absorbing.   Mom is at the opposite side, telephone to ear, talking with her best friend…

The mother of my best friend.

She is holding the phone out a little and I can just make out the caller’s teary words…  Something about her voice puts a lump in my throat.

“The doctors say there is…is… little hope he can make it…  They’ll have to remove one kidney… and, um… only 1/3 of his other one is working…”

Mom listens, lets her talk.  “We’re going to pray,” she says then.  “Nothing is impossible for God, no matter what they say.”

I turn that word over in my mind like a rosary bead.  Pray.

God is the sustainer of life,” Mom says, confidence reaching like a hand over my head, comforting and strong.

They talk a bit longer, through the fears…

Fearrrr.  I can feel it come shivering over me with icy fingers, covering me like a shroud.  They are talking about my friend’s daddy.  He’s only 35, I hear them say.  That isn’t… really old.  Not like my Grandpa’s old.

I think of my friend, how she is always talking about how wonderful her dad is.  Her little brother who is constantly falling asleep curled up in their driveway as he waits for him to come home from work…

What are they going to do?  If… he…dies?  is the thought that shudders and rumbles through me, over and over.

“We’re going to organize a group of people praying,” I hear Mom say then. “Prayer changes things…”

She comforts my friend’s mom a bit more.  Hangs up.  Takes my hands.

“Pamela, I want you to pray as never before!” she compels.

I immediately start, heart in throat, praying even as I listen to her making calls to others who will join us… holding prayers like a chain of warriors before God…all across our valley.

I think of miracle stories I’ve heard.  And the prayers and songs we sing in church.  I think of candles flickering there that represent the prayers of others, and wonder…do they burn always?  Even if the candles go out, Mom says, prayers are forever…  they burn eternally before the Lord who loves us… He puts a fire in them that won’t go out.

Bright swirls of flame light up the night Stock Photo - 8245344

I love that thought.  I imagine my prayers going up like embers, rising on the breath of the Holy Spirit, intertwining like fiery orange hearts… and God is catching them in His mighty hands.  He will not let them go.  Not…one…single…one.

I remember those days of praying…praying hard… for one man who lived down the street…

Jesus, heal my friend’s daddy.  Don’t let him die.  Help him to live many years… His family needs him, Lord…

And how I believe…but I’m still…a bit…fearful.  I can’t imagine how it would be for them to lose him.

The words of the next chorus sing over me now like benediction, a soundtrack to these long ago prayers, flowing a heart of praise…

Lord of Jacob,

Lord of Paul,

Lord to me…and of us all,

I am stone

Please use your tools

To make my life, a jewel

And I think today… Lord, you did make our prayers a jewel…didn’t you?

For I remember…

  • My friend’s dad in so many of our months and years gone by…
  • His smiling face at our table on everydays and holidays…
  • His words of prayers singing over others he led in bible studies…
  • His laughter and cornball jokes ringing out over Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas stuffings…
  • The years and moments and lifetime he lived in NOT 35…but in 75 or so years…
  • His living to watch his children grow… see his daughter marry… enjoy grandchildren…
  • The time our families went hiking in the mountains, with him fearlessly in the lead over craggy hill and dale…
  • And how…he almost always seemed healthy and whole…. on only one third of a functioning kidney…until the end…

Answered prayer.   A living miracle.  Not just for him, but for all he touched.

Into these thoughts I hear a recorded voice singing…

I find life… and love… and more

As I follow, you, my Lord…

And singing along, I think… Your love did sustain his birth…and life…Father…  And he found life and love and more…following You, as his Lord…

Proof that You have blessings and miracles for us all.

Praise is like raindrops falling on my head as I join in the last chorus and prayer… because this memory is reminding me…  There is nothing impossible with God.

Someone well meaning – even loving – may tell you, the ache will never stop.  You can’t be healed.  You have to live with it, accept it as reality and fact, go with it.

But God says… nothing, NOTHING is impossible with ME.  Believe, be courageous…take My hands and pray… See what I will do

Yes, oh yes! my spirit cries to His.

I see the face of my friend’s father, smiling through the years, like fast photo, from young man to older gent.  “A third of a kidney, yep,” he’d laugh.  “Drink a lot of cranberry juice.”

Mmm yes.  But drink a whole lot more of God…

…And of the bonfire of prayers going up to heaven. 

Releasing all the prayers on my heart, I let the closing music and words play wonder across me…

Holy One of Israel

No human tongue will ever tell

The glories of your Majesty…

And yet…

You walk with me… 

And yet… you walk…with me…


© Pam Depoyan

You have shown me glories of your majesty in so many answered prayers like this one, O Lord… I will not forget.  My eyes are ever on You to turn my impossibles into new miracles that boast of your love and power in our lives.

Mmm… A hundred million miracles…

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Lyrics from the song I Am Stone, taken from Debby Boone’s Album, With My Song.


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23 Responses to When Embers Fly

  1. lolitavalle says:

    Oh, my dearest Pam. The melody of these words, yes are like raindrops upon my head too. I am drinking them in, face up to the heavens with outreached arms. Gleeful, joyful, dancing to His blessings, pouring out like torrents, down His children….. and to parched, dry land.

    I love this so much….. the picture it makes to me is confounding in magnitude……..

    “…And of the bonfire of prayers going up to heaven.”

    My head sees the multitude in a golden valley, voices raised, in praise, in thanksgiving….. allelluias……

    And each petition ringing out from mouths interceding, pleading, standing in the gaps, like Nehemiah’s wall had holes and gaps…… but they were patched up with everyone doing his/her particular purpose/job…… like interceding….gap standing….. erecting, building, making a fortress of prayer pillars.

    Oh to the embers forming like links of hearts, rising up the heavens, settling upon the throne of our Mighty Loving God.

    More Allelluias!

    Thank you, Pam for I know your heart is full of petitions for me, for your bf, for yourself, for the COF…… and others who are whispered to you. God bless you as you raise your voice to God, in praise, in thanksgiving and for petitions. A holy doxology.

  2. Well, you always lift me up, Lolita… Thank you for such beautiful words, as always. Music and words to fill us all with hope that God wants miracles for us all. Yes, to all you said! 🙂 I wish you could hear this song I’m writing about. Not sure if it might be on you tube (Debby Boone)

    Don’t you just love that raindrop photo?

    • lolitavalle says:

      Yes, I love the raindrop picture and the colored stained-glass window in the sky. It really makes a difference how one looks at the gray sky. The flower petal design makes it all dreamy still.

  3. renee says:

    I’m typing this in a tent and it is raining! Beautiful writing–just what I needed to read at this moment. Thank you.

  4. Another modern miracle… that we can send comments from a tent 🙂
    Thanks, Renee! I’m so glad it came at just the right moment. Hope you stop by again…I’m going to go over and see your site… 🙂

  5. lolitavalle says:

    Pam, I am listening it with my earphones…..

    … With my lips, glorify Him!

  6. Diane says:

    Pam, you awakended my soul this morning with such words of praise and faith….

    …your friend’s Dad’s miracle… deep sigh…

    ….now I’m ready to begin studying the Word for today’s Bible study….

    Beautiful, Pam. Thank you because we learned of your intercessor’s roots. Oh, for you to have such memories of your mother’s faith and prayers. What a blessing! What a gift! You followed right in your mother’s footsteps. How blessed she must be!

    I’m going to share this post with our Intercessors in church.

  7. Thank you, Diane. Your words especially bless me this morning. This came straight out of my worship time the other day, and I tried to capture what I was thinking and praying in that short few minutes of that song. I was also remembering another time I was listening to my mother pray for a woman who was the mother of another friend… she had breast cancer and I had never heard of it before. How God led me to pray for her as well (I truly remember crying out to the Lord to heal her, give her more years etc, for many days and hours…) and she is still alive and healthy today in her 80’s. I was going to include that here, but it seemed too long. Yes, He gave me an intercessor’s heart starting as a child… nothing I can take credit for. It moves me to see how He tells us in the Word how he wants us to pray, how He wants to make us His “partners” in that, so He can move on our behalf. His amazing love. I hope these words bless your study group too…

  8. I love how you write! It flows poetically touching my heart and lifting my soul to praise. I have never heard that song before.

  9. Laura Rath says:

    Amen! Nothing is impossible with God!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog today and for your comment so I could visit you here.

  10. supermom4jc says:

    Wow. How beautiful. Gods miracles should be shared, so others can also be encouraged. And today, here on Thankful Thursday, you have truly encouraged us. Happy TT! 🙂

  11. Ms. Kathleen says:

    The power of praise and prayer is amazing… God is so good and faithful.

    • You are so right, Ms.Kathleen. He shows me everyday how much He moves in our prayers and what a blessing He gives us with that gift.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m going to check out your site too… come again! :).

  12. So moved by your post, Pam. God is so good. To Him be all glory!
    Music speaks to my heart and these lyrics have stirred mine. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Yes, nothing speaks more to my heart than music! And reading your post reminded me of listening to my friends who all play so beautifully. Thank you for sharing here too – I’m so glad this post put music in your heart! 🙂 That’s a prayer of my heart…to His glory, yes.

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