Multiply by design

A jelly jar graces my end table today, filled   with cranberry autumn-toned daisies and        wispy-feather flowers of the field.  A lovely surprise from a friend, left on my front porch…

Only last week, it held one single flower I’d given her.  Full circle, it’s jewels overflow.

As in a beautiful moment of reflection described yesterday by Jennifer at God-Bumps and God-Incidences (Why It’s Safe To Let Go), I’m struck by two words.  Hers were actually written before her on the pavement.  Mine seem finger-painted on air. Hanging there, like a dramatic pause.

Loaves. Fishes.

Sometimes abundance is but a cornucopia of doubt multiplying into fear.  What ifs.          How to’s.  O, what am I going to do’s.

Hope stretches into waiting, waiting, waiting.

Trying. Trying. Trying.

Give me your loaves.  Your fishes, He says.  I will give you 12 basketsful and leftover booty…taken back from the devourer.

What are my loaves?  I wonder.

My Words… He offers.

Words that promise me hope for my future, restoration double-fold, blessing instead of curse.

Fishes?  I ponder.

First fruits of all blessings, He says.

I whisper my Word-based prayers like seed into His wounded open palms.

For so many on my heart who are sorrowing, feeling alone and empty –  needing to drink from His Psalm 36 river of delights, feast on the abundance of His house, know and understand…with Him is the fountain of life.  Discover Hope uncovered.  Oh, if they only will!

For provision drought that needs living water and His directing course.

I look at seeds He places in my hands.  Watch tiny fruit sprout.

    I want to sow them into aching hearts.  To know He has my own desperation in hand too.  My eyes are on His right now, my hands cupped    into His.

A small child, looking out across a sea of hungry, thirsty others, wondering what this little offering can do.

Before my eyes, He blesses… blesses…blesses

Holding onto my hands.

Until…to my unsuspecting heart… it comes back to me.  Overflowing. Renewing. Restoring.

In one way or another…

Twelve basketsful…and counting.

©  Pam Depoyan


Of friendship.  Of blessing fruit.  Of sacrifice.

  By His design, they must multiply.

I love God’s math.

If you are waiting for seeds to sprout, as I am, let’s trust together.

His water-into-wine multiplication is even now underway.

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26 Responses to Multiply by design

  1. Lynn Morrissey says:

    God is indeed mutiplying your loaves and fishes of words, Pam, to nourish all who read your beautiful entries. I resonate with this so much, because I have an empty basket setting atop my computer, emblematic of my basket of loaves-and-fishes words that I have given to Jesus for multiplication. Without His blessing, nothing I write matters. I empty that basket out and then He takes what I give, as offering, to use how He likes. The empty basket is also representative of my heart, which is empty unless He fills it. Thank you for so generously sharing your loaves, fishes, seeds, words, and flowers, which are gathering and multiplying and sprouting and blossoming and growing into quite a God-harvest to nourish the hungry. I feel so blessed to have found you!

  2. I like your basket idea… Thank you, Lynn. Writing is definitely one of those things I most give to Him. And so many prayers on my heart, for others and for myself. Writing letters of encouragement to someone I know needs hope. Sending out prayers and so much more. Thank you so much for your kind words…they are blessing to me.

  3. Pam-
    A “heart-provoking” post written by you, yet again done with a heart full of Love. When I began blogging about living with Chronic Pain-I truly had only one reason to do it-it was a chance for me to talk about the Pain I live with each day-my ups and downs, how dark the days can get-especially at night when I am walking the floor in the dark-struggling with a physical Pain that Will not go away. I have always had a deep Faith-but without question, Having to live with Chronic Pain can test the deepest Faith-filled person in the world and as I blogged, I began to see those moments when I truly was grabbing onto HIS hand-and kept finding the courage to take another step, face another night of Pain~~~ but Never Giving Up!

    The blessings came when people started leaving comments-which gave me the opportunity to meet others who are “walking the same Path” and it was a joy-filled light bulb moment for me-I knew there was hope that just One or Two words I might share about my personal struggle would
    bring comfort to another-a face I can’t see. This is why I keep writing-each post I put out there brings healing for me~~~ Yes–there is the Blessing! There are many times when I must read my post over and over–because Pain is raging and its hard to find the “message” but I keep reading and somehow I know-God has again been with me, helping me learn to trust His Path.

    There are so many wonderful reasons for people to write-and your words are a blessing to so many who read them. I have a strong feeling you will be writing forever-God knows it too.

    Thank you for allowing me to share. Martha

    • Yes… I know what you mean. We never know who will need to hear a particular word. It is always wondrous to think how God can use them. I think beyond words too… all the ways we can reach out to others and see Him bless it into multiple blessings. Thank you, Martha. Your words bless me here. You are always in my prayers.

  4. lolita says:

    How I love God’s Math too, Pam. 5 loaves and 2 fishes into thousands to overflowing and then some; one jar of wine bottomless.

    And He multiplies when we open our palms and offer him what little we have sincerely, like Lynn’s empty basket, open heart and open mind.

    If we have words that blesses others let it be and let them fly into hearts needful of encouragement, prayers and push….. then God will come back to you a thousand times and more.

    Open your barns and your coffers…. God is filling them now too, Pam.

    With my love,

    • Thank you, Lolita. They are open, palm up 🙂 I am praying for that in so many ways, you know. I am also thinking of the “prayer bowls” in heaven too (Beautiful Revelations promise), mixed with His holy fire, multiplying out and pouring over those we lift up…

  5. Joan says:

    Pam – this is certainly a thought-provoking post and beautifully written. Oh that I would always give Him my loaves and fishes.


  6. Hi Pam

    Bless your giving Pam. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He turn His face toward you, be gracious to you and give you peace.

    Love to you,

  7. I too want to take the seeds he puts in my hands and “sow them into aching hearts”. Beautiful!

  8. Kel Rohlf says:

    Pam- I love how you weave together your words with God’s word…a feast for the hungry soul…I read the letting go post by Jennifer as well…and now I have the words written across my knuckles to remind me to let go of anxious thoughts…our words matter…words help us to release ourselves into God’s capable, strong, all-knowing, all-sufficient hands…thanks for offering Him your words and blessing fruits!

    • Thank you Kel! Yes, wasn’t Jennifer’s article beautifully written? She’s really insightful too.

      God just seemed to make my words flow… And speaking His words over our lives, it makes all the difference. I’m so glad this post touched you 🙂

  9. Your tone of hope at the end blesses me – twelve baskets “and counting.” Yes, and counting! Praying for you this evening, that God’s provision in your life would be tangible and abundant this weekend.

  10. Ann Cocktale says:

    Such a lovely post. It reminds me that others have sown seeds of love and hope in my life when they were desperately needed, and those seeds sprouted into hope and grew into joy and love for the sowers and the Father for whom they sowed. Thank you for the reminder of how precious and generous and right is the math of God.

    • Such a lovely comment, Ann! How it lifts me to hear you say that… to see the fruit of someone’s prayers and seeds sown into your life, spilling out of your heart and words so lovingly. Giving me hope to know God is moving through seeds He is sowing through me to others. Sometimes it just takes so long to see the fruit… and maybe we won’t until heaven in some cases. Hearing it in your voice is a joy. Thank you.

  11. Waiting and trying. This is what I do so often when my cornucopia overflows with doubts and fears. Resting in his promises–even when i see mere seeds–this is the important work God is teaching me.

  12. Such a lovely reflection Pam. I’m waiting for my seeds to sprout, knowing they will in His time. Love the way your friend returned your jelly jar overflowing with beauty. Hope you’re having a good weekend friend.

  13. Yes…everything lovely…in His time. That has always been one of my favorite promises.

    I love that too… I didn’t expect it, but it’s very like her. 🙂 Thanks, Shelly. Yes, I am… hope you are too! Praying for your “seeds” to sprout too…

  14. Seeds are very important for our growth in the Lord, dropped in by others from our birth [or before] forward. It’s also very important that we allow Him to use us as seed planters so their hearts, souls and spirits will be touched. It goes forward forever and ever, generation to generation. I think of it often, believe me, knowing that it is how He broke through the walls and sorrowful and sinful life I was mixed into. No matter how small, the seeds grew to Redwood tree size… and that’s a good reminder for the rest of us in the world.

    Thanks much for the photos and thought processes. and the Word sharing.

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