A Writer’s Favorite Blessing: Up Close With Author Elizabeth Musser (Part 4)




And now to the conclusion of this wonderful conversation, and as one reader commented here, an incredibly helpful and fun interview!
For those who haven’t yet read the just released Two Destinies – can you give us a little hint about the plot?


1994.  In the south of France, a high school teacher, a homeless man and a young Algerian student newly converted to Christianity embark on a journey of faith which leads them into the midst of Algeria’s civil war and into a war for their souls—a war that will force each one to choose between two cultures, two religions and two destinies.

Ophélie Duchemin, the little pied-noir six-year old in Two Crosses and Two Testaments, is now thirty-eight, a high school French teacher and budding playwright in Montpellier.  When her student, Rislène Namani, comes to her for help, Ophélie is quick to step in.  Rislène has converted to Christianity and her strict Muslim father has found out.  The family is furious and threatens Rislène with physical harm and worse.  But Rislène’s betrayal is even deeper—she is in love with Eric Hoffmann, son of David and Gabriella and half brother to Ophélie.

Join your favorite characters from Two Crosses and Two Testaments along with a host of new friends in the story of the persecuted church in North Africa, the terrorist activities in the midst of Algeria’s civil war, the desperate homeless people in France, and courageous individuals willing to risk their lives to help those in need.


Do you have anything you can share briefly about any new book ideas you are contemplating or already working on?


  I am actually working on two different ideas—one that concerns refugees fleeing a Middle Eastern country and meeting up with missionaries in Western Europe, and another that has a theme of ‘reconstruction’—of a young woman’s modern-day life as she looks at the lives of her ancestors during the Reconstruction of Atlanta after the Civil War.


Interesting!  Particularly love that “reconstruction” idea…

I always hear the Holy Spirit so powerfully speaking to me in your stories…  Have you heard from any of your readers about how these books (or any of your others) have changed their lives or brought any healing to them?  


  Hearing from my readers is such a gift.  So very often I receive a letter or email saying that the Lord has spoken to my reader through one of my stories.  Letter after letter confirms the prayer of my heart that indeed these stories will be entertainment with a soul that draws readers closer to the God of the Gospel.

Here are a few excerpts that I’ve received in the past few weeks:

~ I have read many books.  I try and read books that entertain, but also are a good representative of Christian values.  I first read your book The Sweetest Thing and adored it.  So, I looked at Amazon.com for more of your books and bought The Swan House.  I never read a book which impacted most of the areas of my life and was entertaining all in one.  I truly believe this book might be my number one read…(Your books) have given me a lot to think about during my unemployment…

~ Thank you so much for The Swan House and The Dwelling Place.  I am currently counseling for anxiety, depression, and emotional eating. Both of your main characters really spoke to me, and helped me to give up more of my life to God…

~ This is a first for me: my second fan letter to an author! However, since I already think of you as a friend, perhaps we will just consider it a note of appreciation and encouragement to one whom I greatly admire.  I just finished The Sweetest Thing today and must say that I am considering asking your publisher if I can purchase those 40 thousand words your editors asked you to delete!  I did not want this book to end and would be in mourning now if it weren’t for the copies of Two Crosses and Two Testaments that I found at Lifeway…Thank you for being a vessel of His truth and for sharing your great gift with me and countless others.  May His favor be upon you and your husband and family as you faithfully steward what He has entrusted to you.

And this is an excerpt that came from a reader back in 1997…

~ I had drifted away from my relationship with the Lord — we were just not as close as we had been. It was Elizabeth Musser’s books Two Crosses and Two Testaments that rekindled the fire.  I really do appreciate these books.


Oh, Elizabeth… Just so moving. 


  Thanks so much for the interview, Pam!  May the Lord continue to bless your words that you so beautifully put forth in your blog.



Thank you, Elizabeth!  Especially for all your time on this, and your encouragement to me too.  You are a blessing! 

This lovely interview marks my 200th post in the exactly two years since I began blogging …a double celebration to have you here…  🙂  Something I never could have imagined when I started…

I know the Lord is using you mightily and thank Him for touching so many who read your novels.  They lift, encourage and draw us closer to His heart.  His blessings to you and your family, too – and to the next time you can hold your adorable grandson! 🙂

NOTE:  If you’ve missed any of the conversation, simply go to Interviews, under categories on the right, to read Parts 1, 2 and 3…

© Pam Depoyan


Read Elizabeth’s current praise and prayer letter to all her “praying friends” at the link below, with note to her requests for October and November… I know she will appreciate prayers for travel safety and more as she and her family minister in this season… At the moment she and her husband are providing pastoral care in the Ukraine!



A novelist who writes what she calls “entertainment with a soul,” Elizabeth Musser  finds her work as a mother(and new grandmom), wife, author and missionary filled with challenges and chances to see God’s hand at work daily in her life. Inspiration for her novels comes both from her experiences growing up in Atlanta as well as through the people she meets in her work in France. Many conversations within her novels are inspired from real-life conversations with skeptics and seekers alike.

Follow Elizabeth on Facebook, where you may sometimes find links to giveaways of her books… 🙂  Or check out her beautifully updated website, www.elizabethmusser.com, where you can get a glimpse of her writing chalet (a.k.a. tool shed) at her home in France and find out more about her novels, her missionary work and family…

And if you enjoyed this interview, please feel free to leave her a comment here on these posts — I know they will encourage her!  


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9 Responses to A Writer’s Favorite Blessing: Up Close With Author Elizabeth Musser (Part 4)

  1. Pam, this is my first introduction to Elizabeth. Thanks for the excellent interview and pictures. I now feel as though I know her! I’m looking forward to ordering some of her books. I’m so glad you stopped by today!

    • Oh, thank you for stopping by to tell me that, Mary. I know you will love any one of her books… I’ve read them all and they are each wonderful! I really wanted to give readers here that connection to her and I’m so glad the interview has made you feel that way! Thanks!

  2. My books have not arrived yet, but Amazon did alert me that they have been shipped. Thank you for sharing at “Tell me a Story.”

  3. lolita says:

    Oh, Pam. What a beautiful person Elizabeth is and I am glad you are getting close. I promised myself to scout for her books soon. I know I will fall in love with her characters. I have read the free 2 chapeters of The Sweetest Thing and I am mourning over the rest of the story to date.

    • I know you would love that book, Lolita! I would love to send it to you sometime if you don’t find it. So glad you’ve been able to get online! 🙂

      • lolitavalle says:

        I was working on my spreadsheets at the other Part-time job. Sometimes I go on Sunday afternoons. I was so glad the internet is fixed for as of the other weekend it was DEAD, the host was having upgrades then. Anyway, I am still so here and fine and thinking of you. But I haven’t gone back to blogging because even typing words is a pain on the neck in slowness.

        Anyway, I get some load to my portable broadband at times. Hugs!

  4. I know what you mean, Lolita. Weekends are often times when they shutdown to have work done. And if the computer is on what we call ‘dial up.’ I know it can be extremely slow. Do you get on email too then, sometimes? God bless you and your family this week!

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