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“I just have this gut feeling good isn’t going to win,” she tosses off breezily, over lunch, in a laissez faire, defeated before you try tone.  Strangely, sounding a tinge almost proudly predictive.  “We’re in for worse times.”

The friend across the table nods.

I can almost see those defeatist words written in the air.  Close my eyes, breathe inwardly… Lord, help us declare your words of life.  Thinking of how His heart must ache at how we, His own, so often pronounce…hopelessness.  Do we even believe that He is listening?  Waiting for us who love Him to humble ourselves and ask so that He can move the way He longs to – to heal our nation?

I feel like we’ve had this conversation before about other things.  Illnesses.  Jobs.  An almost yeah, prayer is nicebut let’s be realistic form of non belief covered over with  words of faith.  Coupled with some personal judgments against others filed away under a label I really know not to be true… but can’t convince otherwise.  Even so, I wonder…not judgmentally, just oh so hopefully — If you really believe that, are you praying?

“Prayer can change things,” I insist.  I’m not really very political…but know prayer moves hearts more than anything.

Conversation ensues about how churches don’t seem to be organizing deep prayer… and… oh well.   Generalizations… and I wonder, do we really know that? I mention how my church has a group praying…and how a well known ministry I know of is leading in 40 days of concentrated prayer.

“Yes,” they both agree, then instantly crush.  “But I just don’t think enough are praying on the local level…”

    “That’s why it’s so vital right now to pray God’s light,” I try again, thinking of one light against the darkness, how Abraham asked God if he would spare the land if there were limited righteous men… and how God wanted to, even if there were only one

Mmmm…. They nod and I feel…slightly patronized.  By those who truly do share my faith.  But seem to take prayer… too lightly. To see that Ephesians sword of the Word as victory God yearns for us to wield in His Name authority.  And to be careful with our words, to speak hope and all things possible with God,  to understand the power God puts behind them.

I know their hearts.  How they love Him.  How they share Him, deeply, truly.  We’d just been discussing a beautiful story of ministry that one had wondrous part in.  So God-breathed.

Yet…  O Lord, I pray, distancing myself from this conversation now. I feel hopeless sometimes about how we as Your people don’t seem to know Your heart for prayer.

Lift them up too… He nudges… and I do.

Lord, forgive us for our complacency and doubts in what You will really do through our prayers… Help us to recognize the powerful gift prayer is –  to partner with You in lifting up need to you, because You put that prayer in us to move mountains that seem undefeatable…You mix our prayers with fire, hold them in bowls in heaven, to pour out at just the right moment!  O the wonder of it!  Fill us with that awe…

I turn to them again.  “Since the debates are live, let’s not just watch and listen.  Let’s be praying God’s Light to reign, His Spirit to lead in wisdom and words, right as they are in the midst of it,” I encourage… “I know God hasn’t given up on us…”

“Yes!” the friend across the table agrees.

“Well…we’ll see, I guess,” the other assents.

I feel the Holy Spirit burning within me…  Lift me up and I will draw all men unto Me.  I know there are many millions across the land who are praying, believing, seeking Him to turn a nation’s heart…expecting and counting His Word invincible…

    Won’t you stand with me today?   :)

Father, in Heaven, blessed be your name…

O let us each be one of those in believing prayer for our nation’s leaders even this night… and into each of our days…being doers of the Word, not just watchers.

Lifting up and declaring Your Light and holding close our expectancy that You want to move in restoration and WILL… Because you promise, if we do, You will hear from heaven and pour out Your healing and grace.  Lead us to turn to You with all our hearts and to pray for your lead in all our ways, in the upcoming election, a land and a people living and governed after Your own heart.


©  Pam Depoyan


I thought I’d share another bit of glory from my favorite songpainter today…  tender and deeply heart-melting in a prayerful and God hold onto us way… but somehow in this moment in time, all the more so… From an American’s performance in Royal Albert Hall, I hope you will give this a listen all the way through…

It is especially moving to me to see how the British audience reacted to this beautiful medley as one with us… … re=related


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17 Responses to Prayer Corner

  1. We are so lacking at times…our doubts, our belief in a small God instead of a Big God. Yes God must shake his head but thank goodness he never gives up on us. Powerful post. Thank you.

    • Yes, I’m glad of that too 🙂 I don’t want to put down our natural doubts and so glad He never gives up on me or any of us… but He is stirring in me how much we give into thoughts of things being “useless” when He is waiting to move on our words, the words He puts in us… Thank you 🙂

  2. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Oh Pam, this is simultaneously such a convicting yet encouraging post. I have been praying off and all day for the debate–that God would enable, that He would ultimately put His man in the White House (and ultimately He does, even if we don’t like His choice). But how often have I been guilty of a laissez faire attitude or a que sera sera one? How often do I give up praying and just resign myself to a situation, forgetting that I serve the Almighty God?! He is the God who hears our prayers and who answers. What a privilege and responsibilty to pray (and to vote, I might add)! Thank you always for having the courage to “tell it like it really is”!

    • Thank you, Lynn! This post was so on my heart today, but I did not want to come off judging people, just encouraging us all to believe for more than we do. And yes, que sera sera is a perfect expression. I have never been super political…but there are times we need to stand in prayer or else I think we even can tie God’s hands because of our complacency… You are one of the ones I was sure was praying. I can give in to those feelings of what’s the use like any of us. I just feel like God’s been showing me so much how powerful our prayers are – not in themselves, but because it surrenders our heart to Him to begin moving on our behalf. What would we do if He got que sera? I don’t know if I always have the courage, but this time I just felt sort of “pushed.” And I pray it ‘s taken in the right tone… just encouraging prayer and hope. (you know I first spelled laissez faire as you did, and the system keeps marking it wrong… but I think it is right, so thanks for using it here so I could correct it back.) 🙂

      • Lynn Morrissey says:

        Wow, Pam, this is a *powerful* quote: What would we do if He got que sera?
        What *would* we do?! Thank goodness He takes our prayers and our wellbeing and also our correction seriously! I think your tone is on target. Oh (smile!) don’t listen to computers. The American ones don’t speak French! =] Again, thanks for all your thought, time, and prayers w/ this post!

  3. Perfect timing. We’re about to watch the debates now. I’ll be praying, lifting Him up. (And remembering, that regardless of outcome, my help comes from the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth.)

    • Thanks Cheryl. I love what you said about our help in Him – so true and beautiful. And so wonderful to pray Him over it all… I know He is using our prayers in ways we can’t even imagine. I love the opportunity to pray for others in “real time” and having them there before us while we pray… (I’ve even prayed blessings on performers while watching concerts… and it just always brings the Lord close, doesn’t it?) Thanks for sharing about your thoughts and prayers too… 🙂

  4. lolita says:

    Praying with you here!

    We are a nation under God. God gave the Israelite their earthly King. Used them and blessed them even when most had their own defects and character flaws and even sin. For people wanted Kings, just like His own people could not accept a King come from heaven in swaddling cloth in a manger born to a poor couple. To this time, the clamor is the same and we get the leadership we deserve…. Yet and yet, if a number of His children would plea earnestly, wall can be built or crushed.

    Anyway, we have our share of ails in our country, a third world one, and even America needs intercession, people to stand in the gap. We stand for America, Pam. Plenty of my own skin are now living there including my own kin.

    Such a timely breathe out petition upon His altar of grace. May good prevail, Amen!

    • Thank you so much, Lolita! I do believe what happens here affects the world too. Your prayers are greatly coveted…and a blessing. Yes, all of us need intercessors in the gap… 🙂 I pray for your land too… May the Lord’s heart reign over us all.

  5. Diane says:

    What a great and timely post, Pam! Where is faith? My pastor said on Sunday that less than 5% of Christians in America read a Bible. Shocking! But, that’s why faith is so sorely lacking.
    God help us!

  6. MaryLou says:

    I also do not like politics but I know that we must pray and vote asking God to give us wisdom & discernment so that we know who to vote for. I have been praying for our President and his family also. I have also been using 2 Chronicles 7:14 during my quiet time, prayer time and praise time. I have been praying and singing for God to have mercy on America and to bless America. I even replaced the word bless with mercy as I sang God Have Mercy On America. One of our local churches has prayer at 7:14 in the morning for our country. 🙂

    • Yes, it isn’t politics…but the governing of our nation under God… thanks for sharing how you and your church have been praying. I like that about the word mercy too. Wisdom and discernment, values that follow after the Lord’s heart…those are key. Thanks, MaryLou! I do believe God wants to bless with an outpouring of His heart…like we’ve seen in the past. And as we humble ourselves and pray, He will bring healing.

  7. Becca says:

    Prayer during this election is SO important! Prayer and having the faith to believe God can do anything! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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