Revisiting Madi Lee McCall: Introducing Book Two

This time last year, one of my writer friends realized a lifelong dream – holding her first novel in her hands!  In the light and fun tradition of  novelist Robin Gunn’s popular  SisterChicks series,  Lynda’s Mind over Madi is an entertaining read, 
ribboned with God’s truth.
Now, another Autumn, a second book in
Madi’s continuing story is about to debut…
Here’s what author Christa Allan has to say about this series:
“Lynda Schab captures what’s real in women, taking us up and down
the roller coaster of Madi’s life with wit and wisdom.”
~ Christa Allan, author of Walking on Broken Glass and The Edge of Grace


And a hint to this new storyline…
All Madi Lee McCall wants is to fall madly in love again…with her husband.

After a rough patch, Madi’s determined to get her marriage back on track. She’s even taking a romance class at church and getting great suggestions…that fail miserably. The distractions are plenty. She has just reentered the workplace as a health spa receptionist. Her 16-year-old daughter, Christina, is pushing the limits, and Christina’s twin, Max, has fallen hard for a girl who isn’t Madi’s picture of a perfect match for her son. Even younger daughter, Emily, is developing a teenager-ish attitude.

When her mother-in-law moves in—temporarily, of course—the stress starts to drive Madi a little crazier than normal. What she wants, more than anything, is some peace among the chaos.

Glass slipper - Illustration of an original glass slipper...

To read about where the tale began…

See my review of Book One here:  Mind Over Madi… Some Gold Dust for You


I congratulate my fellow writer and friend Lynda Schab on the debut of her first two novels in her fun Madi series.   Way to go, Lynda!

LYNDA LEE SCHAB got her writing start in greeting cards (Blue Mountain Arts, Dayspring) and from there went on to write articles and short stories (Mature Living, Christian Home & School) and in many places online (including and, but her passion has always been fiction.

Mind Over Madi and Madily in Love are near and dear to her heart. Lynda admits she has a lot in common with the character of Madi. Not only are they both addicted to ice cream, chocolate, and computer games, they struggle with the same types of insecurities and continually require a hefty dose of God’s grace.

Lynda works behind the scenes at and is a member of ACFW. She is a regular book reviewer for and is the Grand Rapids Christian Fiction Examiner and the National Writing Examiner for Mind Over Madi received Runner-up in the 2007 FaithWriters Page Turner contest, was a finalist in the 2007 RWA Get your Stiletto in the Door contest, and won second place in the 2008 ACFW Genesis contest, Chick Lit category. Lynda lives with her husband, Rob, and two teenagers in Michigan.

Mind over Madi…now available on Kindle!

Coming November, 2012: Madily in Love
Coming 2013: Sylvie & Gold


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6 Responses to Revisiting Madi Lee McCall: Introducing Book Two

  1. Pam-
    always a joy to read words written by others that you share with us! A delight to learn about this special lady and it gives inspiration to others-showing the baby steps she first took in the world of writing and now she is glowing in the joy of “holding her labor of love in her hands”~~wisdom there to be learned by all who feel the tug of wanting to write and hopefully get it to the BOOK world.

    I think its important to know~~any words we choose to write and share with others-it is the process of learning how to share what we are feeling. For me~~Writing about Living with Daily Pain has been a major learning process for me and each time when I sit and post on my blog–for the time I am here at the computer, opening my heart up as I speak about my struggles~~Pain has to step
    aside briefly-and its amazing to feel the difference in my heart and body.

    So I say Congratulations to all who write and encourage those to keep letting the words flow~~
    You never know which bend of the river they might stop at and have the greatest impact on a person’s life.

    Pam-your DOOR is out there~~~just keep going.

    ((blessings)) martha

    • I agree that writing down things we are going through can definitely be therapeutic and your blog is sort of like your journal in this way, Martha. I’m glad it helps you to be freed of it all as you write. Yes, you never know who will be touched by written words. Thank you for sharing your heart and again for all your encouraging words. 🙂 Blessings to you this day too!

  2. Lynda Schab says:

    Aw..thanks so much for sharing, Pam! I truly appreciate your kind words. I hope you enjoy reading Madily in Love as much as I enjoyed writing it. 🙂

  3. Lynda, I am so thrilled for you, friend! Congratulations!

  4. Lynda Schab says:

    Thanks so much, Jenni! I truly appreciate it!

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