When troubles melt like lemon drops

Last fall at this time, life held a lot of bleak moments upon moments… but this simple beauty came as a ray into my dark cloud sky and turned my spirit to the eye of the storm…a place where His forever promise waits.  If only for a moment, may this word-portrait melt a few away for you today… 

An Autumn Angel in sturdy shoes…

     Her music drew me over to another part of the waiting area.  She looked up from the piano, met my smile with a shy one of her own.  Fur Elise spilled from her fingers like water singing over a brook.  I sat, closed my eyes, breathed in the benediction of it.  As she came to a close, a nurse wheeled in a ravaged-looking patient, moved near the piano.

So lovely,” the patient murmured.

Her nurse nodded agreement.  “We thought we’d just get out for some fresh sights, and your playing brought us here,” she remarked.

“Do you play here everyday?”  I asked.

“Just Tuesdays.  I like to come after going to chapel, and then I stay and play until late afternoon,” she explained.

I took in her bent-over frame, silver-white hair framing her face, over-sized glasses perched on her nose.  Dressed nicely as for church,  in violet floral dress, matching solid jacket.  She stood shakily to finger through her music books for another selection, revealing those sturdy, if comfortable, white shoes of the elderly…and nurses.

I thought how she could have chosen to stay home and just be comfy in everyday clothes…had probably earned it after a life of her own joys and struggles… but she preferred to give of her gift.  Bring healing and light as only music can do.  Her fingers sometimes gave out on her…but it didn’t matter.  Even now, she had the aura of one who had once played flawlessly, elegantly… I pictured her as a younger woman, wished I could know a bit of her story.  But then…it was there before us… on the keys she played.

    “How about “Over the Rainbow?” she offered.

“Oh, yes…” breathed the sick woman.

Mmm… always one of my absolute favorites.

From her first note, I could feel tears welling… even as Judy did to me the first time ever I heard that heart-stirring melody…and every time since.

She surprised me as she began to sing then…softly, as she played… her voice a bit quavery now, hinting of once-loveliness, still true.  A tangibly holy moment…moving me so deeply I had to turn my face away, feeling the sorrow of the sick woman beside me… praying for us all…

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me…

As if through shimmer glass, I stared out the floor-to-ceiling windows all around us… recognized afresh the way this room was designed to bring beauty out of ashes, watched a golden shower of leaves dust the road outside like wings to the lush melody soaring around us… trying to hold back the tears at all this pure loveliness.  And heart.

    Autumn beauty… like angels on tiptoe, it comes when you least expect…     as a treasure to behold.

© Pam Depoyan

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16 Responses to When troubles melt like lemon drops

  1. kel rohlf says:

    treasures to behold…thanks Pam for dropping in a lemony, sunshiney hope-filled post…the reminder that true, deep joys await us in the presence of God now…and into eternity!

  2. Hazel Moon says:

    Music is like food to the soul, and I have seen the elderly respond to music when they could not communicate as they once did. A song can be shared and amazing enough I have heard them sing when they could not speak in sentences any longer. Your post is so beautiful and brings back memories too. Thank you for sharing at “Tell me a Story.”

  3. MaryLou says:

    Music is so beautiful and a wonderful gift was given to me by a 98 year old friend while she was at a nursing home. I used to visit her about twice a week and one evening I came to her room and she wasn’t there. I asked where she was and to my surprise she was in the dining room but she wasn’t really eating that much she was actually preaching to those who were there. I was very surprised because usually she was in her room when I came to visit. But the best surprise of all was when everyone had left and she asked one of the nurses if they would wheel her over to the piano. The nurse asked me if she could play and I told him yes she could. To my surprise she played “Nearer My God To Thee” it was so beautiful. When she was done she told me that she had wished it was better. I told her that it was very good. She never took lessons but somehow she was able to play and I loved to hear her play it was so very special. She is now with Jesus. 🙂

    • Wow, MaryLou – what a beautiful story!! I’m so glad you shared that. I love too that she was able to play it without ever having taken lessons. That God puts gifts in us that just have to come out. And that she was sharing her faith at 98… and blessing others through that gift of the moment. I love that hymn too. That’s how I felt about this woman in my story too…

      I’ve been watching a show lately on the cooking channel that follows this maybe 40 year old guy as he finds and cooks with “grandmas” across the country. I love how he is so cute with them – a very humorous guy, but obviously touched by elderly people and seeking their wisdom. The other night he was asking one of them about their strong faith, what it meant to them. That touched me more than usual…

  4. lynndmorrissey says:

    Oh would that all our troubles could melt like lemon-drops, and trouble will always be with us, but we can overcome them through God’s gifts of love, joy, and the Holy Spirit. And He often uses music to soothe our “savage breast”! I love older people and was just talking about this with a young friend yesterday, and encouraging him to use his gift for instrumental music to help heal the hearts of older people, of whom he and I both are so fond. Thank you for *yet another* beautiful post, Pam, which reminds us of the treasures we have in the elderly and the treasure of music, which often unlocks the gift of their hearts. Bless you!

    • Yes, things were tough for me last season in ways I never imagined before and they certainly didn’t just go away…(I’m still dealing with some things from that time) but this moment, in that moment, made them a bit lighter. A gift of being there in the right time. The elderly and the gift of music… But… I do believe that God can melt our cares away in the midst of the situations that are going on, helping us to cast them on Him. I want to do a post about how He’s been using the power of His word in that way in my life, speaking out the promises before we actually see them come to pass…because you are right, it is Him in us that has overcome… Thank you Lynn. You and your brother are still in my prayers…

  5. lolita says:

    Oh so beautiful. I admire this lady you met and heard play music. Such beauty from within her welling out to be shared. She must be so gracious as to give time and effort to encourage the sick with music of hope for the Lord.

    Beautiful words and wonderful recollection. Thanks Pam. Missed you so much and the others.


  6. That was beautiful! I could hear the music playing as I read your post. What a sweet ministry.

  7. laura says:

    I so, so love to hear stories of the giving until there is no more to give. Beautiful ones, these.

    I don’t know why my comments keep disappearing, Pam! I’ve left several before but they don’t stay. Hoping this time is different!

    • Thank you, Laura! I don’t know why either…I didn’t get to read the last one before it disappeared. But hopefully now they will stay. I appreciate your words… 🙂 Usually when I approve one, the next by the same person come through okay…

      Yes, stories like this woman’s are like His living letters…

  8. Hi Pam. Sorry it took so long for me to comment!! It hsas been crazy here with getting ready for holidays and I haven’t had much quiet time to really read. I wanted to take time to read this properly. You were the post before me on a link up and I think you also visited my blog 🙂 Your writing was beautiful. It is so touching and yet a bit bittersweet as well. I can see how you could get teary at that beautiful moment 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a nice story.

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