When answers are still on the way: Part One

“Like most miracles, it started with a prayer.  One prayer, then another, and another.  The prayers from Bedford Falls that night went up for a man named George Bailey…”   from, It’s A Wonderful Life, A Novel, 50th Anniversary

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Listen…  Can you hear the jingle sleigh sound of the opening music, wisping a Christmas feel across screen, stirring you to the auld lang syne miracle to come … the voices sending prayers up to Heaven, like so many sparks from a fire…?

Not just for George Bailey.  But here… for you, too.

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 If today, you are praying as George did… 

“God, show me the way… ”

He is already sending angels.

Putting prayers on hearts and lips.  Moving heaven and earth.

Leading us to the right place at the right time.

 Every single moment.

Even as “Mr. Potter,” the ultimate thief,  thinks he holds the gloating trump card…

GOD is setting miracles in motion on our behalf…


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 A quaint old tune is jingle-jangling inside me as Advent approaches.  “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…  please put a penny in an old man’s hat.   If you don’t have a penny, a ha’penny will do.  If you don’t have a ha’penny, then God Bless you!”

“Lord,” I pray over and over, like George… “I’m down to that last ha’penny…  I believe You can provide out of nowhere.  Put me on the minds of those I don’t even know.   Open doors for work, send me provision from unexpected, even unknown people and places…

I hear of that happening all the time.  How people suddenly get checks from old insurance policies they didn’t know they had.  Or God somehow leads one stranger to bless another.   How he restores beyond our imagination.  Uses what we sow into others… our money, our time, our prayers, gifts and encouragement…to pour it back to us… and out again…

Makes us all, Divine appointments.

I think how George Bailey was born to be a Divine appointment. It was simply so natural, so part of who he was, he just didn’t know it.   Until that tear-starred night, bathed in prayer, love and friendship, standing near his Christmas tree…

Make me a divine appointment to others, I pray.  And send a few my way too…

In answer, He chooses to send…a message on my phone machine.

“Hi Pam, remember me?”  she asks, smile in voice, “We sat next to each other at the job a couple of weeks ago?  I’d like to meet you for coffee, share something with you…”

A bit mysterious when I call back, she won’t say what it’s about.  I’m guessing she may have a job tip.  She’s a sweet woman, maybe 10 years my senior.  I’d prayed with her for her daughter to find a nursing job after endless months of search, and she’d found one the very next day!   Then we’d ended our temp job with her telling me she would keep praying for me too.  Wanted me to let her know when I found one…

The 2 p.m. for coffee date arrives rain- splashed and gray, and I don’t feel much like going out in the damp wind.  Oh well… it’s only for an hour.

Sitting across the table in an empty restaurant, we chat for a few minutes, then she opens the mystery before me.  Tells me how her church had recently given each of their congregants some money to sow into someone else’s need.  I smile.  “Oh, my church did that too, a few months ago,” I say.

She goes on… and suddenly I realize what it is we are talking about.

“So, you see,” she beams, handing me an envelope with my name handwritten on it, “others gave me theirs so we could bless you…”

   I don’t even remember telling her about insurance running out and putting off dental visits and such…  just that we’d both thought the job we were on was going to last a bit longer than it did… and how every little bit helped…

My eyes pool as I hold the envelope, hands slightly shaking.  Not so much for what is probably in it, but because this is such a down to the last detail, specific answer to praying He would show me personally how He can send out-of-the-blue provision from…strangers.

Resonating… like a secret love note from the Father.  See, Pam…  I want to show you how to put your hand in Mine, even for this…

These last few years have truly been the most crazy, stretching, lions and tigers and bears, oh  my! times of my life in relying moment to moment on Him.  Not on a company or an insurance plan.  Not even a regular paycheck.

“Open it!”  she entreats, like a mom on Christmas morning.   Here at the beginning of Advent.

A gift beyond measure.  Not just in dollars and cents.  But in the way it is soundly echoing like silver bells across an English village, in and around the walls of my heart. I see the bills, but don’t fully count them.   

I whispered you to her heart….a blessing sowed into you…. and you will sow too…

“Ohhh….” I breathe.  Look up into her own starry eyes.   “This… this is just such an answer to what I’ve been praying,” I try to confide then.  But it’s really more than I can put into spoken words.

We talk and share about similar situations that have brought us to this day… about faith and God’s bigness and prayers and hearing His whisper.

Then… embracing as we leave… I ask her again to tell everyone involved how much of a blessing this is… and most of all, to see how God is caring for us so intimately.  How He can and does whisper to a heart here for someone over there

“I’m glad we ended up sitting next to each other,” she delights.

And… that’s... when… it… hits…us…both.

“Wait a minute — We almost didn’t.  Remember?”  I say in wonder.  That first morning on the job, driving 25 minutes downtown in rush traffic, annoyingly stopped at every light,  planning to get there early, I’d been so frustrated to dart in,  just in the nick of time.  Everyone else was already seated.  I’d walked in and been directed to the only open chair — one that was really  under a different “team leader” than I was assigned —

“That’s right!”  she bursts forth.  “And they told you to go ahead and sit there, no problem…”

“And you know how they are usually sticklers for everyone and everything being in it’s right place… ” we laughed together.

Now we are both washed anew in awe.  Almost giddy. To see how even before we started that split second in time  job, He set the chairs in place for us to meet.  Maybe delayed street lights.  Arranged a word here and there in simple conversations of reaching out with prayer for strangers.  Her daughter.  My job needs.  Divinely orchestrated to the -enth detail for this moment.

When I get to the bank, I take another look inside the envelope.  Another Christmas tingle zips up my back.  It is exactly the amount needed for a specific bill.  To the penny.  And I can tell by the denominations, she probably added a few extra dollars for good measure.

Thank you, Father, I pray.  Thank You for showing me You are so with me.  Bless those who gave to know just how close you are to them too…and with deeper beauty and light all around.  Multiply blessings heart to heart to heart.   For you alone take strangers and make us one in You.

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©   Pam Depoyan

…don’t be afraid! God has listened to your prayers since the first day you humbly asked for understanding, and he has sent me here. But the [evil one] opposed me for twenty-one days. Then Michael, who is one of the strongest guardian angels, came to rescue me… Now I have come here to give you [God’s vision]…

~ Daniel 10:12-15

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28 Responses to When answers are still on the way: Part One

  1. Pam, this is a glorious story of God’s unexpected provision. If angels could giggle, there was probably a lot of chatter and joyful noise about then when you opened the envelope. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story at “Tell Me a Story.”

  2. Sylvia R says:

    Well, Hallelujah! I am elated, overjoyed, eyes pooling… but not really surprised. I’ve been waiting for something very like this to happen to you (and I had nothing to do with it but prayer! I’m just one of those strangers who doesn’t even know any of the others…) There’s so much message in the timing, the “accidental” details, and the precise dollar amount. Yep, God is like this! So glad you shared this story!

    • Thank you, Sylvia… I knew you would appreciate this story no matter how long long long this post is! I keep thinking I should edit and cut and separate it into two posts… but “something” keeps stopping me. 🙂 I still want to email you and will try to soon… Thank you so much for all your prayers for this stranger. 🙂

  3. Pamela says:

    Reading this is one of the highlights of the season for me. A beautiful miracle.

    I was raised in Jimmy Stewart’s home town.

    • Thank you, Pamela, that makes my day to know it touched you like that! 🙂 It is still reverberating in me how God can do this sort of thing. Gives me refreshed faith to trust. I loved Jimmy Stewart. My mom, sister and I once met him on a plane flight (actually afterwards, he stood in the airport and graciously talked to several of us. I was too tongue-tied, but my mom enjoyed talking with him.). I read once where he was raised, but don’t remember the name of the town. Bet they have some fun archives of his family there. His dad’s store… Fun.

  4. Pam-
    I am filled with joy for you~~and deeply humbled by seeing first hand how God works in ways we could never begin to truly understand. My “Moments” in relation to your story have come at the time when I needed HIM the most~~~during serious illness, laying in a hospital bed, needing help and suddenly a “Special Nurse” appeared. Not only did she gently attend to my physical needs but I recall her speaking to me about how I had Not been taking proper care of myself. She spoke
    in telling me “God created you-your body needs to be loved-HE loves you so much” and I was stunned that she had such an inner view of my physical struggles. She was there for just a few moments and then slipped away.

    The next morning, I asked each nurse I could find as to who the Night nurse was-I couldn’t recall her name tag but gave a clear description as to how she looked. They all had a blank look on their faces and told me “You must have been dreaming-we do NOT have anybody like that who works here!”

    I knew at that split second that God had sent me a very special Angel who spoke directly to my heart-reaching me at a time when I needed it. Just as you were blessed with sitting in a different chair, meeting this lovely person and God worked through her to give you the blessing you were in need of.

    If we open our hearts and really listen, there are so many people who have been Touched-by prayers we didn’t know they were hearing.

    Thank you Pam for sharing this beautiful moment. You are a wonderful Christmas blessing!


    • That’s another beautiful story, Martha. It would have been great for the Chicken Soup theme my story is in…sounds like God definitely sent you that “nurse/angel” to lift you up. I agree – He loves you dearly! I’m so glad this story lifted you too… Thank you for sharing your words of blessing too! Praying for you…

  5. There is scripture that describes prayers lifted up like “incense to heaven”. Your words today reminded me of this beautiful image. Amen for His mercies.

    • Oh Lisa…what a beautiful thought! Thank you for sharing that with me, that this reminded you of that. I love that image from scripture too. Makes me a little teary, in a good way. 🙂 Yes, I am so thankful for His grace. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Pam, this is such a beautifully written beautiful testimony of God’s amazing love and lavish provision. It just got better and better the more I read. I’ve not had somthing happen like this w/ a monetary provision, but God answered an immediate prayer (before I was even saved) about the first house we would rent and later buy–just an amazing set of co-incidences, which I now, of course, realize was God’s amazing provision. I know now He would want me to remember just how carefully He had orchestrated this chain of events, to later prove to me that He was drawing me even before I knew who He was!…….and God amazingly provided with a circumstance during my father’s long, slow, agonizing death to show me that Daddy was saved (and a provision after his death too)…..and I could go on. I hope you will never forget what happened here (and of course I know you won’t, but moreover, I hope you will keep telling it to give others hope and proof that God is real and that He cares!!!!!!! Praise Him! (And this story is NOT in the new George Bailey book, BTW! 🙂 )

    • Thank you, Lynn. Your book was filled with such divine appointments, yes! The story of your father, how the Lord let you know he was going to be with Him, is especially moving to me in light of praying for someone for so many many years. This is the first time I can remember God providing so dramatically for me through a stranger…although there have been times when he has made me the “stranger” in someone else’s life (just as much of a gift from Him)…but I can see His hand in other provision all through my life, yes. This story not in the book, ha. But perhaps, I don’t know…the same idea about divine appointments? 🙂

      • Lynn Morrissey says:

        I know you will keep praying for this loved one to know the Lord. Don’t give up (as I know you won’t, but sometimes it gets so discouraging). Not only did the Lord lead me to a thought to confirm w/ my father (actually that revolved around something he was called as a very young man that I had only heard about once in my early childhood that indicated his faith–and God put that very word in my head totally out of the blue upon waking one day (over 50 years later!!), and he alowed me confirm it w/ my father when he had finally come to from delerium. And after my father died, when cleaning out massive files of his old school papers (both from college and his days as a teacher), I found one, lone sheet where he had written his testimony. I had almost summarily dumped those papers because they were of no use to me then, but God led me to find a needle in a haystack! Another time, when my great aunt was literally saved on her death bed (I wrote about that in Love Ltters to God–you recall reading about Aunt Martha)…..well anyway nearly a year after she passed, I began to doubt her salvation. I was in the cemetery and lamenting not just her loss but the possiblity that she was not w/ the Lord. Just as I cried out to God for assurance, a glittering shaft of light beamed through dark clouds. It shoine like a spotlight on her grave, alone (which was among 17 other graves). It beamed right on it, and there smack-dab in the center of her gravestone only was a beautiful butterfly, its wings spread their full length, as if protecting her grave. It was November and not the season for butterflies and the cold of winter. Butterflies are a symbol of resurrection and also butterflies speak my love language as one the Lord has given me, personally in my life! This too was a divine appointment and assurance of God’s love and provision for my Aunt Martha!

  7. Lynn, you make me teary, reading of finding your dad’s testimony, about your Aunt Martha (yes, that story is so beautiful, I loved it in your book), the shaft of light… If you recall the posts I wrote this Sept and Oct, Watershed Prayers and Hope has Wings, I wrote about the one I prayed most of my life for. He just recently passed… I know what you mean about doubts coming, but keep asking God to confirm to me and I think He is… No, I never gave up praying and know God moves mountains through such prayers… I love the way the Lord has confirmed to you. Butterflies… mmmm…. Someday, to meet those you love at the river…

  8. Betty Draper says:

    Pam, we have had so many of those “the answer is on the way” answered in God divine time. We have lived by faith in two third world countries trusting Him when there was no other way. It’s when “all other ways” are gone that He shows up. Beautiful post…faith building along with the replies. Blessings

    • I can only imagine how God has shown up for you time after time, Betty. So many beautiful examples of who He is… in everyday moments. Stories that do ignite hope and trust! Thank you for saying this post and comments have been faith building… that is what I pray. 🙂

  9. Vicky says:

    i stumbled upon your post today. So glad I did. Even though Christmas has passed the message in your words is a blessing year round. Thanks for sharing you story of blessing.
    Happy New Year….may it be a blessed one.

  10. Amy Tilson says:

    Thank you so much for linking up at Kristen’s today so that I might be able to read this amazing testimony of God’s unending faithfulness to us. I love your prayer of asking to be put on other’s minds and that they might be put on yours. This is beautiful. Our Master Gardener is so about the sowing and reaping and bringing in an abundant harvest. What a smile this has brought to my face this morning. Bless you for sharing your story and His work.

  11. ” How He can and does whisper to a heart here for someone over there…” ~ this line gave me chills. Really beautiful, Pam. Thank you for sharing the story of this divine appointment. Amazing, just like our God!

  12. Hannah says:

    I love to hear about answered prayers and how God works in our lives. This was such a blessing to read thank you for sharing!

  13. KellyRBaker says:

    A beautiful testimony of how God takes care of us down to the little details. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing, I needed to hear this today. God is amazing! Abundant blessings to you!

    • So glad it “hit the spot” for your spirit today, Mari-Anna! I actually couldn’t sleep last night and got up in the middle of the night to link this up today (very unusual for me to do in middle of night), so maybe it was meant for you! I needed this particular encouragement myself and He brought me a bit of a miracle today too… 🙂 Blessings back to you!!

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