Christmas Eve Prayers – Part 3

LOVING FATHER… May the Christmas morning make us happy to be Thy Children, and the Christmas Evening bring us to our beds with grateful thoughts, forgiving and forgiven, for Jesus’ sake.   Amen!
~ A Christmas Prayer, Robert Louis Stevenson

What if..

This Christmas Eve,

high above our own wonder-filled town                                                                               voices are rising one by one,

Lord, my friend needs you…

                       I love my friend, O God…

                                  Watch over my friend tonight…

And angels bend to hear US sing…                                                                                                 A song of Emmanuel…     A song of Israel…?

God will make us candles to His flame                                                                                  Moving heart to heart                                                                  Transforming…comforting…healing…                                                                                       Setting a carol of bells into unending song                                                                                 Rising a star of hope                                                                                                                 Setting captives free                                                                                                                Pouring out the oil of gladness in place of mourning. (Is. 61)

O… let us sing!



Father, as Israel sang, spring up O well… 

I sing a song tonight over  ______.

Fulfill Your covenant promises in ______,

so much more than I can even think or imagine or list here.

Pour out Your Spirit in ______‘s life and heart.

Flow waters of Your Love, Living Life… cleansing, rejuvenating in You.

  • ______ is your chosen one, your beloved (as each of Your children are).
  • You  promise never to let  ______ go.

Thank You for ringing these promises in ______’s  mind and spirit… that You:

  • Love  ______ forever.
  • Draw  ______ close to Your heart.
  • Walk with him/her and are ______’s God.
  • Make him/her your son/daughter.
  • Watch over ______‘s  children and family and make them Your own.
  • Teach and guide  ______ in Your paths of life.
  • Give light to ______’s eyes and hold him/her in the palm of Your Hand.
  • Keep ______ safe in the shelter of Your arms and ransom unharmed from evil.
  • Shine in and through  ______ to reach others.
  • Fill ______ with such a quickening in spirit, a knowing and a rejoicing that You are so present with him/her.  Emmanuel… God with us….forever.

Even this moment,  cause Your holy spring well to rise up inside ______ right now.  Cleansing, purifying, living water to make ____ whole.

Spring up O songs of joy in ______’s heart, bringing Life abundantly…


© Pam Depoyan


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3 Responses to Christmas Eve Prayers – Part 3

  1. MaryLou says:

    Thank you for sharing the prayers of Robert Louis Stevenson as I have never read them before. As always I enjoy all the artwork that you do include. I really like the old-fashioned cards. I have some that I actually leave up all year. I have a bit of Christmas up all year long as I never want to let go of Christmas and the warm feeling of it. Thank you for the prayer that we can use it is so good. God bless you and have a very Blessed Christmas & Joyous New Year 2013! Looking forward to what God will give to you to share in 2013! 🙂

    • These were all actually from one prayer he wrote called a Christmas prayer… I split up the lines for the posts. I have a Treasured Stories of Christmas book that has a collection of snippets like this one. I thought this was lovely. Thanks, MaryLou… I’m glad you enjoy these. Loved these Christmas card pieces too… so old fashioned, but timeless. I have a few Christmasey pictures up too, though people probably don’t really know unless they go up and examine them. I like the cozy warmth too. Blessings on your Christmas and new year too!

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