This Christmas… Who is inspiring you?



~ sign beneath a portrait of George Bailey’s dad,

 hanging in the office of the Bailey Brothers Building and Loan



      Loverly day after Christmas, I decide it is time to laze around.  Pull out Wonderful Life and indulge… right in the middle of the day.  And with the marvel of technology and a button for pause, discover a hidden pearl in a scene no faster than the blink of George’s eye…

Newlywed George — torn between the reality of Potter’s smoke screen phone threats and what to do to talk the frightened crowd down as they demand money no longer there –flicks his eyes across the gentle ones of his father, in a portrait hanging by his desk.  As if for wisdom… in barely the breath of a moment.

All these years, all the times I’ve watched this scene, I miss an almost imperceptible message –moving too fast for me to completely take in.

But today I see it – how words lived by can split an answer across his features, like clouds racing sunlight across a field.

“What is written there in the frame below the portrait?”  I wonder, pausing, going back.

Mmmm…. inspiration.  Subtle.  Sensitive.  Life-changing.

Like the moment in Gower’s pharmacy, when a tender-hearted boy recognizes a man broken by sorrow… whirls around with desperate question, and poison in his hand.  Sees a sign pointing him… Ask Dad, he knows.

George, inspired by his father’s heart and compassion…to love, to give away all.

Gower stirred by a little boy who took a beating rather than see him hurt.

War hero and brilliant brother Harry Bailey, Tycoon Sam Wainwright, simple taxi driver Ernie, humble bartender Martini, mixed up young woman, Violet… so many moved, transformed, given a new lease on life by one man who thought he’d never accomplished anything…

And in the end, a starry new thought gleams before me.

What of Scrooge-like Potter?  Is it possible for him to be moved…changed…by one man’s wonderful life?

What has made Potter the self-serving, bitterly angry, lonely man he is?

Who was his inspiration… to hate, to hoard?

I would like to hope that in the end, the story of the richest man in Bedford Falls… may have changed the most monetary-yet-poverty-minded one, opened his eyes and heart like the ghost of Christmas past and future to Ebenezer.

That all the prayers and light and bells of joy ringing over the Bailey household that night might have split a crack in the ice jam around Potter’s heart…there, in the solitary behind- the-scenes…

Turned his envy to openness…

Led him to join in…find his heart among those who were giving theirs away…

Because of all in Bedford Falls… maybe he was most in need of God’s angel.

Like George, I often wonder… what is my one little life doing?

Like George, I don’t tend to see.

I don’t think George had any inkling until that night, under his tree – how he truly had lassoed the moon.

Because one man inspired, who inspired another and another and another.

“Your faithfulness inspires us…,”  someone gifts me this Christmas, with simple, stunning words that open windows of Him in my heart.   Because I don’t often feel… inspirational.

Because they inspire me…with their bravery, openness to others, beauty in God-given gifts.

I think again of one candle flowing light…to light…to light…

“Mommy,” young Janie Bailey asks, “Should I pray…?”

“Yes, Janie,” she urges, “pray hard.”

“Me too?” little Tommy echoes.

“You, too, Tommy,” Mary enjoins.

And somewhere above the glory of Hark the Herald Angels and Auld Lang Syne ringing over George’s broad smile…in each of our hearts…

I hear the Father inspire now — “You too,” He says.

So that,  taking “Zuzu’s petals” from our upturned hands…  He alone can graft the fallen back into the Rose.

To inspire and be inspired.

Petal by petal.

Prayer by prayer.

Grace by grace.


©   Pam Depoyan


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12 Responses to This Christmas… Who is inspiring you?

  1. Sandee says:

    So beautiful Pam – a lovely much-needed encouragement for me. Thank you and blessings on your new year.

  2. rachel817 says:

    Very nice post… I never thought about how Mr. Potter was still a “bad guy” at the end of the movie…

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    This is so beautiful, Pam, and, indeed, I *am* inspired by your faithfulness to care for God’s children by using the writing gift He has given you in sharing your encouraging heart. Your messages are always to uplifting. And something struck me here, when I read your beautiful post. Today I read about Jesus’ first miracle about His turning water into wine. He saved the best for last. And then I read a post from blogger Tim Challies about how most bloggers re-post or submit short quotes during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, because they know not many will be reading their writing amdist the Holiday hubbubb. So they don’t waste their efforts, so to speak. But you have served up the best this day, from a heart on fire for Jesus and for your love for your readers. Thank you so much. It’s such a lovely post. I have often thought about Potter; and we don’t know if he changed or not. But even here, we can see God’s graciousness in constantly reaching out to Him and giving him the opportunity to change and to receive blessing. Even George could have held resentment towards him, but he wishes him a joyful “Merry Christmas” as he heads home to face the sherriff and the press, whom Potter, himself, had called to nail George and land him in jail. I also love your remarkable imagery about how ZuZu’s petals can be grafted back into the Rose. This doesn’t happen in the movie, and yet I love the image, and how God does indeed graft believers into the Rose of Sharon. THat’s what Christmas is all about. Thank you for sharing HIS wonderful life with all of us through your beautiful insights.
    Happy New Year, and may God continue to inspire your words for His and His kingdom!

    • Thank you so much, Lynn. I know what you mean about people not blogging right now. It was hard to find even one linkup… though of course, most have families and this is a week to relax with them. I just write when I think God is putting something on my heart… and this message came at a time of day when I wouldn’t usually write (late evening)…Of course I want people to read, but I don’t want to just write nothings on here because I didn’t really have as much time as I thought I’d have to blog this month… so there are more posts milling in my thoughts. I figure (hope) people may come back later and read some they missed. (And I guess, I could always link them up later too…) I don’t think most have seen the last several I’ve written…numbers naturally down during this week. I’ve had that imagery about the petals in mind all along, but this seemed the right one to bring it out in… Love what you said about God reaching out to Potter all along… and yes, the Rose of Sharon. 🙂 Thank you for calling this a “saved the best” for last… 🙂 and the encouraging words! I appreciate your insights in your comments too…

  4. MaryLou says:

    I plan on watching this movie New Year’s Eve and I will keep my eye out for that moment that you wrote about. It is very wonderful that we can stop and pause and rewind so that we can see and hear again movies and receive more and more each time we watch them. Another movie I do need to watch is A Christmas Carol. I wonder if Charles Dickens had any idea what an amazing impact this story would have on so many over all of these years? I am sure we have no idea how we impact our world. I was thinking about that this morning during my prayer and praise time. Hard to believe that God can use us yet He does. I think back to a comment a friend said one day that totally surprised me she that I inspired her. Wow that did certainly make my day! Pam I know that you have definitely made a huge difference in my life all of the years that I have known you and now with your writings going out to a larger audience I can’t even imagine how you are touching lives with the gift that God has blessed you with. Joyous New Year 2013! 🙂

    • lynndmorrissey says:

      Mary Lou, thank you for the Dickensian reminder. Have you seen the movie version with George C. Scott? IMHO, he is the best Scrooge ever. Plus, I love reading the novel itself. I get so much more out of this wonderful Christmas story by one of the most beloved Christian authors of all time when I read it and not just watch. Blessings on your reading and viewing, and a happy New Year to you.
      Lynn Morrissey

    • I know what you mean about Dickens, MaryLou. I wish he could have seen some of the adaptations on film… the plays… the stories he inspired others to write as well. I am so behind in my usual classic Christmas movie watching… there are so many I hope to get in. You are right… we do impact people without knowing it. I like that your friend told you that too… Thank you for your always sweet and encouraging words too, MaryLou. I’m glad you think so!

  5. ruthpovey says:

    I echo your other commenters when I say this is beautifully written. An inspiring post, thank you

  6. Pam,

    Thanks for your line on my site: “And the gift of being able to write of his heart” — nice. 🙂 Yes!

    Home-made gifts? I’m curious to hear more.

    Jennifer Dougan

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