Morning Croissants with the CEO…

“…in quietness and trust is your strength.”

~Isaiah 30:15

The first words I hear when my clock radio goes off are about a minister who will be talking on the subject of God as our CEO.  Interesting image, comments the announcer.


A little later, blog-linking and reading, I find the link to one offering Isaiah 30:15 as communion for thought…

Seven little words trail across my mind like His hand, brushing soft curls away from my eyes...In quietness and trust is your strength...

This is the most vital step in following this new dream right now. 

The world says… “Hey, wait a minute!  Get out and push push push!  That’s the key.”

And I have been trying every avenue I know to try.  Praying for more ideas.  Moving out and stepping out and putting it all out on that limb.

Getting excited… leaning in… mixing and concocting fresh ideas like paints on a palette…

Thinking… maybe this is what He’s opening up to solve so many necessities…

But what do I do when an open gate suddenly swings to with a clink..  and knocking only brings silence?

Do I keep pounding?

I am feeling a push for many important reasons.  Lord, you know all that’s at stake.

Come away… sit with Me…  that is where you will find your strength.  He reminds me of a slice of ever fresh truth from Isaiah 45… He will break down the iron gates on my behalf…

And a funny phrase tickles my thoughts:  Croissants with the CEO.

I am not the architect or CEO of this dream.

I’m inviting you to sup with me, He beckons.  Over “croissants” I will unveil the plan.

Lord, in quietness I sit before you…, I answer.  My trust and confidence are in YOU.

He opens the bread of Psalm 44 again to me and places warm-scented promises in my hands:

With My Hand I will plant you.

In my Spirit I will make you flourish.  

You will not take the land by your sword (or your own plans).

My right hand, My arm, the light of My face on you will bring victory (and success).

   And with the psalmist, I answer,

Lord, I do not trust in my own bow (my efforts).

You decree victories over me!  Help me to hear and step out with Your hand in mine.

I lean forward to hear Your direction.

I boast in You all day.

Lead me in wisdom that only comes from You.

I will promote you… as you sit with Me…  He assures.

Lord,  take the reins, I pray. You know all my needs and have them all taken care of in Your hands.

In quietness and trust, I find my strength and joy,

dreams and hope,

in communion with You.

©  Pam Depoyan



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12 Responses to Morning Croissants with the CEO…

  1. holleygerth says:

    Yes and yes and amen!

  2. Lynn Morrissey says:

    This is a beautiful post and heartrending to me, as well. I know that feeling of knocking, knocking and not feeling I am getting an answer. I know the feeling of dreaming and making plans (knowing these things are what I feel would glorify God, using the gifts *He’s* given me to use)….and then seeing that doors don’t open or else bar shut once they’ve stood ajar, raising my hopes only to see them dashed. So when do we “push”, and when do we rest? Do we cast our bread upon many waters as Scripture says, or is there strength in our quietness and trust, as Scripture says? (These seem like polar opposites. It is all such a puzzle). But how I love this concept of croissants with the CEO! Maybe all the knocking, seeking, asking is simply to cause us to enter into conversation with the Lover of our soul and to dine with Him. Maybe we open the door of our hearts to the One whose knock amazes us–that He would want to dine intimately with *us*. I think He will whisper those dreams during these times of intimacy. But maybe the intimacy will then matter to us even more than the dreams! Hope I’m making sense.
    Loved this, Pam!

    • Thanks Lynn. Yes, I am muddling over all those thoughts!! So many times I’ve stepped out and taken steps of faith, spending time and money on ideas that go nowhere, or only make a slight dent. And I am at a point where something has to definitely happen. I have been thinking today about the writer Jan Karon and how she spent two years seeking God in just being with Him and making little steps, but suddenly one day He swung that door open so wide… When the dream is not just a hobby but a “way” it is hard. But God I think is interested in our ear and such closeness above all. I’ve always just kept on keeping on but now it’s hard not to just want to get all those doors solidly open. It really isn’t the dream so much to me these days. It’s just leaning into Him as my true provider. Yes, you make perfect sense. So glad this spoke to you too! I also think of how the Corporate CEO knows the whole picture, when those under Him only see a portion… Needing to trust to the vision of the one who holds it all.

  3. lolita says:

    “In quietness and trust, I find my strength and joy,

    dreams and hope,

    in communion with You.”

    …… and do does mine, Lord! I pray what is in Pam’s heart right now, Father…. and I trust you all the way too. I know that gate not further this time. Just nudge her at the right time and place…. In Jesus mighty name, which gives peace and strength to venture where you lead.

  4. Sylvia R says:

    Pam, I think you know I get this, especially the nail-biting experience of just hanging on to trust when nothing’s dawning on the horizon, doors closing instead of opening wider. And need getting desperate.

    As for dreams? I have come to think of my past pursuit of them as a chase after butterflies through a maze. Just when I thought I’d gotten one cornered, and raced forward to grasp it, it would fly over a wall, into which I would crash, bewildered… till I caught a glimpse of fluttering wings down a corridor, and I’d be off and running again.

    Lynn said “maybe the intimacy will [end up] matter[ing] to us even more than the dreams!” I can stamp my seal on that! Amen, It’s true!

    One step in front of the other. Till we come up against another wall. Then… well, sit down and have croissants with the CEO! I know it sounds crazy, but…

    Renewing prayers for you!

    • Thank you, Sylvia. Yes, prayer is the key. I think God is trying to show me again and again through the years that He is the architect and the one who will lead and He can and will and does open doors, lead to divine appointments and bless and make the work of our hands succeed. And when I am focused on Him, He is already moving on my behalf. Certainly He will lead us to step out and knock on doors…but when those behind the doors aren’t appearing to open them, then it’s up to HIM to open or lead others to us, and ours to just keep our hearts on praise and worship and standing on His promises. I just feel like Jehoshaphat right now… I don’t know for sure what to do but my eyes are on Him to lead.

  5. “croissants with the CEO” brings lovely images. for me, it’s easier to hear His voice when there’s no man-made sound…no t.v., radio, c.d., etc. only the sounds of His making allow me to hear His whisper.

  6. Kel Rohlf says:

    Pam- I’m sitting over here craving a croissant and time with our Creator…thanks for your heartfelt confession of what it feels like to hope, desire and wait on his inspiration…

    • I know… they are so meltingly good and comforting, aren’t they? Seemed like a good image for this… Yes, trying to write on Holley’s theme and be honest. God has been impressing some ideas to seek out on me this week, so I’m looking to His leading. Thanks for your heartfelt words, Kel! .

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