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Promised Land

No matter how far away you end up, God, your God, will get you out of there and bring you back to the land your ancestors once possessed. It will be yours again. He will give you a good life … Continue reading

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Fireflies (And Tears) In A Jar: Part Two

LORD, in the morning you will hear my voice;                                                             in … Continue reading

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Fireflies (And Tears) In A Jar: Part One

“I’m just wondering, have you thought about your tears as tiny messengers giving you hints to the way God made you to bear His image?”                                       ~ Shelly Miller @ Redemption’s Beauty,                 … Continue reading

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A name’s been drawn!

Congratulations to Sylvia of The Sylver Pen blog as the winner of my pen & ink print giveaway!  The drawing will soon be on it’s way to you…  Just a clue… I hope it makes you smile each time you look … Continue reading

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It’s a Valentine Life

Wherever you have been in your everyday years — In the neighborhoods where you grew up At your desk in a job you never planned Standing in a line at a grocery store In part time or full time places, … Continue reading

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A God-Sized Dream Grand Opening…And a Giveaway!

Holley Gerth challenged all of us this Tuesday in this God-sized dream connection with this question:  “What might you decrease in your life so that your God-sized dream can increase?” I think I can only answer that in this moment … Continue reading

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BE MINE, He wrote

I was… sixteen going on seventeen…     She was four, going on five… A fidgety, wiggly, Shirley-curly, dark-headed imp who danced tiny toe enpointe circles around the dinner table while she nibbled, always having miles and miles to go, never acquiescing … Continue reading

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They’re never out of date…

The other day, I came across what sounded like a shimmering idea among compassionate women bloggers … ** It reminded me of sending up balloons to heaven, with tiny love notes tucked inside.  Of watching   we miss you’s, tied … Continue reading

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Sabbath Songs

                         Today… for you whose heart is longing for a breath of peace, a respite in the clamor…  A Singer is refreshing, with a Love Song (or two) : “The pastoral mountains front you, face to face,       … Continue reading

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