They’re never out of date…

The other day, I came across what sounded like a shimmering idea among compassionate women bloggers … **

It reminded me of sending up balloons to heaven, with tiny love notes tucked inside.  Of watching   we miss you’s, tied with string and winging heart to heart across the sky, somehow releasing tears to light poured out upon all.

I read their first one.  A tender, thoughtful word-photo valentine that put personality and dancing eyes to a name that should be anonymous but…sorrowfully… no longer is…

I wasn’t sure how these could be written by those who didn’t know them personally… wondered if they did, somehow.   Felt a tinge of maybe it’s too fresh, too soon… but thinking, maybe this is God using a stranger’s arms to embrace those bent in sorrow, with His… and remembering some that came to my family in a not too dissimilar moment (Light*posts – Part Two)…

And… reading that paper-lace heart to Jack... I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could somehow send valentines to people we may not really know, even to those who have gone on… in our recent past or long ago… without time or barrier…without fear of hurting, but only treasure of encouraging they may never have received?  Wouldn’t it be breath-catching to think that God could take a valentine from our lips to someone there in heaven to open and hold?

Thoughts laced with how they moved us, made a difference, sparkled joy, wove truth and hope and His glory over us… just in their being here?

Or…even… words of forgiveness… now stretched across the years into His open palms released…

I think of a baby who did not live more than an hour or two, but in those fragile, airy moments was oh so loved…

I remember another who lived long and strong… now flown… yet, ever in my heart.

How in the end…all of our days here are going, like Psalmist flowers in the wind.

And I want to take time to send valentines…  if only in thought and prayer.

I find myself wanting to write across time… to novelists of another century and place who opened my heart to new beauty in their stories.

To people who have formed my way of thinking…sent shooting star lights through an indigo  sky.

To some I know… some I’ve watched or heard from afar…

And to others who are living, happy or struggling and pondering… those who may just need a prayer to hold in their hands this day.  A wink across the miles.  A cup of tea held between us.

If you need a nudge of …someone loves you, cares about you, is thinking of you... I send this little valentine to you today.

And over the next few posts… maybe I will share a few of those heart-notes I would send to those who have touched my life over the years… if I could...

Maybe… you will join me with some of your own and link them on your blog or in comments?

If time or space were no barrier… to whom would you send a valentine this day?  What would you want to say?

©  Pam Depoyan

  ** And to the women who conceived of a beautiful idea — —  thank you for thinking of it… even if it was just too baby’s breath-fragile to hold the roses of your love in this moment…


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16 Responses to They’re never out of date…

  1. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Oh Pam, this is truly such a precious, beautiful idea!!!! I already have a number of Valentine’s stamped and sealed and ready to mail next week, on onf which is to my beautiful mother. But ….. could I send a Valentine to Daddy, whom I lost nearly six years ago? I know I sent them when he was alive (and it’s even better to do that), but your idea doesn’t preclude us still from remembering and expressing our love. I think it would be so healing. I created some journal pages in his memory on a journaling retreat last August, and that, too, was healing–very! And it’s so God-incidental to read this post just now, b/c I just got back from a walk, where I decided to spend part of February 14th creating a Valentine to God, doing journaling and collage in a new SMASH journal. Your post servers to reinforce that! Oh that we would all take a little time on the 14th to create Valentine’s for Jesus, as a tangible reminder of our love for Him. I think He’d be pleased. (I love SMASH journals. They have heavy card-stock paper, interesting designs, and a combination pen/glue stick. I think your readers would like them. If you don’t like particular images, just glue over them with your own! 🙂 I’m using this red one on Valentine’s Day. And I love the big lilac one. It’s got neat pocket and bag inserts and is great for a blessing or memory book.

    • Yes, thanking the Lord for your father, sending Him a valentine too… love those ideas. Never heard of a smash journal but it sounds fun! So many forget Valentines now that we are grown, or consider it just for romance, but I love the idea of giving them for friendships as we did long ago… and that you have so many already written and waiting to mail. You are a thoughtful woman, Lynn. thanks for sharing and happy valentines to you too!

      • Lynn Morrissey says:

        Smash journals are on the pricier side, but a nice investment. I think you can even get them at K-Mart….certainly, you can find stores online. Also, Art Mart has some neat blank journals (no images) that use both plain and colored heavier stock. They’re spiral-bound and great for collaging

  2. Love notes to those who are gone; a notion so tender to consider, so inviting and freeing. Pondering this deep in my heart…

  3. Janis Cox says:

    Something surely to think about even if we just send “love notes” in our minds to those whom we have lost here on earth. Beautiful idea.

  4. kelrohlf says:

    Love this post! Love this idea! Your beautiful prose encourages me to send “love notes” to those hear and gone…we didn’t get out a Christmas letter this year…so maybe I could adapt this idea and send a Valentine’s letter to those we’ve connected through the years. I also really like the idea of sending a note to an author who has influenced your life…I would like to send one to Jane Austen and Flannery O’Connor 🙂

    • Yes, great idea about a Valentine letter, Kel! I’ve thought of that too before… and a friend sent me a valentine news letter once instead of Christmas too. And I was thinking of Jane Austen, Dickens, the Brontes too… 🙂 I read a book that was written about Charlotte Bronte’s life last year… written as though she were writing it herself. It made me feel like I knew her more – or that I would have liked knowing her. Thanks for sharing that and for your encouraging words!

  5. Sylvia says:

    What an excellent healing idea is a valentine of forgiveness (or even apology) to one gone on out of reach! And what a lot of good writing prompts just to get creativity flowing! Just the getting-lost art of letter writing is something I’ve been thinking of lately, and how I really ought to, and would like to, revive in my own life.
    BTW, I love your house portraits! Beautiful!

    • I’m glad it is putting even more prompt ideas in your mind, Sylvia. I love the healing idea on many levels. Yes, so true about letter writing. You remind me of another post on that subject that I wrote in Sept, called “You’ve Got Mail.” I love email, but there is nothing like holding a real letter or pulling out old ones to re-read…Thanks!

      Thank you about the house portraits too! I’m trying to post other artwork on my header page for this soon…

    • Lynn Morrissey says:

      Sylvie, I think there is a blog post somewhere in here for you. After all, “Letters mingle souls.” So says John Donne. I love to receive a handwritten letter by post, but even typewritten ones (which, frankly, I must do if my letters are long, b/c I’m arthritic), are still so appreciated, and sadly, a dying art. Ask my brother the postman. He’ll be glad to get his Saturdays off, I think, but I’m sure he doesn’t like the reason.

  6. Mary says:

    This is such a beautiful idea! I don’t know if I’ll have time to participate here online, but I can’t wait to read the posts of those who do! Thank you for this post, friend!

  7. Hi Pam, thanks for sharing this post in the Faith Jam on FaithBarista on Valentine’s Day last month. It is a beautiful way to reflect on how prayers, love, and words can reach God and heal hearts. May God continue to speak into your heart, for your words encourage us!

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