Stories in the hand

Life captured on film…in a painting…even just in a heart.  Moments ephemeral as clouds, caught and held…These are little stories in the hand…

Like when I find his same corner of a smile in the four year old version of the boss man, grown older… on bring your childhood or baby photo to work days… And the once tender innocence of that long ago face juxtaposed with today touches me in some way I can’t define, like a finger smudging color across my heart.  Something of the child stays within us across the years, though whispery, doesn’t it?

I think of this as I page through magazines this week and last.  I’m looking for room shots that might be fun to craft and re-imagine as a kind of story illustration artwork for my  pen & ink HOME PORTRAITS.

scan0001    This one, when I come across it..French doors open to the breeze… allures and beckons.

And I imagine its scenario…

Light and airy, it speaks to me of French villa vacations opening to adjoining parts of the main home, or English cottage getaways spilling out onto the breezy garden…

Invites me in to join the out of frame someone who was reading a book… sitting on a chair or cozying into pillows… maybe just seconds ago – with nothing on the agenda but fresh air and birdsong, unrestrained roams along endless woodland paths…  The music of lovely surroundings.

                                                                         Click to enlarge

But in the soft grays of drawing it, imagination needs me…and you… to fill in the color details…

Like snapshots of childhood in black and white…

Of two very young sisters, sitting back to back on a king bed… wearing sweet one-piece sun suits with the straps that tie on shoulders…

Of Grandmas in finery of once-youth, standing proudly, just the wisp of a smile…

Of parents beaming on their wedding day, surrounded by bridesmaids looking to be in dresses of one hue… but really of a pastel rainbow of bride’s choice…

And I wonder…

What might you see in this pen & ink version of a photo dream today?

Does it whisk you to a memory moment of your own?

Beckon to an inviting Sabbath respite in your harried days?

Make you want to pull out a treasure-of-your-life moment… maybe tucked away in a book or a box or a frame… and re-read it’s story?

Oh…on this wintry, dream-of-spring day… I wish we were sitting on that couch right now… and you were sharing yours, with me.   🙂

©  Pam Depoyan


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         A Holy Experience

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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13 Responses to Stories in the hand

  1. Lynn Morrissey says:

    YOu are such a gifted artist, Pam. When you first told me that you drew, I had NO IDEA THAT YOU COULD DRAW!!!! =] Wow! This reminds me of looking out at an English cottage in the countryside. Our penpal has invited us to come share her cottage near Nottinghamshire this summer. Not sure if we can swing it financially, but we’d love to go back, this time w/ our daughter. Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh wow, Lynn… wouldn’t that be a wonderful trip! My mom had a British pen pal for over 30 years and she was always inviting any of us, or anyone who even KNEW us over… My mom eventually got there and my cousin who was working for a travel agency stopped by to visit her too once. Just the name Nottinghamshire intrigues me! Would I love to do that – hope you can somehow. I like that you see “English Cottage” in this picture too… 🙂

  2. Pam~~~~
    There is a song by “Norah Jones” and I do not recall the title of the song–because One Line from it stands out in my mind~~~she is singing and I hear the words “My Toes Just Touched the Water” and its repeated!! Sounds like simple words-but I think within those words are deep meaning “Am I ready to take a step forward~~to attempt “a God Sized Dream?”

    I am seeing HIS hand in your artwork–and believe me, if I can finally get my email ACT together, its going to be a real JOY to watch you work!! It felt wonderful to speak words I have only dreamed as being impossible “Can I help our young soldiers who are facing a life filled with Chronic Pain due to horrific injuries of losing arms, legs, brain injuries–can I just Listen with my heart~~knowing what they face is a Pain-filled journey I can never relate to..

    So perhaps mountains will move and glorious things will happen!! Each time I read a posting you have written (with HIS guidance) I smile with JOY for you!!!


    • Pam-the photo I just sent you did not go through,but I was using your address that is
      listed with one of the houses you have drawn. Never fear–determined Me will keep trying.


    • I have heard Norah, but I don’t know that song. Sounds lovely though. Thank you for your encouraging words. I do believe God is leading. It touches me that you can see Him in it. I want it to give Him glory. And I encourage you to take a step towards your dream! 🙂

      • Bless you Pam–
        You made my day in a matter of seconds~~first the JOY of knowing I finally made it through the computer maze–well to some degree… Second by giving me words to
        encourage me- it helps give me the courage to push forward, and see if there is a
        chance for me to drag this Pain with me, keep it quiet and let my heart be open….

        I look forward to hearing from you soon. Martha

  3. Lynn Morrissey says:

    England is meant just for you Pam! I know it! We’ll see….it would be expensive. Just not sure. But we have been very blessed to have gone three times (You never know what invitations a pen friend might pose!), but of course, SHeridan has never gone. I would so love this for her……and for YOU!
    BTW, watched most of the Sandra movie! So sweet! Thanks for telling me about it. HOpe to see the rest tonight.

    • Yes… maybe someday. 🙂 I’m grateful for movies that make me feel like I’ve been there. It would be fun and a special memory to share with your daughter.

      In relation to this post, I wonder… do you have either an actual photo or a “memory photo” that sharply brings the story of that moment back to your mind with joy each time you think of it or see it?

      I’m glad you are enjoying that movie!

      • Lynn Morrissey says:

        Im not clear. Do you mean an actual photo, or one in my mind’s eye?

      • Either one… 🙂 Like I was remembering the black and whites from my growing up years (my sister and I on the bed, my parents, etc)… but also could be just some picture that has stayed in your mind but maybe never on a real camera. Like pictures of my friend’s kids (of when they were little) that are just in my mind…

  4. lolita says:

    Pam, when I enlarge the picture, there….. I could see each pen stroke you made to make picture come alive. The very task of showing the right shadows and lightings, is for me a pain but for you joy. How gifted you are in this art, Pam….. because there is something in the image that makes me think I am there.

    Well, let me see…… Our usual outing would always be in the beaches and sure it would remind me of a beach villa. But the first time I looked at it, those younger summer day with my cousins flashed back my recall. I could easy point at those branches showing in the open door as the Mango Tree we used to climb. Then beyond the back is the shoreline where we used to swim together. Then those sleep-over nights of giggling and hushed conversations.

    I love it, Pam. Brings back happy times gone by yet so close to heart.

    • Yes, like you working on those beaded things you used to do… such fine work I can’t imagine doing! So we are detailed in our own gifts… 🙂 I do enjoy detail work as long as it isn’t too big of a picture. 🙂

      I love what this evokes in you. thanks for sharing those recollections, Lolita! I just love how photos and art can do that… even music. Bring back memories as if they were right now. Or lift our hearts to those still to come.

      Thank you… I’m glad it brings back happy times close to your heart!

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