“They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, ‘Hosanna!   

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!’  

‘Blessed is the king of Israel!’”

~  John 12:13 [NIV]


Through all those everyday,                                                                                                      ordinary,                                                                                                                                        same old blue-grey and mousy brown                                                                                          uniform season weekdays                                                                                                                 of students in dress-alike plaid                                                                                                    and Madeline-in-two-straight-lines                                                                                          and feeling nondescript as Dorothy in her Kansas black and white world grown dim –

my personal closet consisted of two starched white blouses,                                                    a solid brown sweater to coordinate with skirt and saddle shoes.                                             A cozy tee-shirt or two, maybe a pair of jeans.                                                                               All I really needed — and in a tight economy, only practical.

But, oh…those lovely five different outfits my younger sister got to wear at her school!

So that… when trees began to bud,                                                                                          I spent my days of playgrounds and fractions and sentence diagrams                         dreaming of new linen dresses                                                                                                 springing magically forth from mom’s bobbin                                                                       a’hoppin’ and a’skippin’…

because…                                                                                                                                               I knew…                                                                                                                                  Sunshine streams in rainbows at Easter.

Beginning with the walk up the aisle this day to retrieve our palm fronds,                            waving them jubilantly in honor of our King, riding promise on a donkey,                             singing alleluias and feeling my heart swell with the joy of His coming…                            Assured purple cloths hiding his face would soon fall away                                                         and altars bloom resplendent in lilies and light…

When every day was leading to the moment of secret twirls before my mirror               spinning in new skirt, dancing in pristine patent leather whites and silvery buckles…                                                  .


I remember how that Easter… the year of our tulip dresses… dawned bright upon same-style but uniquely planned-colors laid out upon our beds.  Soft pastel blue for my sis.  Cherry-blossom pink for me.  Oh so beautifully, delicately designed.  Scallop skirts of flower-like, upside down petals in solid hue, coordinating gingham peeking out like slips between their folds.

And…just a few doors down the street where the sidewalk curved and a charming Cape Cod warmed … our dear sister-like friend waking up to her own lemon yellow version.

And as I replay that morning in mind, dancing in to Easter Sunday like three little blooms of Pentecost coming…Two close mom-friends beaming across the pews at their handiwork… and our surprise…

I think how everyday mundane life… even now… and maybe even more… can take on that hue of going nowhere, same old same old, feeling a strain towards something… morevibrant

But… how the resurrection hope speaks of new eternal life… bodies that never wear out… garments of shining white… diadems and pearls…

Dancing on streets of gold

Everlasting alleluias

Glory in fresh design and colors we have not yet seen…

Unending joy in tailored-for-you-and-me-made purpose yet to behold…

And Love triumphant

Riding in on a stallion of majesty and beauty

Transforming mundane to forever Easter Glory.

And on this day, I know…Palm Sunday heralds the news about to unfold… strings pearls of hope as garlands around our hearts.

Proclaims in Halleluia chorus…

Sings out… Yes! Sunshine streams rainbows at Easter… in a raiment of everlasting bloom.

Carols HOPE alive…with His songs of victory reigning… above and through the clouds…over you, over me.

For even in the here and now… He is risen with  healing in His wings

Comforting, leading, empowering us with His Holy Spirit.

Taking us by His right hand,

Seating us in the heavenlies,

Establishing the Strength and Sovereignty of the Throne Room there behind our prayers,


Pouring out His hard-won victory over our battles.

Shining our moments  like stars in His crown…

So let us join with hundreds of thousands before us… wave our palms and hold His promise close –

Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.


©   Pam Depoyan


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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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10 Responses to Hosanna

  1. Lynn Morrissey says:

    So beautiful! So jubilant! So wonderful! I must stop, and just go re-read your post. You say this so well, and it brings such joy to my weary heart today. I thank you for this reminder to rejoice, because we have such a magnificent reason to. Oh! I want my diadem to lay at His feet. Also…..just couldn’t help but think that when Sheridan was very little, and I was using REsurrection Eggs to help teach her the Easter story, I said, “Sheridan, what did the people say when Jesus rode into the city on a donkey and they waved their palm branches?” And without batting a lash or missing a beat, she joyfully proclaimed, “O Susanna!” Out of the mouths of babes…….
    Love you, Pam!

    • Well you gave me a needed laugh with Sheridan’s story. I LOVE that! So glad this lifted your heart today with all that is going on… I know He is your hiding place and He is surrounding you all with songs of deliverance. Trusting Him on many counts these days… yes, to laying down our diadem at his feet… Love to you too, Lynni!

  2. I love the image you’ve created here of the Easter dresses. Palm Sunday and Easter are two of my favorite days and I always loved dressing up as a girl. Thanks for sharing your writing with us!

    • Thank you, Melanie! I love those two days too… and dressing up as girl really was an occasion then… We didn’t always have extra for fancy clothes, but my mom made those memories with her great sewing for days like that. Thank you for leaving your thoughts here too!

  3. lolita says:

    Yes, Pam. The beauty of how you paint pictures of our longed-for-day, to don the incorruptible garment. Easter and Palm Sunday dresses now, a bridal gown made of glitters from heaven next.

    Happy Palm Sunday and Easter of Hopes soon. Hosanna in the highest!

    I remember too times when we get newly-sewn dresses fresh from Mom’s bobbin, as you said. We wore starched skirts that swirled when we walk, with bows at the small of our back. Those were the days. Momma can still wind up her bobbin at almost 82 but we no longer wear those skirts. She loves to seam pajamas for grandkids and great grandkids when she gets her hands at cloths.

  4. Pam~
    Easter brings back so many memories as a little girl–having that brand new dress sewn by my Mom–shiny new shoes, sparkling white gloves and a brand new Easter bonnet!! It was glorious and then going to church, how special everything “Felt”–I think of the image, Christ riding into town, branches being waved in HIS honor—people thrilled, amazed, hearts filled with hope and love. How quickly their voices changed~~from praises to jeering-and the PRICE that HE paid for us,it started and people still watched–they watched until HE said “It is finished.” I can barely say those words–it hurts deep in my heart—because I know HE died for me and each second I am needing HIS loving embrace, HE is there…

    Yes–Easter does bring back many memories…… Martha

  5. Pamela says:

    We, too, looked forward to Easter dresses with bows tied in the back and an Easter bonnet on our head. Daddy would take movie pictures of us so our winter Florida grandparents could oooh and ahhhh over us, too. Even as a child I loved the pure joy of a living risen Savior. Maybe I knew, too, that Sunshine streams rainbows at Easter. The promise of our Redeemer!

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