Because His Whispers Aren’t Just for Sundays…

Don’t fret or worry.  Instead of worrying, pray.

Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers,

letting God know your concerns. Before you know it,

a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good,

will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens

when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

~ Philippians 4:6 (Message)

O Lord, you pour out peace like raindrops on roses

His FRIDAY whisper to me… and maybe to you…

Keep your heart set on praise

even before you see the blessing fruits.

You do not make anything happen

by running around anxious, trying this and that.

Rest in Me, in worship, and see what I will do on your behalf.

I make you secure.  I make you reign in Me.

My favor rests on you ~ the light of heaven.

Declare these truths:

My God is for me!

My God is ahead of me, preparing my way!

My God restores me!


A repost of “When He displaces Worry” … just because...                                            Rainy days and Fridays need a little song sung joy…                                                (and maybe a twist and a pun on a few golden oldies… 🙂 )

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14 Responses to Because His Whispers Aren’t Just for Sundays…

  1. MaryLou says:

    Hi Pam, I remember doing a study one time about praise and the book that we were using said that there is more in The Bible about praise than prayer. I thought that was quite interesting and I thought of all of the all night prayer meetings that are held but I wonder if there has been an all night praise meeting. My pastor’s wife mentioned that praise should be the bookends to our prayers. I like that idea and I have been trying to do that during my time with our Lord. I know that sometimes I do pray more than I praise. I liked The Message Bible’s version of Philippians 4:6. Thank you for sharing these words. 🙂

    • You know, I think that praise is the greatest prayer because the bible says God inhabits our praises… and when He told people like Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20 to “stand” and give the battle to Him, that meant to simply worship and see what the Lord would do on their behalf. And it was a mighty victory, with the singers of praise at the forefront. I am learning that after we pray and ask, spending time in praise opens up God’s greatest move in answer to our prayers… I like the term, bookends to our prayers. Thanks for sharing that… I am trying to praise more too. It really does lift fear and worry… but sometimes it is hard when so much is on our minds… All the more to cast it on Him though… Thanks, Marylou.

      • Sylvia R says:

        Pam (and MaryLou),
        I have come to think praise is the greatest prayer also because it focuses on God instead of myself or earthly concerns, and that brings me into closer communion with Who He is, with Himself. We tend to think of prayer almost exclusively as petition, that human needs, our own or others’, be met. Then sometimes in the asking we can get so focused on the needs that we forget the One we’re addressing! And when it comes down to it, the real answer to most (if not all?) of those needs is Him, Himself, isn’t it?

      • Yes… so true, Sylvia… I’m also finding how God wants us to join Him in praying His Word, His will into our lives…

  2. lolita says:

    I like what MaryLou’s Pastor’s wife had said that, “praise should be the bookends to our prayers.” It is what I meant about the herald and retreat anthemn to our everyday. But I don’t think I ever do religiously every day. I am so much affected with how I feel. But I notice that I do praise any moment and I praise before I do my petitions and breathe out praises and thanks at the end of my day before bed.

    Blessings to you, Pam.

    • Yes our feelings can stop us too often, Lolita… I find that too. But those are the times when worship would really bring a breakthrough to all those stresses… Often the thing we need most. I’m trying to push myself to praising Him in those times when maybe I’m too tired or sad or whatever is hindering… Thanks for your words…

  3. Pam~~
    As Lolita said, I do find moments where I will see something/someone whose life situation is obviously worse than mine (Especially when I see another person suffering with Pain) I give thanks to God and count my blessings. My prayer life has fallen behind lately–my only excuse is being so drained from Pain.. All I can do is (taking Lolita’s words as a beautiful example) to breathe out
    praises at the end of my day–thanking The Lord for all HE gives me each day.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful messages with us–God bless you. martha

    • I know exactly how that feels, Martha, when you are too drained or in pain… And I know God understands. Sometimes the most beautiful praise we can give Him is just to breathe out the name Jesus over and over. They used to call that the Jesus prayer. No more powerful name… and moves mountains we might not even be able to express… Or even just reading one small verse of the Word and thinking on it, praying it. I’ve been praying for your appointment Monday etc. and good results…

  4. Inspiring post. (Visiting from Faith Filled Friday linkup.)

  5. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Pam, I love that idea of shaping worries into prayer. I heard a pastor mention something he’d heard Dr. David Jeremiah say…..about listing all his worries in writing and calling it a worry list. Then he crossed out the word “worry” and replaced it with the word “prayer.” I loved that. If we would pray as much as we worried, we’d be at peace. Thank you for this, and I love your little teapot drawing!

    • I like D. Jeremiah’s idea. Not always easy, but it does go back to casting our cares… standing on Him…Thanks for sharing that, Lynn. O, that isn’t my teapot… it’s a clipart I found. But I do love that style 🙂

      • Lynn Morrissey says:

        Well, it sure looks like *your* style!

      • Yes… I’ve used a lot of those on these devotions because i’ve always loved that style. I would love to have drawn this one 🙂 I found them at a site called graphic fairy and usually show the credit (I must have forgotten to copy that when I reposted this, but you can find it on other ones of my Sunday Community Devotions…)

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