Barbershop quartet

How wonderful it is, how pleasant,
    for God’s people to live together in harmony!
It is like the precious anointing oil
    running down from Aaron’s head and beard,
    down to the collar of his robes.
It is like the dew on Mount Hermon,
    falling on the hills of Zion.
That is where the Lord has promised his blessing—
    life that never ends.

~  Psalm 133 [Good News Translation]

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Royalty-Free Vector Clip Art Illustration of a Border Of Two Blue Butterflies And Black Lines by elena

Sometimes this world seems a cacophonous place.  Myriads of opinions.                  I think you should do it this way.  You have your own idea.  The guy down the street thinks we’re both missing it and he has the key! 

And I try to imagine eternity…  a heaven that somehow melds the strengths of all our many-faceted  personalities.  Puts us all on the same page, yet retains the colors and lights of individuals God made us to be, in deepening hue.   Leads in perfect joy with… luminous understanding of heart.

No more frustrations that we don’t see eye to eye… or why don’t you see it as I dos

Living where every word we try to share is fully understood as meant…

How can this ever be, I wonder?  I long for that here and now.

Maybe… it will be like 4-part harmony a billion times over, I think then, as I work on this drawing this week.  Each voice on a different pitch, unique and beautiful on it’s own, but oh!  The radiant sound of the blend!

I listen to the album of these four men depicted…  the sweet tones of lovely romantic songs from tin pan alley days I’ve only ever loved in nostalgic set movies and… Disneyland…

And when they end on a flourish of How Great Is Thy Faithfulness,

I can’t help but join in the praise to our God who yearns with us, pours out His oil anointing of harmony…in delicious have your cake and eat it too moments when we are all on the same Song…yes, even in the here and now.

That IS where the Lord has promised his blessing—
    life that never ends. [Psalm 133:3, emphasis mine]

.Royalty-Free Vector Clip Art Illustration of a Border Of Two Blue Butterflies And Black Lines by elena

© Pam Depoyan

Drawing, mine ~ ©  Pam Depoyan (Special this month…  just six more days!  See Celebrating April)

This drawing is under my copyright  (please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)   )

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14 Responses to Harmony

  1. Hello Pam~~~

    This particular post of yours comes as words I have needed to hear and be reminded of HIS words- and then yours-as you personally share a desire of a “Place/Heaven” where there is no
    more fighting of people thinking “my way is the Best~~no room for anybody else”–the ultimate example of how we all can choose to use “Free Will” given to us by The Lord–and then stepping back to see how HIS children either work together for good things to happen~~~or digging heels in, arms folded, lips tight in anger-no willingness to pull together for HIS good.

    As I kept reading your words—one image formed in my heart~~~BOSTON, where people stopped their own desire to Run, be the Best—instead so many stopped, racing to hold hands on a stranger’s mangled leg~~~determined to stop the flow of blood, knowing they were helping to keep LIFE going. Another stopped~~holding a beautiful young woman–knowing it was probably too late, but hoping there was still a chance for those Blue Eyes. Why did it take such an act of violence to show the world how much GOOD is around us and in each of us?

    I love the word HARMONY—let us all step aside from the tiny issues and come together, no matter the issue.

    Thank you Pam–my heart has been lifted up today. love and blessings, martha

    • I’m so happy these words lifted you up today, Martha… yes to all you share here. I hadn’t thought of it in terms of Boston, but what you say is so true. Harmony is a beautiful word… and goes with what Jesus prayed for us in John too. Let the Holy Spirit bring a bit of heaven through us to those we touch. Thank you, Martha!

  2. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Pam, I’ve missed your posts. And you never disappoint. I love this one–and particularly this line about how each voice sounds a different pitch–unique, beautiful on its own–and yet, the voices blend….no doubt beautifully! I went to a difficult meeting last night where one man shouted so loudly, I literally jerked forward in great surprise. His voice was like an unwelcomed pitch-fork goad. So many voices were cacaphonous, raising their differing opinions over the others’. But, mercifully, in the end, when a vote was taken, which was close to unanimous, people came together, Spirit-prompted in the harmony of unity. Unity is harmonious even though it is a singly resounding note. And thanks for mentioning babershop. I was immediately taken back to one of my favorite movies, The Music Man. I’m a singer and always wanted to sing the part of Marian the Librarian. One of my favorite pieces is her singing “Sweet and Low” in counterpart to the school board’s four-part harmony of Lida Rose. And it’s neat that those donnybrooking members made peace through music! Oh that we would just sing to solve our problems. Thanks for a great post. Welcome, back! LOVE that neat drawing. YOu’re wonderful.

    • Music Man is it exactly, I was thinking that too! And of interviewing Andy Williams and the picture he painted for me of how his father taught he and his brothers to sing in harmony. And of a fun dvd clip of Andy with the little Osmonds singing Lida Rose… I love that you have that dream of singing Marian. One of my movie soundtrack favorites, for sure. I loved the barbershop quartet in that movie – one of the best I’ve ever heard. (I’m working right now with a man who loves singing barbershop too…)

      This drawing is of an actual album cover – the wife of one of the singers asked me to draw it for a surprise for her husband. I wasn’t sure I could make it look like it, but it did come out pretty close. I love all those sweet old songs..

      I can picture that meeting you spoke of… and all those raised voices. It CAN be like a pitchfork shock as you say. So much of this around these days. So glad that unity did come out of it for you too. Thank you for those encouraging words, Lynn. I wasn’t sure if this one really said anything that would resonate and it means a lot to know it did!

  3. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Oh goodness! Your posts always resonate! And how neat that this was a real group of men. I know you made them happy! I love how you met Andy. And he put Osmonds on the map!

  4. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Love your I’m a Writer button! I tell my friends this all the time. And I thnk your “C” sign is good too.

  5. trym1979 says:

    Thank you:) Have a nice weekend. Praying for you my friend. Love Janneke!

  6. Hi Pam, loved your post 🙂 ‘He pours out His oil anointing of harmony…’ Amen!

  7. lolitaLolita says:

    When I enlarged the picture you made, I saw the line-up of songs. I don’t know much of those songs but the last one, I know by heart. I wish I can hear it sang by the Barbershop Quartet. The melody should be so sweet.

    I am not a musical person because I can’t sing a note alone. But I do appreciate a perfect blend of voices.

    The thought of brothers dwelling in unity is a loan from heaven indeed. We are left with a foretaste of heaven when Jesus fulfilled redemption. We have it by the indwelling Holy Spirit but discord is a natural of the world….. so we long for it like how we long to live in Eden, the place God designed for us in the first place. Yes how great it would be to dwell in peace with our neighbors, with strangers….. no envy, no boasting, no domineering, just loving and sharing. Heaven, it is!

  8. I wondered if you would know them. Those are just sweet old romantic songs from the early 1900’s. I’ve known them from old movies set in that era… and tv shows like the Waltons. Don’t know if you get those there. Have you seen any old musicals from the 1940’s, like Judy Garland, Doris Day etc? If so, you might have heard them in there. I wonder if there are any you tubes that play them. Or Music Man… there was a barbershop quartet in that movie that was fabulous! Have you ever seen that?

    Yes, to all you shared… that will be heaven indeed! Thanks, Lolita!

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