To All The Women Who Shape Our Lives…

I miss my mom most of all around our birthdays (hers was the day before mine, and forever connected through years of co-celebrations when really, she made me more the star than herself) – and Mother’s Day.

Sometimes life seems so ephemeral…like a hummingbird flutter-dancing over a thistle…  time slipping into time.

Moments come and gone… “I love you’s” floating on the breeze…  

Grace for the sad days… light for the joyous…

And I think…  this weekend is a good time to remember women who shape and touch our lives.  Most times that is our own moms, for some of you it may be others who took that role in different ways in your life… the “other moms” who spoke blessing over you.

If possible, why not send them a Happy Mother’s Day note this year                                                   to thank them for that blessing?

A couple years ago, I wrote an “unsent letter”  –  remembering a bit of my mom’s legacy, and I thought I’d re-share it here in honor of this Mother’s Day Weekend…

If you’ll just step with me and click over here...   🙂

Mother’s Day Musings…

…a repost from May 2012…


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Anita at Thankful Thursdays, link above, is praising God among the bluebells today… 🙂  I think many of you fellow UK lovers would enjoy her lovely post!  


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8 Responses to To All The Women Who Shape Our Lives…

  1. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Pam, as always I hear the lyricism in your words, expressing the “lyrics of the heart,” a phrase I wrote in a recent guest post on a friend’s blog. Beyond your ever-ethereal writing style is the heaven-sent meaning of your posts. God gave you your precious mother, and what an angel she was. REading this, my eyes welled with tears, because she was your first beauty-bestower, and now you follow in her footsteps sharing beauty with us in your words and your prints. My mother sounds a lot like yours. She has breathed beauty in my life. I join you in thanking God for both our angel-mothers. What fortunate daughters we have been (and God, please let me be this way to my daughter, SHeridan)!

    • Thank you so much for those kind words, Lynn. I’m a bit teary because today I’ve been thinking how I wish I could have written some things together with my mom. She always wanted to be a writer too. Many times I have watched Julie Andrews and her daughter on interview talking about the great joy they have writing together. Today, I saw Mary Higgens Clark and her daughter talking about the same thing. This time of year can make me weepy. Plus i have a cold dragging me a bit. A few fresh ideas I want to post here but every time I go to, I just can’t focus. So the repost for today… I love what you say about the beauty-bestower. I read your lovely poem at Kel’s but have to comment… again not feeling great so i just read it and got off… Yes, your mom sounds like one of His gifts to you too. And I know you are to Sheridan… Yesterday, reading Jennifer’s post and going over to Lydia’s – wow. What I would give for the sweetness between mom and daughter there. Another writer in the blooming! Maybe I’ll post on this when I get some thoughts together…
      BTW… I thought of you on the bluebell post at Thankful Thursday… I think it originates in England… 🙂

  2. Lynn Morrissey says:

    I”m so sorry for your loss, Pam. And these anniversaries are hard. A new friend lost her mom a year ago tomorrow (and a dear friend just lost her brother–just sixty–on TUesday)……so, so hard, and death was never mean to be. I wish you had had the chance to write w/ your mother, too. I have published several of Mother’s stories in my early books. She’s a wonderful writer, and this was *her* dream, too, but she raised a family instead. Sometimes it’s hard to do it all. But you can keep writing *about* your mom, and somehow, I thnk she knows. And yes, I truly love what Jennifer and LYdia are doing jointly. I wish my daughter would illustrate a blog for me w/ her art work and photography. We’ll see. But she’s on overload right now w/ college. Do you mind telling me which poem you read at Kel’s? I’ve posted two.
    I surely pray you will feel better soon!

    • Thanks, Lynn. Yes, the anniversary of her death is actually very early in the year. I was just referring to Mother’s Day (for many reasons to do with her, some with me) and joint birthdays… Yes, my mom, too – family before writing. Writing was a dream she had too, but not comparatively, I guess. So special that you could publish some of your mom’s writing with yours. That would be so fun if Sheridan could swing that for you. I read both of yours. Lovely. I commented on the first one about the conference… Thanks for your prayers! It’s getting better… Happy Mom’s Day to you!

  3. lolitaLolita says:

    I always love how you phrase you words, it is a sing-song melody for me. And I’d like to remember your Mom for Mothers’ Day this year and even for everyday is Mothers’ Day. We owe them that. I could really point out how she had shaped your personality and your love for the creative word and her love of God, which she passed on to you. I do believe that her love shone so brightly even for others so that it has sunk deep in you. You share passion for people’s care.

    I honor my own mom and my mother-in-law. I am gonna send them notes. I bought a cute dress for my mom-in-law and I already handed it to her. I like to give a smile to her lips even with such little tokens.

    I also send my birthday greetings in memory of you Mom’s birthday. She is smiling up there over you and your sister and Dad.

    • Thank you Lolita for all your beautiful words and prayers. They mean so much – especially knowing that the little things I’m writing here touch you the way they do. And that you see those things in me is a wonderful compliment, knowing it reflects my mom as you said. I love your gift to your mom-in-law, how you like to give her a smile. Your words are always a blessing!

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