One of a kind is meant for you…

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On this day of unexpected hiatus, the afternoon sun was like His Hand,   warm upon my head.

I bent over my bit of cottage English find, shaking and lifting that first can of white satin…then gloss…. enjoying the smooth way it covered.  Taking care to stay within the boundaries of brown paper grocer bags, cut and opened flat and wide beneath…

A shadow of soaring birdwing crossed at my feet, a soft breeze played with my hair… gently lifting up from my shoulders… settling an awareness of gift over me.  Spring, in its gray-blue and gently-white swirled sky way — reminding me of the fleeting feel Thomas Kincaid caught in one of my favorite of his Cotswold prints — painted a May-only light over the blossoming pear and dogwood perfuming my little neighborhood.  Even the cardinals and robins and chicadees seemed to be calling to that wonder all around me…   Listen.  SeeYou are in His heart, and He is in yours…

Laughter could bubble in and up and out of me right then and it wouldn’t have surprised me.  The kind that dances at amazement.  Of how an image of this exact piece came like a photo or a pen & ink drawing into my mind… clear and detailed down to the scrollwork and miniature size.  Of how I’d been thinking of checking a certain new store to see if it were possible to find such a piece, especially to my scrimp funds… how time and busyness kept getting in the way…how today a window opened and I thought – try now!

How I didn’t see anything like it at all in any of the furniture displays… and settled back to just wandering through this marketplace of quaint and fun and all more than reasonable prices.  Not to shop…just to enjoy.

When completely by surprise, like coming upon an unexpected field of cherry blossoms that catch the breath away… in the back of the room… up on a table — there it was.   So exact to my mental image, it could have been the real life piece of a photo I’d snapped and returned for.  Perfection… meant for a sweet child’s room perhaps, in its diminutive charm, petal pink curve.

“Oh, but you could paint it white,” the clerk enthused as I asked if it came in that more classic color, told her what my thoughts were of where I would use it…

I debated.

Walked back and forth, circled it.  Checked the tag.  So exactly below the top price I’d told myself I could only afford as a slight splurge.  Should I?  Surely, like most one of a kind things here, it wasn’t likely to be available that long.

And so I steered my cart out of the store to ohhhh…  how darling!… all around me.

“It’s made for a child’s room, I think,” I happily tossed back to so many “Oh, but so perfects,” trailing after me…  Feeling like the kid who uncovered a treasure hidden in plain sight, I lifted it ever lightly and gaily into my back seat.  Left to purchase paints to spray…

Now… carrying it to my little dogwood at the edge of my property, in the landscape ring just beneath my white latticed porch… I settled it down into the rock bed there between the little bush plants.  Stood back to admire, readjust slightly.  Arranged a pale chartreuse watering can from my spring storage, kitty-corner at its feet…. and thought…

How like You, Fatherto know my heart so well.  You planted the desire in me for pink blossom trees at my first home.  And long before I moved here, You placed this one here…waiting…. just for me.  Is it silly to imagine you also imprinted this little bench design in my heart and then led me right to it?

I could almost feel His smile spreading like sunlight pictures on my walls.  He’s put this love of character and picket fence charm and love of all things English style in me.  I think He planned to plant this pink blossom tree here… waiting for me… long before I told Him I wanted one at my first home.  And into today’s clouds that could obscure His heart… just for me, I think… He led me to this little gift that to me just says… Take comfort.  I am with you… always thinking of you.  (And of you, too.)

It was then that I noticed… the scroll of heart at the top of the bench.

And later, watching a neighbor out for her daily constitution, I smiled again as I saw her pause and smile at it too…

If I were Anne of Green Gables, I’d twirl beneath the blossom trees.


©  Pam Depoyan

I think He has unexpected gifts, simple delights like these waiting in our ordinary, little forget-me-nots in time.  O, that we will not miss them…


dogwood photo:  mine

forget me nots…

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18 Responses to One of a kind is meant for you…

  1. Lynn Morrissey says:

    So lyrically, beautifully told, Pam….a gracious gift from the Father. He knows what we love and He delights to give it. Oh! I see the little heart, too….a gift of the heart, from His heart to yours! When things are difficult, especially, I think, He lavishes these dinimutive delights to tell us how much He cares. And it’s then that we realize that they aren’t so small or child-sized at all. He bestows from teh bounty of HIs big heart. Thank you for sharing, and I love your little “find”!

    • Thank you as always for your cheery words, Lynn! Yes, I am really seeing how He does delight in giving these little things. Not for the things, but for the simple joy, like a parent delighting in His child’s heart. I love what you say about when things are difficult… and the bounty of His big heart. I thought you would love this find too! My yard is pretty postage stamp size, so this fits and gives the appearance of a true sized bench (though I don’t think I’ll try sitting on it – ha!)

      The photo doesn’t do justice to the deep color of the pink dogwood… maybe too much sun on it when I took the photo. Have a hard time seeing the actual scene through the digital camera too. Just snap and hope it is taking what I want! 🙂 I love the light and airy, delicate grace of this tree in this shot! Makes me want to draw it…

  2. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Ha! About the sitting! But I know he sits w/ you in leisure in other places. I know how you sometimes aren’t able to use your own photos and always credit where it is due, but I loved that I could actually see the little bench here. It represents so many things….fellowship, prayer bench, rest, etc. ANd I LOVE flowering trees. I love dogwoods and they are native to MO, both pink and white. Sadly, ours were ripped out when our Linden Cottage was raised, and while we planted them here at Ingelside (we name our houses!), they didn’t survive. But your post reminds me we should try again. Everything you write , frankly, reminds me I should try again! God never gives up on us.
    lvoe you, Pam!

    • Well that last is a wonderful compliment, Lynn. Thank you. I love that you, like Anne Shirley, name your homes (one of hers was Ingleside, too :), though I’m sure you know that). I love all your thoughts about the bench… that’s in my mind too. Love that we both love benches and gates! I have been re-reading Rebecca lately and falling in love with her writing style all over again. Such lyrical words those British writers have! I asked the Lord to inspire me that way because it is my favorite style of writing. So when you say that, it really lifts my spirit.

      I just bought a small potted blue hydrangea to put by the bench, but it’s so cold today I think I will keep it inside a bit longer… I’m so glad to be able to use some personal photos like this now to show you exactly what I’m describing…

      Love to you, too Lynni!

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        Pam, I think that God knit us at the heart. Ingleside (which I obviously mistyped in my hurriedness)…….truly? That was Anne’s house’s name? I had no idea. Sadly, I have not read any of those books. I should do that as an adult. That said, I actually thought I made up the name. Our house has 3 fireplaces, and hence, the name Ingleside. I h ad thought of graceland, b/c the house is a gift from God, but Michael would have NONE of an Elvis referral! =] And wwe moved here when sheridan was but 7, and she came up with (something like!) God’s Holy Pink Crystal House!!! (She LOVED PINK!). Needless to say, I got to name the house. But I simply can;t believe your mentioning that it exists in literature. And I can’t believe your reference to Rebecca. I am breaking my own rules about loving only BOOKS and am taking a Nook to England. The weight factor weighs heavily into that decision! =] I’ve got Jane Eyre and Wuthering Hts loaded onto it, and decided I would take Rebecca too. So your allusion here is really timely for me. I love that novel. I thknk I will load some Scottish writers too like RL Stevenson. I love the spiritual emphases in Dr. J & Mr H (though not particularly lyrical 🙂 My entire ESV Bible is loaded and several Xn books. I DO LOVE BOOKS, but in this case, I think it makes a lot more sense. Michael said now they charge $100 for every extra bag. Ridiciulous!

        Thanks for sharing too about the gates and benches!

      • Oh, you should take some Mary Stewart with you too! Like maybe, Nine Coaches Waiting, or The Ivy Tree! I am not much for fantasy so I’ve never read her Merlin stuff… not my type. But another wonderful British writer!

        I answered you mainly on email about the Anne books and the name Ingleside. But I think you are right about being knitted at the heart. We do seem to love the same classic literature, old movies, music etc! And most of all the Lord! 🙂 I don’t know if I can give into a nook, but I understand the weight issue… Have you ever seen or read the true story called 84 Charring Place? It’s delightful… a true story of a woman (in the movie, Ann Bancroft) who started writing to a bookstore in England for some wonderful books she couldn’t find in America. It was during a time when England couldn’t get much in the way of food etc, and she became pen pals of a sort with the book store owner, sending him and his family gifts of foods they couldn’t get. He sent her wonderful books, first editions etc. It was really a charming story… all told through the letters written.

  3. Jillie says:

    Pam…What a lovely photo! So peaceful. Your English bench invites to rest.
    I must say, I really ‘know’ God is real and paying attention, when He surprises with something I’ve briefly thought about, but may not have even prayed about…and yet there it is before me! He’s done that a few times for me. Causes me to delight in Him—His goodness—His personal love for me and the desires of my heart that only He can know about.
    Beautiful words today, Pam.

    • Lynn Morrissey says:

      Oh Jillie, i knew you would love i t! I hope you will visit Pam often!

    • Thank you, Jillie. I agree! I’d love to hear about your times like these too… I think they encourage us all. It amazes me how I often only figure it out afterwards that He was whispering and leading… and in times like these when you just think it is your own thought, His surprises do show His goodness. And yes, His personal love for each of us. Thanks for coming over! I’m glad you like this photo too… 🙂

  4. I truely believe that God delights to give us these type of surprizes, “one of a kind” just for YOU.
    I enjoyed your visit to the store and finding just what God had set there for you. Thanks for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”

  5. lolita says:

    Wow, wow. The garden bench really brings out the best of your little front yard, Pam. How I love to see in person the pink blossoms of your Dogwood Tree. White is perfect to match the latticework of your porch and the green grass just become greener too.

    And for the mind picture and the exact find? They aren’t petty coincidences, they are God-appointed. How he loved the picture you made in your mind and how He loves to surprise you, and laughed when it made your skip a beat. Ha ha ha….. you are infectious, Pam. I feel like I was there when you found the treasure.

    My hugs and love to you in this wonderful day.

    • lolita says:

      BTW, I was thinking of your pen & ink prints and I was amazed at how even blacks and white or sepia and white could show the actual lighting and shade through your artistic painstakingly done pen strokes. I can’t imagine myself poring down at every little detail, to bring the almost real image out. Like the home portraits. So so amazing, I see His own hand in them.

      And I would like to see the rendetion you will make out of that portion of your garden, including the watering can, of course. And perhaps a little kitty, or a soccer ball? Huh, grand, that would be so.

      • Yes… like a black and white photo, lights and darks really do stand out. Thank you for those kind words. I’m so happy they make you see His hand in them! I feel that when I’m working on them and praying as I draw too… There’s something I do love in the detail work of it, because it is like filling in the essence, I guess. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Lolita. I’m glad this story “infected” you with His joy bubbling over! Yes, my little house is one of the plainer ones. Cute, but not with some extra little character that some others have… So I think that little bench adds just a perfect touch out there too. My neighbor on the other side (not seen in this picture) has a healthier dogwood that is so so pink and full right now. Wish mine looked like that. I might take a photo of hers to post here too. For some reason it is always more lush than mine. But it is a gift to me too because I enjoy it from my living room windows – an extra bonus to me. 🙂 I did love the pink color of the bench but really it was more little girlish… so painting it white made it more in line with my porch as you say… 🙂

  6. marty says:

    What a peaceful little spot to sit and ponder His good gifts!

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