Re- Catching Joy…

For those of you who enjoyed yesterday’s day brightener…An Un-Holiday Gift  … I thought this one might make you grin even wider…   🙂

…A teaser, starting in the middle…

…  I’d just escaped the adjoining waiting room where a television program was blaring details about someone going through something I… did… not… want… to… hear… anything… more… about.  Something that had taken hold of my own life these past few months and left me drained.  It seemed wherever you went these days…bad or heartbreaking news was in your face whether you wanted to hear it or not.  People talking clinically…as if it were just a hypothesis.  I would just wait here until the show topic changed…

I could hear a woman inside one of the offices off the hallway, fussing about her car repair. Saw a small blue-eyed boy in a matching fleece jacket peeking out at me…



Click over to here Catching Joy…   for a little more refreshment to sleep (or start your day) on…  🙂


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7 Responses to Re- Catching Joy…

  1. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Oh that is so dear, Pam, and charmingly told. I agree: There is so much distress on the news, and as I may have already said here, I watch far too much of it. What a sweet little boy, and I’m so glad that the two of you connected–heart to heart! It made me a bit sad to think that the mother was worried that he was talking to you, and yet I repeatedly did that with my daughter over the years. We’ve been taught not to trust–and I guess in this crazy world w/ those who really do harm children, we have to keep our guards up. But I’m glad that you and he found an innocent, sweet way to communicate, nontheless.
    Thanks for sharing Pam
    PS Can’t believe you found that cute pic of the boy behind door!

    • I know! That photo was extraordinary! Yes, it is sad that we all have to be on our guard these days. I remember an old Little House on the Prairie that touched me. Laura was tiny, maybe 8, and met a strange man at the fishing river everyday. He was hard hearted and they became friends… she would go home and tell her family about her “friend.” How the world has changed! Even since we were children, and it was stricter then too. But I think she also had other things on her mind that day… and trying to keep her child in sight. Today’s world is a wary one, but so glad our Father arranges moments…

  2. lolita says:

    Oh yes, I enjoyed this post immensely back and I still have this and a few others in my mind because of how beautifully you have written it. There were those crayola days, the other at a store-a grandma and a grandson. You really tell it like we are there with you each moment relishing the God-arranged lovely incidences that lifts our heart.

    I love that Pam-to think and to be aware of those moments we know that are God-arranged, God-moved. I do believe they all have impacts in our lifes and all for a reason.

  3. In our world there is much terror and sadness, but as we look around us we can find pieces here and there of joy, peace, grace and happiness. Thanks for sharing at “Tell me a Story,”

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