Dove Light




“His heart has just become so hard,” she said sadly, as we were saying goodbye.  

We’d talked about many things as she snipped and shaped my hair for the last hour or so, circling around as we often do to stories of the Lord.   To a beautiful message her pastor taught recently echoing a theme strong in my own spirit lately.  What if we really believed God not only could but will do what we are praying about?   What if we came to Him so full of expectant faith, like the lepers, the woman who touched His hem, the friends of the paralytic?

“But he seems so lost…” she mourned, painting for me this one who means so much to her, but seems impossible to reach.  “We were raised to believe, to trust in the Lord…but somewhere along the way he started listening to intellectual doubts in college…would not forgive God when we lost another we loved…”  I pictured a ship tossing to and fro on waves, crashing on the shore of anger and sorrow and fist shaking at God who seemed not to answer an all important prayer…  a wreck barnacled-over and crusty and filled with seaweed.  But somewhere, a plaintive voice protesting too  much.  As though he is yearning for someone… somewhere… to restore his faith in the Father…

“I am going to pray for him with you,” I said as I followed her up the stairs and out to the front porch.

Her eyes swam, but her smile brightened.   “Yes… that would be wonderful.  He needs as many prayers as we can gather!”

I stepped out into the still sunlit evening, the door closing behind me, down the driveway to my car at the curb, and… jumped!

There… inches away from my face… stood a beautifully formed  mourning dove.  Perched on the edge of my car roof, like a living carved statue of feathery grey clay.   Amazingly calm on the smooth finish, like the one that often stands on the roofline of my neighbor’s home.  Sometimes on my back deck rail.  Looking for all the world like a sentinel on guard at it’s post.

Poised facing the house, this one looked at me oh so gently… eyes meeting mine.

Bird,” I addressed it, with a wave as close as I dared, “You’ll have to leave now.”

It remained, soulful eyes meeting mine.  Completely at peace.  Unafraid of even me.

I didn’t want to jar it by opening the door, so I tried again.  And again.  Laughed softly.  It didn’t want to go.

Finally, I jangled my keys.  With hesitancy…it soared off.

Not a mark on the car where it had been.

And as I climbed into my driver seat, I thought of the scripture CD I’ve had playing back and forth to work lately in my car.  Of the Father’s Heart for the Prodigal Son-conversation left behind at the porch step…but just beginning to prayer in my thoughts…  Of a bird that reminds me of His Holy Spirit.  Perching on my car outside her home… as if to say… I’m with you both, watching over your prayer.  I have him covered.  I will never let him go…

Was that a little “song note” from you, Father?”  I wondered aloud.  Did that bird sense You here…?”  I smiled.  The CD began again with a beautiful promise filling my car…along with a fresh benediction of wing-tipped peace…


©  Pam Depoyan

A Little Note More 🙂 :  As I was drawing the lakeside cottage image above this weekend, I mused over a touch it seemed to need at the bottom…  Thinking of that bird I often see on my neighbor’s roof, I suddenly remembered a sketch of a gull I could incorporate into this.  Another sentinel of peace.   And today’s moment with the dove reminds me of this same feel:          All’s right with the world…because no matter what… God is watching over us.    May that truth stand guard over your hearts in this moment and always…


                              Then I will ask the Father to send you the Holy Spirit who will help[1] you and always be with you.

~ John 14:16 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  1. help: The Greek word may mean “comfort,” “encourage,” or “defend.”


artwork: mine, under my copyright  (please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  🙂  )

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21 Responses to Dove Light

  1. I love your sketch, and the gull you added. Birds are often sent as a sign that God is working on our prayers. Thank you for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”
    Yes, God cares about those who have been persuaded by talk from the intellectuals that there is no God or by other means. – – God is still in control and is watching over those rebellious ones. Parents and family often are not the ones they will listen to. Instead our prayers should be, Lord send a worker into that vineyard who can plant the seeds that will grow and bring a harvest. Woo that precious one by your Holy Spirit and speak to him (or her) in the night.

    • Thank you, Hazel! It was a fun one to draw… and I love that gull in it… It makes me think of God watching over us every time I look at it. I never heard that about birds before. I like that. I always remember a story I heard actress Bonnie Hunt tell on her old talk show once, how she was in the midst of a sad divorce, crying her heart out one day by her pool, when a duck came waddling up from nowhere and sat very close to her. As if to bring comfort… God’s creatures, so amazing! Yes, praying for God’s messengers, so true. And I love to pray the word too. I think of a beautiful verse in Ezekial where God promises to remove the heart of stone and give the people hearts of tender turning towards Him, to make them His people and He their God. And another in Hosea where it speaks of God’s wooing of our hearts. I love that picture of Him, wooing us… . .

  2. Jedidja says:

    Wow, I love this! Thank you for writing this.

  3. I am just awed at your drawings, and this post, too. Lovely.

  4. joanneviola says:

    Beautiful post. Great reminder to pray, expecting & anticipating that our God hears & answers the cries of His children. Thank you for sharing this. I visited from Winsome Wed. 🙂

  5. Pam,

    Praying with friends about closed off hearts… yes! And the beautiful mourning doves have lovely calls too, don’t they?

    Have a wonderful week.

    Jennifer Dougan

  6. pam-
    how I love the drawing~~~the dove being the messenger and it hits me–“HIS message to us is so simple~~~LOVE! We have that free will thing and can twist, shake, reject LOVE from God and yet HE is always there……..

    You find me with a heavy heart today~~~two dear friends–a married couple who “started over” again in life, building the place of their dreams, or so they thought. One loved the place with open joy, but the other–~~~always a quieter mood. Fast forward and suddenly the one word none wish to hear—Cancer had entered their life. It has moved so fast–too fast and now she is in Hospice care, and he made a sudden choice, taking the “dream place” and walking away from it. He now sits by her side–as they take this walk~~~I spoke with her today–she “thanks” me for how supportive I have been to her husband–words don’t come easy for me~~~my heart aches as I let her know how much I love both of them… My words come slower as I let her know “so many are praying for you–please know that” and our conversation ends as I tell her “I love you so much” and she softly echos the words back to me..

    Her husband tells me to hold on as he leaves the room and gets to a place where he can speak with me “freely”~~its amazing how the sound of “heartbreak” can travel through the phone lines. He talks with me and is “looking back in time” recalling all the work, dreams, hopes and then the sudden realization~~~she is all that matters now–he wants to be with her every second.

    I do not have words that will ease his pain–just a loving heart that is here for him now. For the first time in months since his life was turned upside down, I can hear him asking somebody “Can you please write this number down for me?” We both understand the importance of a simple phone number—I promise him we will be talking often—staying in touch—my “shoulder for him to lean on” will come through these phone calls. We end our call, and he is thanking me for caring so much….

    Silence fills the space around me—i realize they are both on a journey now–Starting over with the MASTER beside them…. martha

    • Thanks for sharing your heart, Martha. I think how even Jesus wept when he heard of Lazarus’ death… even though He knew the joy in the resurrection that was soon to come. I pray His peace enfold you, lift you and your friends… And right up until the last breath, I pray His healing on your friend… for nothing impossible with Him. There is peace and assurance in what you said about LOVE… His Love hold you all close.

  7. Beth says:

    Beautiful, stunning, and I could go on. I’m so glad I followed you at Jennifer’s today as it made sure I came here. Absolutely beautiful! Love how you have reminded us that He does hear our prayers.

  8. lolita says:

    The gull perching on an anchorage post is a perfect addition to the image you drew. I love the vantage point of the drawing which shows the lakeside. Peace is confounded by the spirit-of-God icon of the gull. I can only imagine the unseen host of God’s winged army watching over the place and around us.

    About those who are wrestling between gospel and the truth or even intelectual Iies, I know that God will not let any of His children wander away from His protection and provisions. He leaves the 99 and finds the one lost. (It reminds me of Perri, at one time unbelieving and then wooed by God through Dobbs consistent sharing.)

    I also love how the presence of God was concretized by the dove sitting on your car. It makes me secure and comforted over your safety and fill, as well as mine.

    Thanks for this story and the prayer, Pam.

    • Yes, I love that too, Lolita. There was that instant feeling of peace to me when I added it, like hearing birds singing outside my window – and almost like hearing them in this scene. I think God has His angels all around us too. Yes, those characters in The Sweetest Thing did show a beautiful example of God’s wooing … and how He heals broken hearts… I loved that in the story too.

      I’m glad this drawing and story uplifts you too! The lake was not in the photo I was working from (just outside the camera’s view), but they wanted it in there and I thought a hint of it worked best… 🙂

  9. Sylvia R says:

    I’m so glad you’re using your lovely drawings to illustrate posts. The minute the one above came into view after I clicked your post’s link in my email it just filled me with inexplicable blessing. The perfect illustration for this piece of writing!

    • Thank you, Sylvia! You bless me! I always pray that over each piece I draw too. I felt compelled to write this that night it happened and was up much later than I’d usually write or post… so it feels like God was in it to me too… 🙂

  10. Jean Wise says:

    My, my you are talented – both in art and with words. Love the story you shared which really shows your compassion and faith. That dove was sent just for you! Sometimes all we can for others is pray with faith. We can’t fix, just pray.

    lovely blog!

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