Day 3: The Heart of Our Father: I rise on You today!

God will bless you more than any other nation—your families will grow and your livestock increase.  You will no longer suffer with the same horrible diseases that you sometimes had in Egypt. You will be healthy… 

~ Deuteronomy 7:14-15, Contemporary English Version


Keyword meanings as I seek Your Heart in these passages, Lord:

“Nation” God wants to bless =  Not referring now to an actual geographical country, but to “The spiritual place where the flock of Your pasture flourishes,”  those who choose You above idols and false gods, everyone who answers your knock (behold, I stand at the door and knock, whoever invites me in, I will come in and sup with them…), the lambs you carry on your shoulders, the center place in our lives where we choose Jesus and the Holy Spirit to live in and through us

“Egypt” =   Not talking any geographical place here, but the spiritual “land” we “lived in” when resisting Your wooing heart, the place we dwelt in apart from You,  any place or thing we have given home to in our lives that has blinded us with deception as to who You are or kept us bound with destructive lies and hopelessness

“Livestock” — the fruit of my labors, the work of my hands, the provision of my needs, blessed in and by Him that we may be His blessing to others as well



Father, what a wonder it is to know You sent Jesus to make me [fill in your own name] part of Your very own “nation” in the heavenly realms!  No longer a part of a nation against you…but ever more to live in You!

As I read this Deuteronomy passage – the Word not only to Your chosen People of Israel but to me, now, it’s Your Father-heart that leaps out at me!

On this earthly Father’s Day, I see my Heavenly Father, Who:

  • Longs to bless me, not stone me… as Jesus said.
  • Chooses to set me apart from those who don’t choose to follow, not to puff me up, but to show Yourself mighty, loving, true on my behalflike you did for Daniel and Joseph and Your People, that others would say, Look what the God of Israel [and of Me!]  has done!  Surely HE is the one True God!   Just because…You love me.
  • Desires that the world see You shine out of my Life, that they may turn longingly back to You.  As Isaiah 60 promises, You rise on me with Your light, and bring others to see You through it!
  • Makes healing a part of this gift! Setting me free of diseases that the Enemy wants to put on me… the Enemy who wants to convince me that I deserve them, or that I have failed, or that I am doing penance for something Jesus already paid for, or that it is just something I just have no defense against.  The Enemy who wants to keep me bound, when You have broken my chains and tell me, take up your mat and walk!
  • Is for me in ways beyond my imagination.  You want to bless not only me, but all those I love.  To make every area of my life to flourish like the palm tree, solid and growing in You, to walk in the light of blessing not curse, to be a living witness of Your grace won on the cross.
  • Calls me to put on my heavenly armor (Ephesians 6) and stand in your promises.

Today I will let myself soak in the promise You hold out to me in Your word, no matter how I feel.  You make me healthy… and I praise You and hold up the shield of faith, put on the breastplate of Your righteousness,  against lies that tell me I must just succumb to sickness.  Because You have said it, I will hold up the banner of Your words against arrows coming against me… I WILL be healthy because my God tells me so.  Not in my strength… in Yours.   With David, I sing with joy against all the Enemy would say… for…

“The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!
The Lord’s right hand is lifted high;
   I will not die but live,
    and will proclaim what the Lord has done...” (Psalm 118: 16, 17)

  Thought to ponder: 

How have I seen His blessing on my ‘health” lately, and maybe not realized it came from Him? 

Do I see myself as living in the “nation of the Lord”?


©  Pam Depoyan

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8 Responses to Day 3: The Heart of Our Father: I rise on You today!

  1. lolita says:

    So beautiful, Pam. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad!

    The pictures you have simplified gives me more clarity and I appreciate this so much.

    Blessings to you as you continue to share to us prayers we can personalize for our own applications. I look forward to the next passage.

  2. celticmama36 says:

    This part really spoke to me: “I WILL be healthy because my God tells me so. ” I need to hold onto this with the grip of a vice. There are scary things happening health-wise in my home and I don’t want to give into them. I can’t discount what is happening, either. I need to claim the healing and praise Him for it every day. Earth-side or Heaven-side, the healing is there.

    Thank you for this post. Have a blessed week.

    • Yes, you said it so perfectly. It isn’t discounting… we still need to see doctors etc. But I do believe in standing on His promises no matter what things look like. Been doing this a lot lately, so I understand. I’ve been through some serious things too, and others I’ve lifted up, and have seen miraculous moves in the midst. I hold you and yours up to Him in prayer agreement with you and encourage you to study the Word that talks about his healing, like taking them into your heart for yourself and those you lift up. I love Psalm 103 and Galatians 3:13,14 too! God bring total health restoration to you in all ways needed… IJN

  3. You are right, we don’t always remember to thank Him for the many blessings He gives.

    • Mmm… I think sometimes we may just get so busy, or think things may have just turned out anyway, that we don’t realize His hand in it… or it may just seem ordinary or usual…

      Thank you for leaving your words to this too 🙂

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