Christmas in July… A Writerly Gift

“I am now settled in Moffat, a small town in beautiful Annandale, in the country of Dumfries.  It is a peaceful spot and a marvelous place for writing.  I enjoy a good walk over the hills with my spaniel, and then come home to find tea waiting spread on a table before a bright log fire…”

~ D.E. Stevenson

…A Christmas Rose…

Today, moving about my own little bungalow cottage…savoring the small park on the green outside my picture window, the view from my writing spot overlooking the wicker chairs and waving pansies against my white porch rails …I am beginning pen & ink on a house portrait commissioned as a Christmas gift, checking my blog and email every so often, sending off a note to an editor about some long-held stories… when a half expected but earlier than I anticipated email pops into my box.

Front Cover: Coming October 8, 2013A warm greeting from the Chicken Soup editors, finalizing confirmation of my Christmas story to be included in their upcoming October 8, 2013 issue… giving me the details… singing holiday excitement for the gift box of books they will send one month ahead…

I reply, asking – Do they know when they will have the cover photo I might post?  And she sends me back this sweet and cheery red jacket…

Then… out of the blue… I feel like Ms. Dorothy Emily* wandering the hills of her beauteous Scottish village. Like her Miss Buncle,* writing away at her heartfelt stories.  Like it would be nice to be sharing tea and scones with someone right about now… though on this hot, hot day I think I’ll skip the bright log fire…

For today — I feel like a writer and artist!

And my home — like a charming artist cottage only found in movies and books!

Corresponding momentarily with an editor in the middle of the day, at the same time I’m writing and drawing, seems a dream itself.

Most of all, the sharing of a time in my life through this particular Christmas story… when in the midst of tragedy, God brought His light so wondrously  in the darkness.  One I promised Him long ago, I would share only if ever it could maybe ease someone else’s sorrow…

Making today one of those rare days when the wind of a thought sneaks up behind you and bowls you over with – God is taking the seeds and sowing of years and making this more than just a hobby!  (And if He is for me, then He is for you in your hopes too…)

It isn’t the first time to be published, but each opportunity is one more light of heaven on my pathway that seems to say… I am with you…

It is a sense of accomplishment towards a dream I think He has been leading me in, even when nothing seems to be happening… or naysayers are crushing…

It is a reminder of a day years ago when I accepted a new job in Corporate Communications — and…moving into my new desk cube… someone’s scrawled words on a cardboard box, For the new writer,  rang those same bells of Christmastide inside me.  I am a writer!

It is hope that God is leading and about to open doors that will allow me to work at this writing and drawing in a way that really supports me and allows me to bless others…

Yet, even more…on this, my 301st post!… it recalls important moments here when you tell me how a story touches you or tips your chin upward or flutters a breath of joy upon your day.   And I have opportunity to share and pray with you too.  Moments when I think I hear the echo of God’s whisper through your words, telling me… Do not doubt what I am leading in you…

And so… thanking Him today for the early Christmas gift of my contribution to a little book to come… for a beautiful place to live and write… for things to look forward to that stir me to His presence leading me…  I whisper also a prayer for a few words here on a post that seemed silent.  A little extra cherry on my snowman cake today.  Just to know if it spoke to any of you as it did to me…

And not too long after… He sends those too.  🙂  (Did you know you were an answer to prayer?)

No prayer too small or too big…for you, for me…speaking hope into much greater prayers on my heart right now…

And I think… Christmas in every moment (not just December or July) is holding on and finding His hand in ours…

For in these little gifts that come, He endlessly shows us the light of Bethlehem’s Star … If He cares for the sparrow, how much more He cares for you…and me. 

Wanting you to know…

He is with you.  Do not doubt what He is leading in you. 


How has Christmas come to you in today?  🙂

©   Pam Depoyan


*  See my postD. E. Stevenson – A Charmer of a Read

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12 Responses to Christmas in July… A Writerly Gift

  1. lolita says:

    This wonderful news, Pam. That’s so so great of our Father to give you this gift in that lovely Christmasey jacket. It is indeed light of heaven shining upon you. I thank God for that on you. It is so joyful to find you delighted.

    Congratulations, dear and I know there will be more to come. You are a writer and an artist. Those are God-hands and God-dreams for you.

    Please know that I am still here and praying for you and thinking about you even if our internet is again regulated and is also too too slow.

    • Thank you, Lolita. I have known about it for awhile, but it is never absolute until they finalize it near the publish date so I didn’t say anything until now. It is just one of those gifts God gives that helps erase lies that have made me feel like maybe I am just “not good enough,” tells me it isn’t about that, but about Him. I just had that fun feeling yesterday (the stereotype of the writer in their cottage)… kind of being silly, but enjoying it too. It’s probably the reader in me… 🙂 Thank you for all your prayers – I am praying for all those things you shared with me too. Praying doors opening for you in ways beyond your imagination…

  2. Congratulations Pam. A time to celebrate. I love your lists. I would welcome you to link at Can I Joy Dare You? where we lists posts of thankfulness.
    Following you from A Holy Experience.

    • Thank you, Janis! I will do that!

      You know, sometimes I read other blogs by beautiful, insightful writers – as I did just now — and thoughts of wow, what I just wrote is so mediocre and unimportant fall on my head. (Am I called to always writing things of depth, or maybe at times like this, to just write joy, I wonder?) Then He uses you to let me know. In this often sad and struggling world, His joy is never just joy, is it? 🙂 Living water… there are so many springs from His one fountain.

      • Love this Pam. We are not to compare but to do what we can for Him. We really write for an audience of One. If others are affected it is because of the Holy Spirit not us.
        Thanks so much for linking to Can I Joy Dare You? and for putting the call out for community on your blog.
        Many Blessings,

      • So true… and I keep having to remind myself of that… as I think so many of us do.
        I was happy to add your joy-filled link! Thank you for sharing it! Blessings to you too!

  3. Congratulations! I love those little pieces of encouragement and confirmation!

  4. Wonderful news Pam, I am really excited for you 🙂

    I am thankful for the gifts our Lord has blessed you with.

    • Thank you, Anita. I have been praying for God to use “the work of my hands” to shine Him and to bring me necessary income, and every little bit helps 🙂 Just heard from another editor I’ve been submitting to for quite awhile and they are taking one of my stories for their magazine too… a blessing! Another Christmas one… I pray blessings on all your gifts in Him too!

  5. MaryLou says:

    I love this line… “A little extra cherry on my snowman cake today.” The cover is sooooooo cute and old-fashioned… I love it! Congratulations on not only this story but all of the other stories and articles that you have had published. I really cannot see how you cannot see that you are a real writer and that your way with words is such a beautiful gift from God’s Hand that He is using to bless so many people. Keep on blessing! 🙂

    • Thank you, Marylou! I feel the same way about that cover!! I was hoping it would have that old fashioned style. I also just heard from a Christian magazine that they want to buy another Christmas story… exciting and answer to prayer for opening doors.

      That means the most to me, that God use what I write to bless others… so your words mean a lot!l (Just looking at that cover gave me that line about the cherry and snowman cake 🙂 )

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