Day 9: When Even The Trees Look Like Sunday


“…The sun is shining and everything looks and feels very Sundayish.           Point out to Tim the strange fact (which has just struck me) that even the trees look like Sunday.  Tim says they look the same as they did yesterday to him…  Very pretty walk across the fields, church bells in the distance          play hymns…”

~ D.E. Stevenson, entry to Mrs. Tim’s diary in Mrs. Tim of the Regiment

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“…He makes the winds His messengers…” ~ Psalm 104:4

a glen in the scottish highlands Stock Photo - 3574395

Ding! Ding! ripple the xylophone notes melodiously outside my window —  to  leaves whispering Sunday secrets and to grey clouds playing hide and seek with tufts of blue.

Then, coming across words from a decades ago writer expressing something fantastic I’ve felt too, the wonder in her feeling that same thing glints on the page.

Like a sign of His Spirit speaking imaginatively in codes of

(Do you see the cross in the clouds?)

 light … then…and now…and clasping hands of camaraderie across the chasm of time…

And, making me feel like following a slight detour to the next health-FULL word… a meandering through the heather of Words we’ve just come through, taking time to savor, and listening to them in prayer, breathing them back to the Giver…

Light and fresh air are wearing their Sundayish glow.  Can you feel it?  It’s saying…

Throw your cares to ME…



A Prayer from you to Him… and He back to you…


Oh, Father… I am listening to hear Your voice above my worries and fears.   Help me hear your whisper…

Are you sick?  Does everything seem to be spiraling out of control?  Do you want healing?  Believe and take My Word… health to your bones.  Light and life and healing For I tell you, I am the LORD, your [Fill in your name and those you lift up] Healer…” [Exodus 15:24 -26, Character of God: Call Me…Rapha — Day 1]

How do I take Your word, Lord?

Each of my promises has your name written behind it.  To receive is to take them from My Hands…Read them one by one, ponder them in your heart and repeat them to yourself… like drinking and eating of Who I am, what I say…   I delight when you tell them back to Me, for it gives me entrance to bring them to fruition in you…

Stand in your heavenly armor, putting on the garment of righteousness, the Truth as belt around your waist,  the helmet of salvation on your head, the Gospel as shoes of My peace, Faith as your shield… and take up My words as your sword against the enemy…speak them out as I did when tempted in the desert… and see what I will do!

Father, I will say what You say… and give You thanks today!  That even as I declare words You have promised to be True, You fill me with more of You…and show me just how real they are!

  • Praise You for Your blessing on my food and water!  You take away my [Your name] sickness! [Mention what that is specifically, if needed.)  You give me [Your name] a long life span! [Exodus 23:25-26, Come in to praise and sup… Day 2]
  • Today, I choose LIFE for me [name] and my children [names, including anyone you are praying for, not just your true children] so that we will live!  Thank you, LORD, You are our life!  Thank You that you promise to give us [names] many years in the land of Life! [Deuteronomy 30: 19-20, Day 4: To Life! To Life! La Chaim! ]
  • Oh, praise you, God, that not one of your promises will fail me [name], just as not one ever failed Moses! Every word from Your mouth is true for me.  [1 Kings 8:56,Day 5: Promise is forever]
  • O LORD, you ARE my [name] refuge and my strength!  Yes, be my dwelling place!  Thank you that You deliver me from [whatever your situation is today that needs healing].  You set me on high!  You help me to know and understand Your Name [my Jehovah Rapha, God my healer!] — You will forsake me never, no never!   When I call on Your Name, you DO deliver me and honor me! With long life You satisfy me and  show me Your salvation.  I sing Halleluia…Because Jesus rose with healing in His wings for me, the very word and promise of salvation includes my healing!  [Psalm 91, all of it, especially 9-10, 14-16; Day 6: Of Beauty and Promise and Chocolate Chip Cookies]
  • O let every cell in my [name’s] body praise your Name!  Let every blood cell, every organ, every tissue, every system and function, every bone in my body extol Your name – all my being —  that not one single part of me forgets one single one of Your benefits!  Sickness does not praise you!  If there is anything that is not healthy within me, I speak Your promises and benefits to it now that all that I am may “listen” and “know.”  For You forgive all my sins!  You heal ALL my [name] diseases, including [name whatever sickness/need specific to you and yours]!  You redeem me [name] from the pit!  You crown me [name] with love and compassion! You satisfy my [name] desires with good things!  And you do this to renew and strengthen my [name] youth like the eagle’s!  [Psalm 103: 1-5; Day 7: All that is within me…]
  • When I cry to you, You send your word to heal me [name]!  You rescue me from the grave!  I will sing forever of Your steadfast love and your wonderful works to me [Name(s)].  [Psalm 107: 17-21;Day 8: He Still Sends Forth His Word]!

O God, I want to believe YOU in the face of every lie coming against me, every sickness that tries to rob me of what you decree is Truth, every fear that makes me weak in the knees.

Just saying Your word out is like flying a flag in my heart!  Your banner flies over me and in me and around me, and Your banner is love!

You are holding out your promises to me…I am holding out my hands to receive them.  Like Abraham who believed in your impossible promise, though he knew in himself he was dead and what You said could not be unless you made it so…  I believe Your word.  I take and have your promises, receiving them just like he did, because what You say is always true, even before I see it.

I forgive anyone I have anything against right now [Names].  I praise You, Father, for Your Holy Unfailing Word – it is medicine to my whole body and to my life in all the ways I need, for You are my provider and healer!

Help me to take each fear and replace it with what You say… in every moment.  You have asked me to choose between LIFE and death.  I choose your gift of LIFE!  That every day shines of Sunday.


Closeup of Reflection of Eilean Donan Castle, Highland Scotland. Stock Photo - 13558577 Thought to ponder…

If God is who He says He is…  can any of His promises be simply “castles in the sky?”


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12 Responses to Day 9: When Even The Trees Look Like Sunday

  1. Beautiful words. I totally understand about the trees. There’s just something about the Lord’s Day1

  2. Anne says:

    We just returned from Kansas where the wind really blows! I suppose the Lord is sending a message and we need to learn to listen very quietly and very closely to hear His words. A good share. Have a beautiful week

  3. Rona B says:

    Always love visiting blogs on Sunday.
    What a wonderful post.

  4. lolita says:

    I will claim each one to heart and make them my own, Pam. Thank you so much.
    A drink that heals and replenishes. So so refreshing.

    Bless you everyday and your beautiful heart. May God continue to release words of blessings and healing through you.

    • His Word holds blessing for us all… And yes, His promises are for you, Lolita… 🙂 May they refresh you through each day this week and always! Proverbs 30:5 KJV – Every word of God is pure, He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him. 🙂

  5. Janis Cox says:

    Interesting – Sundayish… love that. Looking out my window – yes even the clouds have the glow of Christ. Thanks for linking to Sunday Stillness.

  6. Joan says:

    “If God is who He says He is…” One thing I have learned is that God is definitely who He says He is! All of His promises are true. And that is cause to celebrate!

    Blessings, Joan

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