Vibration of Harmony

“A child’s world widens like rings made by a stone dropped into a pool.  First the house became familiar to me, and then the garden.  The church came next, it’s tall gray walls and slender columns springing upward to support its arching roof were a source of never-ending wonder to  my mind.  The music awoke in my body a strange excitement, especially when the organ played alone, and the vibration of harmony filled the church with invisible angels…”

~ D. E. Stevenson, The Young Clementina

Morning light is scampering in and out behind the clouds, like a game of hide and seek.  Gardeners have steamrolled outside my bedroom window… much earlier than I would have liked…but all is blessedly quiet now.  Except for the tumult of thoughts banging here and there against the walls of my heart, causing a heaviness, a stealing of my breath, akin to still humid air.  Even the sweet call of bird to bird outside my window seems a bit distant.

“I just wish…” I speak to God… sotto voce.   Knowing He of everyone already knows.

I’m batting at these gnat-like thoughts… Sometimes it feels like I’ve bustled around to prepare a sumptuous feast…just for the joy of giving something I know will touch that one I love  …to do something special for them … grasp their hands in lifting our weariness to hope and faith. Taking joy in pulling out ingredients, stirring them together, kneading dough, popping it into the oven and watching the gift rise.  Breathing in the warm scent of cinnamon and setting a table with His delights.   In a sort of high tea that He has put in my hands because He is thinking of them most of all

Yet… startlingly… somehow, it is not received.  Or misunderstood.  Or tossed away…

At times… even… put down.

I long too, you know…  He comforts me now.

Maybe I’ll just keep quiet next time… I think.   Keep it to myself.

No, He whispers, gently, so that I imagine His fingers looping in mine.   Do not worry how…or when… it is received, He says.

Sometimes… it’s just… so hard.  I gulp. I just want to be able to share You together with those I love, especially those I know love you… sharing You like the air we breathe… but somehow it seems to fall in tangles so many times…

In praise, I open my hands to His words…

Keep listening to my lead.  I put a call on your heart and it is My joy to see you move in Me…  Never hold back in fear of what others think.  If you do it in My Name because you want to follow Me, I will make all things bless as my oil running down and over… send my angels to take your words of My Words and sing out the vibration of harmony… widen your world, like rings from a stone dropped into water…

Forgive me, Father… I do think too much of what others are thinking.  I think it is my yearning for oneness among us all, in You… anticipating it expectantly…and sadness when it doesn’t seem to be…

Keep praying ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’…  He seems to say then.  As My Son prayed for you each too…

Mmm…. as it is in Heaven.  Hunger and thirst in us… for more of Him.  More of His Word to our spirits.   Harmony in our hearts as we sing and dance and behold Him together.                Oh, for Heaven’s music!

©   Pam Depoyan


Do you know what spiritual gifts He moves through you?  What do you do when stepping out in faith just seems to make those you hope to uplift seem uneasy or put off?  I wonder if that is to be expected in this world where the lion is still roaming… yet                                         instead of allowing him to stop us, we should be seeing                                                 it as a sign that God is on the move?

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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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11 Responses to Vibration of Harmony

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    I am certainly being touched by the ripples of His love extended through your words Pam in so many ways. Keep dropping stones of remembrances of His love. I know the ripples will widen and refresh. Leave the results with Him.
    God bless you,

    • Thank you, Lynn. I wasn’t really talking about the blog or writing (more about God’s call to me as an intercessor, prayer warrior, encourager… even since I was a kid), but it is a blessing when people here tell me that God encourages them through some simple thing I write. Funny how God connects strangers in kindred ways and touches us one to another in this blogging world! I do pray to write words that reach deep and true. You bless me so many times in your words here. Love the way you put that… dropping stones of remembrances of His love. Yes, may He take what we give and ripple out to widen and refresh!

  2. pam-
    this really hits home~~~I have watched “church life” turn from unity and joy to Anger, false accusations, tossing words of deep hurt (these are the times when I recall my Mom telling me–
    Do unto Others as you would have them Do unto you~~~~she would pause and add the harder part–BUT–never, never expect them to Give your love back! Just keep on doing it!)

    I have been openly cursed, made fun of, terrible jokes about the Pain I endure each day~~~then one day came when I had to ask for help–needing a ride to the ER room (my husband was out of town) I stayed silent as this lady drove–suddenly she spoke “You know–I have watched you over the years–seeing all you do in the church. I thought it was just an ACT–a holier than Thou thing.” My heart ached and I could not speak–she had more to say— “But one day it hit me, I was seeing the REAL THING!! You are truly devoted to The Lord…………..

    Wow—I thanked her–over and over.. At the same time it felt as if Mom was standing near by, a gentle smile on her face–it felt like a Heavenly message had come my way…..You keep going Pam—HE is SMILING….. love, martha

    • That seems to be the devil’s favorite tactic, Martha – making even Christians mistake each other’s Lord-centered hearts as having a “holier than thou” attitude. When that is the farthest thing from our minds. (I remember my mom was hurt by that so many times too. She’d reach out to help someone and they would take it as though she was acting superior or something. And if you knew her, that would have been the farthest thing from her heart.) It just shows, he is trying every which way to get us to be “silent” either in our words or in our actions. I get so discouraged about it sometimes, but God is making me see we just need to keep stepping out in faith when we are sure of His leading… and it’s up to His Spirit to take it and use it. He has put His Spirit in us to move the world with His heart… and that is my prayer. And that others would only feel and know we are holding hands together, no one superior. Thank you for sharing your heart here, and in your church. God knows what He has written in you…and he is smiling on you too! 🙂 May He just shine…

  3. Hi There! I am coming over from Bible Love Notes.

    It is very difficult to be on your own with faith. You want so much to share, because you know the joy. But we all have to wait for God to call his children, and that is difficult too. I wish my son would come back to the church, but nothing so far. I’m not giving up though. Prayer changes things!

    Nice to meet you today 🙂

    • Thank you, Ceil. That is so true. I know how you feel… one of my favorite verses to pray for those like your son is Jeremiah 24:7… The Lord will draw him. I pray that with you today! Thanks for stopping in and leaving your words to encourage me. 🙂

  4. Kimberly says:

    Such beautiful words my heart know all so very well. Thank you for sharing that.

  5. Anita Hunt says:

    Hi Pam,

    Your post really resonated with me. Something I am battling hard with.

    In answer to your question I seek to have a heart of an encourager and intercessor. When people ask me to pray for them, I spend time with our Lord before His throne and wait for an answer. But a lot of the time when I share what I have heard and feel such a strong prompting in my spirit about it, many ignore or reject it. I then go through a kind of mourning, a deep sadness. Where as prayer intercessors we feel the pain. That many are asking for God’s leading but not prepared to listen if it’s not what they wanted to hear. I do find that hard as see it and experienced this often. I am trying so hard to learn the lesson that I continue to do what God asks me to, and the rest is in their hands.

    I can clearly see how God has given you such a beautiful sensitive heart for His Kingdom work.

    God bless x

    • I recognize that same heart in you, Anita… yes, intercessor and encourager are two things that seem ingrained in me from childhood. I have felt the same way. One of the most encouraging passages to me is the part in Revelations that talks about our prayers being in bowls and when the time is right the Lord pours them out. It lifts me to keep reminding myself that He is doing so much through them behind the scenes that we just don’t yet see. There is opposition at times, but greater is He. Blessings to your weekend too!

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