A Sunbeam Twirl

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 A raven-haired toddler stands in the corner of her kitchen, swishing her red and white polka dot tulle, shyly lifting skirt ruffle and showing a bit of eyelet panty, clearly debating if she will sing on cue as requested.

“Go ahead honey,” someone encourages.  She shakes her head, but when we pretend to turn away she suddenly decides she wants to show us, lifts her sweet voice and chants her melody of praise — practiced and perfected in a ballet class of two year-olds — raising her hands, extolling the Lord…and bringing back my childhood…

My mom kneels before me, her hands gently pushing my shiny white patent leathers on over my scarlet socks with the white lace trim.  “Slip your toes in, Pam,” she says.  As I do, I sing out…”ohh!”   I love these colors together!

In this very moment, here with friends, that same fresh-discovered joy wonders over me. That feel of standing and turning my feet in and out to admire, like Dorothy reveling in her ruby slippers.

How lovely it is to link hearts with this little one as wispy memories float up and over me, like bubbles in strawberry soda.

For I am joining our little entertainer as a sort of child partner now… feeling the gaiety she knows in twirling her frilly skirt… her eating up our pleased praise. My eyes sparkle to hers, in that little-girl effervescent feeling… this dress, my fancy shoes, make me feel Shirley Temple pretty

And simultaneously… I am watching as an adult…

While JOY is taking a sunbeam twirl around our circle in this room, and in this moment, I think I feel His smile warm.

On the past… on the present… and what is to come.


©   Pam Depoyan

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14 Responses to A Sunbeam Twirl

  1. Michaela. says:

    This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! You’re a great writer.

  2. elaine says:

    Ah, little girls – didn’t we all want to be Shirley Temple at some point?

  3. Felecia says:

    I’d love to stay and chat but somehow I just want to dance now.
    Thanks for this!

  4. Rachel says:

    A wonderful memory beautifully put! Popping over from FMF 🙂

  5. I love this post and it does bring back memories, past and present. Thank you for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”

  6. Anita Hunt says:

    Think I will put on a pretty dress and have a dance myself 🙂

  7. Lynn Morrissey says:

    Oh this is so precious. I always wanted to dance, but my parents couldn’t afford lessons. What a wonderful memory for you. And I loved Shirley. Everyone loved Shirley!!! What a rare talent. You know, when you mentioned “Thank Heaven” from one of my favorite musicals, I just recalled last year for my birthday serenade party, my friend, a marvelous operatic baritone, formerly with the NYC Opera Company, sang his first song of the afternoon to me and my thirty women friends: “Thank heaven for little girls. For little girls get bigger every day! Thank heaven for little girls They grow up in the most delightful way!” What a wonderful song he sang to help all us women remember when we were little girls, and yet, hopefully, we’ve grown up delightfully. And I can’t help but think that our Father delights in the child in us, and yet nurtures us to become the women whom He adores. I think you hold a very special place in His heart, Pam!

    • Yes two simple memories here… one of my friend’s little girl in her red and white polka dot so like Shirley’s here, singing a song of praise to the Lord. The other of me loving red and white together when I looked at my shoes and socks… Funny how they intertwine and how the mention of a color can bring them both back. I actually did take a couple years of ballet and tap when I was little…we had an inexpensive dance school locally…so I had a taste of Shirley tap dancing 🙂 I have a few memories of those times, and love the photos my family has…

      I love all the music in Gigi… but this song is just associated for me with Shirley T. movies when I was growing up… our local station always played it. I think that’s wonderful that your friend sang that to you at your birthday celebration. And like we do about those we’ve loved watching grow up, I agree that the Lord keeps “pictures” of us in His heart of our different stages too… as you said, delighting in the child in us too… Beautiful thought, isn’t it? thanks Lynn!

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