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A Thanksgiving Prayer for You

Heavenly Father, At every table, in every heart, light a flame of holy peace today, Lord.  A knowing, a filling, a covering of Your presence over every word spoken, over every unshared thought.  Over every worry, every fear, every shell-shocked … Continue reading

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Ebenezer Stone Wednesday…especially for you on Thanksgiving Eve

Because  stories have a way of soft-folding His comforting whispers round our hearts…  I’d love to place a little jewel in your hands…in the busyness of this eve before Thanksgiving:   an excerpt from a story I read the other … Continue reading

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Book Review…and a Gift for You…

Know a child who could use a heartening true-to-their-life story or two? Or… Maybe even yourself? RING THE BELLS OF THANKSGIVING! IT’S         “We think it is safe to say that almost every kid is insecure about something, whether it … Continue reading

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When We Need A Bit o’ Chesterton, English-Looking Countryside and Hearts Full

Let all who seek Thee rejoice and be glad in Thee; And let those who love Thy salvation say continually, “Let God be magnified.”   ~ Psalm 70:4 You say grace before meals.  All right. But I say grace before the … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving and Advent Dare

                          Everywhere around us, people are looking for a smile.                                           An encouraging word.  Someone to help them believe in Hope.                                                    And never more … Continue reading

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More Than Rubies…

Ruby reds feather the landscape,   lattice the land with bursts of scarlet radiance to lift the heart like the tail of a deer to alert… … to the Voice of our Wooer, …to the melody and words  of the … Continue reading

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On the road, between business and beauty

Daily, fluttering in and amid fears and stresses, hopes and delights, ephemeral moments whisper breathlessly of exquisite… Easily missed scenes…quick as a shutter click… A shimmer in darkened clouds… A stage-set, intoxicating and back-lit by Heaven’s Hand… …woven with varicolored … Continue reading

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