Christmas at Hearth: The Story Continues…

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I’ve been champing to get Part Two of my continuing Advent story written and posted…with so many other things pressing for first spot lately.  And hoping you are still  here with me… waiting to find out what happens next…   (You ARE,               aren’t you? 🙂 )

So here it is...with prayers that God may use it to somehow lift and ribbon twirl and sing  a bit of Advent HOPE.. and now PEACE…round your hearth this season…

Time again to grab your cuppa —

 Join me in unwrapping this next installment? 


As you may recall… we left off here Christmas at Hearth: The Story Begins…

with Julia McCann…

“…Dropping Lad’s leash, she stooped to get a better look, picked the object up, turning it wonderingly this way and that to the light…

        What was this – and where did it come from?…


 …Part Two…

ucy had only been half listening, doodling snowflakes inside her folder, while Mrs. O’Connor told her fifth grade class about their holiday gift project.  She was sure the scent of snow had followed her to school this morning, like her brother John always said. I smell the snow coming, Luce, he’d say.

“You’re just pulling my leg,” she answered the first time, slanting her face up to search the crinkly lines edging his blue eyes when he grinned.

“No, really,” he’d laughed.  “Don’t you?”

She’d sniffed and sniffed until one day she found she did.  She really did!

His voice sounded all sort of fun and mysterious when she told him she felt her nose tingle with that frosty scent too.  Like this was something deliciously secret they held just between them.  Well, there was one other person Johnny said knew, because she was the one who first taught him to smell snow – and that was his second grade teacher, Miss McCann…

An ache of fear seemed to be numbing her insides now.  Oh, what if the war goes on and on…or Johnny never comes back?  Lucy worried then. She wished she’d done something special for him before he left, but his deployment happened so… suddenly.

“Lucy…Kate…Danny…Rob –” Mrs. O’Connor was ticking off names, “you’ll be on one team…”  Lucy sat up, leaned in to listen.  They were going to have teams to see who could come up with the most original and Christmasey idea.  It was to be something they’d give away… something that could last… something that inspired warmth and hope and would keep on giving…

And then… right in the midst of Mrs. O’ Connor’s smiling voice and the rising chattering circling the room, Lucy watched the GREAT IDEA form in her mind.  As real as if she were warming it roundly between her hands.

Lucy and Kate bent their heads close to Danny and Rob as they talked back and forth and over each other about just how they’d construct it.

“We could make them in the shape of tiny paper snowflakes…” Lucy whispered.

“My mom has some really cool-looking mason jars she uses for jam,” Kate burst out, “and I know she’d give us a few of those…”

“Perfect!”  Lucy enthused, “because it has to kind of look like a snow globe. But I wonder — how can we keep the snowflakes from bunching up at the bottom… make them look sort of like they are falling inside the jar…?”

“Yeah… and it would be even better if there was some way to add color or sparkle on the inside,” Kate mused.

Danny nudged Rob.  “What about those marbles we used to have?  The clear ones with the silver edge… and there were some red and green and blue ones too…”

Lucy felt her idea growing bigger and bigger inside her, like that Christmas tree in the Nutcracker ballet.  “Great idea, guys… what if we could somehow loosely wrap each snowflake around a marble—”  She could almost see the shimmery floating effect it might have…

“And, Kate, could you maybe get four jars?” she whirled to ask.  Because it would be even more fun to have not just one, but one for each of them to give away after the contest.

While her teacher had been spinning out ideas for recipients of their project, Lucy not only saw her grand idea shaping in her mind’s eye, but the name of someone in particular seemed written there on it too. 

“You guys can come over to my house after school so we can think up what to write too,” Rob invited.

Lucy crossed  her feet under her desk, to keep from jitter-bugging them impatiently, counting minutes — no, seconds! — till the final bell.  Words were already swirling inside her, those paper snowflake messages…

“Ohhhhh, we’re going to win, I just know it!” Kate nearly squealed, bouncing with her own ideas.  She would have too, if they didn’t have to keep their idea secret from the other class teams huddling close by…and if Danny and Rob hadn’t both nearly clapped their hands over her mouth…

Kate grinned, sheepishly…  Lucy squeezed her shoulders.   She loved how Kate always caught the excitement flurry like she did… this was going to be great.  It kind of made it seem as though Johnny would be in on it too…like they’d be giving it together…

…to be continued…  😉

©  Pam Depoyan


With this story Part Two, lighting the candle of …PEACE…

Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

~ Philippians 4:7 The Message

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11 Responses to Christmas at Hearth: The Story Continues…

  1. salina19 says:

    Beautiful piece of writing….you have a great knack at keeping the reader interested to find out what comes next. Thank you so much for linking so I’m able to read.

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  3. Hazel Moon says:

    Keep on with your active imagination and story telling. This is great! I love the verse from the Message Bible too! Thank you for sharing your beautiful post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  4. Pam~~
    please forgive me for being distracted and missing some of your story line, Much is going on here, I am in another bout of raging Pain and after a while, the physical Pain can sap the inner spirit. The Bible Verse you shared at the end–well my dear–all I can say is the good LORD provided words of Hope and Understanding –opening my eyes even more to the importance of Prayer.

    Please know how much I treasure your words, and the Scripture you shared. Help can come in so many different ways~~My Pain is not ceased, but my heart settles and opens more clearly for HIS word to settle in….. God bless you Pam.

  5. Martha, yes, take His Word like healing medicine to your body… May His promise and truth flow over you with peace beyond our imagination today.. One of the scenes I loved most in Max Lucado’s Christmas Candle movie is when the minister simply goes to the bedside of one in pain and reads promise after promise… And the move of the Holy Spirit in those God-breathed words. I am praying that way over myself, over you and others this day! For we all need His healing in so many ways…

  6. Great blog and story!
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions.

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